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We Let Our Subscribers Buy a Car?!

We Let Our Subscribers Buy a Car?!

(alarm beeping) (dramatic music) – You guys asked for us to build a car, so we are at the airport, at the Appleton International Airport. It’s five in the morning. We’re about to fly down to
Atlanta, pick up the car. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to figure out what it is. There’s the car everybody. (electronic music) Hey there. So, are you inside or outside? Okay. – Okay, hi. – Hi, I’m Cory. – All right, Derek. – [Recorder] Hi, I’m Mario. – Okay, hi. – Nice to meet you. – Saw your picture on
the website. (laughing) – [Recorder] Yep, that’s me. (slow electronic music) (laughing) – Fitment Industries,
and I appreciate ya’ll. You know what I mean? We out here Atlanta Georgia representing. It’s all good. I just got something to eat. Yep, it’s all good. Yes, sir. (electronic music) – We have decided that we
are going to build a car. (strong electronic music) – Not only are you like
the happiest camper you could possibly be
while you’re driving it, but everybody around you
is as happy as they can be as soon as they see it. It’s amazing. You’re driving down the
road in a 26 year-old car that is bone stocked, and people are pulling up next to us giving us thumbs up, giving us peace signs. Everyone is just staring
at this car as we go by. And it’s kind of mind blowing because I believe it was $19,000 brand new. It’s a four door sedan from the 90’s, and everybody loves this car. It’s just, it’s a wild experience to literally go across the country and have just hundreds of people
complimenting a bone stock car. Pretty wild if you ask me. – [Male Voice] One eternity later. – [Recorder] Alright Mario, you
wanna tell us what happened? – Well, as you can see
we have been pulled over. – [Recorder] For what? – For speeding. – [Recorder] How fast were you going? – I was going, I thought I was going 60, but apparently I was going 71 in a 55. But to be fair, to be fair, the speed limits have
been changing from like 55 to 60, and 65 to 70, and a 75 to a, so I was just you know, keeping up with traffic
and then I got pulled over. – [Recorder] Well. – After Corey going 40
over the whole damn trip, I take over for an hour
and get pulled over. – [Recorder] What would Max say? – We’re (beep). – [Cop] (inaudible) – No sir. – [Cop] Okay, you have a nice evening. – You as well. (beep). So quick update, I drove five minutes down the street. The speed limit is 70. So technically I was going one over. Not 17. (laughing) – [Male Voice] The next day. – That is awesome! This thing is so cool! – [Recorder] We got so many
thumbs up on the highway. And some girl at the gas
station she was like, “I love your car.” (laughing) I’m like yeah? Thank you. – [All] Whoa! – Does it have a thing or?
– There’s like no rust at all. – It’s clean as (beep). – Yeah I wasn’t sure if it has a back. – [Recorder] I can’t let that
happen to them I’m sorry. I have to film the vlog experience. Nope. Alright watch, watch. Check this out. Shotgun! – [Male Voice] Oh, I called it! – [Recorder] You can’t call
it if you’re not outside! That’s a rule. – You can’t call it if you’re not outside. It’s true. It’s true. I got driver. It’s gonna be awesome. A 1991 BMW E30 318i is equipped with probably 100 horse power, and it’s paired with a 5
speed manual transmission. Now you might be wondering, Alex, can it do a burnout? We’re gonna find out. – [Recorder] Oh God. – Do the windows work? His windows don’t work. (laughs) – [Recorder] Rest in peace, Steven. – Your windows don’t work either. I feel like we should go do
our taxes and talk to our CPA. Turn off that (beep) blinker. Which way are we going? You don’t (beep) know. We’re going left. – Oh crazy. (laughing) – [Recorder] He really
likes driving this thing. Oh my god the lightest steering wheel. How do you unlock this part? – Let me out of here! (tires squeaking) – [Recorder] And now I’m walking. – [Male Voice] Much later. – [Male Voice] Much, much later. – [Recorder] It’s a great
day for a walk. Thank you. Thank you very much. So you guys asked for us to buy a BMW E30, so we did. Then you guys asked us to drive all the way to Atlanta Georgia and bring it back to Appleton Wisconsin ’cause there’s no cars up here
that don’t have rust, which you actually didn’t ask for, we just decided to do on our own. So, we’ve decided to put
the ball in your court. Now Cosmis wants us to run
their wheels for a little bit, then I think we’re gonna
go with some Integy 4’s, but in the meantime, we want you guys to let
us know what Cosmis wheels you want us to put on the E30. Then of course, I think we’re gonna run
into some silver suspensions so that they can get
this thing on the ground, so we can get it all formed and fitted. But let us know, Cosmis wheels, which ones
do you want us to run? We’ll drop a link in the description so you can check out what kind
of designs that they do have, and then of course, you can let us know what
you want us to see next. Now, if you want us to go
for something different than coils, let us know in the comments. If you want to see us
do something different, you want to see us do wide body, track setups, slanty boy setup, you let us know, but we’re first gonna talk about wheels so we can figure out what the hell we’re gonna put on this car. Because you guys decided
an E30 was the car to buy. So now we’re putting it back in your court to let us know what sort
of wheels we should get. But I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe. We’re trying to get to the 100,000. We hope you’ll be about us, and we hope that you’ll
join us for the ride on this wonderful build that we’re gonna call
the Fitment Car Build. We’re gonna do the BMW E30. Um, that’s it. That’s the sales plug. We hope you guys enjoy this episode. We’ll see you next week. Peace.

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