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We Fire Up the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

We Fire Up the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

a few months ago at the New York International Auto Show dodge blew us away with this the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT demon and now a couple of months later we are here at the Midwest automotive media association spring rally here in lovely Elkhart Lake Wisconsin and Dodge has blown us away again speaking of blue check this out this is the new b5 blue colors the first time we’re seeing it and let me tell you this thing is gorgeous now New York was a little bit loud so we really didn’t get to show you much in terms of detail of what’s inside the car or what you can buy for a buck from Dodge hey stick around until the end of this video because you might just get to hear the demon howl so when you get your demon it doesn’t come with some certain things it doesn’t come with a passenger seat it doesn’t come with a backseat it doesn’t come with a stereo more than two speakers doesn’t come with trunk liner doesn’t come with carpeting in the trunk either but Dodge has got a special deal for you for just a dollar apiece you can get all those options back so here I’ve got a passenger seat I’ve got a back seat there it is I’ve got the new demon crate which we’ll go through in a second and I’ve got the trunk liner I’ve got everything I need so for my dollar bill what can I get that comes in the trunk well you can get the demon crate demon crate includes a bunch of stuff for the dragstrip like these skinny drag radial front tires that will replace the big fat 11 inch wide drag radials that you have up front so essentially you get a second set of tires for the rear you’ve also got the jack jack handle you’ve got the new air pump in there and a couple things that aren’t pictured things like a conical air filter and a bunch of other performance pieces that come with the demon crate as well and while it only costs a couple of dollars to get all of those really cool optional extras with it it’ll still cost you at just over eighty six thousand dollars to get this you you

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100 thoughts on “We Fire Up the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

  1. Cars are getting better and faster but also much more expensive. like small fortune expensive. I love the Demon (make mine matte-black please), though to buy super cars at these $$$ levels, then we can start looking into restoration of awesome old muscle cars and hot rods, many of which will yield back a fortune sold at auction. For instance, a perfectly restored original 1970 Hemi Cuda can yield upwards of $150 to $200 thousand smack-a-roos. And a bad-ass hot rod is always fun to have. I guess it comes down to if you're absolutely in love with new cars such as the Demon, and/or 75 thousand $s is milk and cookie money for you. As a car guy, I'm in love with the reality that primal car passion is back!

  2. Dosent sound any different then the hellcat😂 you could take a hellcat put a few after market parts on it and have more hp then demon🙄

  3. That was the most Undramatic thing that could be done at the very end! Way to deflate my excitement dude! Fuck man, Lol! Eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr, PLOP PLOP, eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! WOW thanks for showing how bad ass the demon is man.

  4. The starter still sounds like a Mopar. Iron American Dream on YouTube Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Burn Rubber.

  5. Serious question, why would you not order it with a seat???
    Seems like that takes away from all left practicality, and serves no purpose, besides saving very little weight. Not to mention it makes the interior look like shit.

  6. i love reading all you kids fighting over such lame shit with such pathetic responses. THOSE DEMONS SUCK BECAUSE THEY WILL GET BEAT BY THIS CAR OR THAT CAR THAT COSTS 3, 4, 5, 10 TIMES WHAT A DEMON COSTS. So how ignorant does that sound….and who the fuck cares….really??? Most of you whiners can and will never be able to afford one anyway. I am old and grew up during the best times for just about everything. Imagine going down to a car dealer and ordering a car…any car whether it was a family station wagon or an all out race car…you could order it from the dealer. You could order a family 4 door station wagon with a 454 big block and 4 speed if you so desired. You could buy a BIG Chevy Impala or a Dodge Charger with a straight six and a "three in the tree" manual transmission. You could buy all out race cars with acid dipped bodies…bare bones interiors, aluminum or fiberglass body parts, even altered wheelbases, and with several engine, transmission, rear diff packages available not just 1 or 2. Chrysler even sold ready to run stock cars…anything from Saturday night short track races to NASCAR Cup cars. And it didn't cost you 10 years salary. Yeah i know you youngins' will tell me how shitty the cars were back then. My first car was so shitty i still have it…a 1970 'cuda… And IMO…even though the Demons are far from being beautiful especially with those butt ugly black winter beater wheels…they are light years better looking than those multi million dollar French???, Italian???, German??? Bugatti turds. But then again I don't care I will never own either…don't want nor need to.

  7. AAron Bragman, you sir are a fucking retarded. If this is the first time you are seeing a color that has been around for years I think I'll go watch a channel that knows what they're talking about. You're from This is your job. The only answer for this is you must be complacent, lazy, or the typical arrogant car salesman type that knows everything.

  8. The Trump victory is the last vestige of life in this sovereign country against a one world government controlled by the U.N's communist tyranny. The Obamatards should wrap this car around a tree for me personally.

  9. Ill buy a demon, then ill buy 100 thousand passenger seats for 1$ a piece, and then ill sell them all for 50 bucks per seat. What an easy way to make money, buy your favorite car and get money out of it.

  10. Looks like im the only person that loves this car. Please send me a free one. I live in Englandland but I'll pay the postage.

  11. How sad, I remember as a kid the sound of the deep rumble of a muscle car when it started up.For the Demon which is the high performance Challenger to sound like it has the old cheap glass pack mufflers is a shame.

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