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[FEANN] We’ve come to the Aston Martin global
headquarters in Warwickshire to finalise our purchase of the world’s most extreme super
car, the Valkyrie. This is a quaint showroom, isn’t it? [JOHN] I think it needs more marble and gold. [LIBBY] Mr Torr and Mr Mahoney. [JOHN] Hello. [LIBBY] Welcome to Aston Martin. Congratulations on your purchase. Come on in and spec your Valkyrie. [JOHN] Let’s do it. [FEANN] Only 150 of these unfathomable machines
will be built, and at a price of around $5 million we’ve decided to treat ourselves and
customise our very own. [JOHN] No, I think that’s your seat over
there. [FEANN] I want to drive. [JOHN] All those years of gymnastics. [FEANN] Easy, it’s only $5 million worth of
carbon. There we go. [JOHN] This is genuinely quite unlike anything
I’ve ever sat in. I mean, they say F1 driving position, but
your legs are literally higher than your hips, aren’t they? [FEANN] Quite phenomenal, yes. [LIBBY] Yes, absolutely. What do you think to some of the details here
on the steering wheel? [FEANN] Oh, I love it. [JOHN] It’s a bit daunting, isn’t it, because,
I mean, there’s minimalist interiors and there’s minimalist interiors, but this, there’s nothing,
three screens. [FEANN] Can you watch TV on it? [LIBBY] Unfortunately not. [JOHN] Elsewhere in the cabin there’s just
two buttons, there’s a hazard warning lights and there’s a parking brake and that is it. [LIBBY] You’ve got your little door release
levers. [JOHN] Oh, that’s cool, that’s how you open
it. [LIBBY] And the door itself, to pull it down. [FEANN] Can we get some granite on the steering
wheel? I’d like a little bit of heavy stone. [LIBBY] Absolutely not. In a lightweight performance vehicle, I don’t
think so. [JOHN] Feann’s also a fan of plumb velvet,
so we’re thinking the headliner. Nice? [FEANN] Velvet, yes, maybe not. [JOHN] Maybe not. [FEANN] What about puce, can we get puce? [LIBBY] Technically you can do whatever you
like as long as you both agree. [FEANN] It’s settled. [JOHN] What’s that musk, is that Davidoff? [FEANN] Baked beans. Well, I really like those thick seats, that’s
what I want. [JOHN] No, we’re going to get the pads fixed
to the firewall. [FEANN] Why? [JOHN] It’s much lighter, mate. [FEANN] Good point. [LIBBY] Why don’t we take a look at some inspiration? This scheme, a little bit more subtle, although
it has got the bold green accents, which you could choose to take or not take. The dee-bossed Alcantara has been designed
with this kind of undulated surface. [FEANN] What does that do? [LIBBY] It’s to help with acoustics, so if
you trim that on the tub sides, the headliner and in the seat pads, it will really help
with the acoustics. [FEANN] So forget the 6.5 litre V12 that will
down out John’s voice nicely. [LIBBY] I’m not sure we can help that far. [JOHN] I’m not really feeling any of this. Is there any other options you can show us? [LIBBY] Sure, I did prepare something in advance. [JOHN] Let’s check that out. [LIBBY] Let’s have a look at that. Can I introduce Yogi [?], he’s our visualisation
expert. [FEANN] That’s the Car Sales blue and black
if I ever saw it. [LIBBY] That’s the Car Sales blue and black,
so we’ve got a black painted roof. So we haven’t got the exposed carbon on the
roof, but you may well tell me that you’d rather have exposed carbon on the roof. [FEANN] Exposed carbon, yes. [LIBBY] We can change that. We picked out some white accents in the cross
braces here and in the centre of the wheel. We can do the same in these clan veins [?] as
well. That’s quite nice when you’ve picked that
out. [FEANN] Oh, I love it. [JOHN] That’s great, I think we’ve absolutely
nailed it. [LIBBY] In that case, let’s have a look in
virtual reality. [JOHN] Yes, that’s sweet. [FEANN] Here we go. Hello? The leather feels beautiful. Guys, just relax, it’s very soft. I can almost change the radio station in there. [LIBBY] Do you think we should go and check
on him now? [JOHN] It has been half an hour. Give him a few more minutes. [FEANN] Yes, that’s, and we’ll check out,
oh yes, here we go. I think we’ve nailed it, guys. We’ll take it. [LIBBY] Mr Mahoney, this one was declined. [JOHN] Oh, that’s never really happened
before, that’s really embarrassing. Definitely not that one. Feann, can we put it on a corporate card?

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