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We finally made it – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.099)

We finally made it – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.099)

Monday morning just a little bit after
nine o’clock we are anchored up at the Chalkis bridge and we’re going over to see
the port authorities to pay our fee and get a timeslot for going through the
bridge when it opens tonight between 10 o’clock at night and 1 o’clock in the
morning and then we come back to the boat and chill out for the rest of the day. Oh that sounds good.
But you’ll be working. Oh that doesn’t sound good. Slave driver This general area here is the anchorage,
the waiting area for people going from south to north through the bridge
The office where you pay your fee for passing at the bridge is just there and
it’s right inside the Commercial Port of Chalkis entrance and you can see this
pretty obvious landmark: the anchor and the big brass screw. So now we paid we’ll go to the port police office at four o’clock this afternoon where a guy
will tell us all about the procedure we have to go to go through the bridge and
I’ll show you where that is right now So if you’re anchored out in the waiting
area and you come ashore this is the bridge itself this is south this is
north if you come across the bridge you’ll see this wonderful bust of
Aristotle – very clever chap – anyway that’s beside the point. Cross over from the bridge and just to your right there’s a small little sit down sheltered park,
there’s a blue parking sign on your left Keep walking straight ahead This cream-coloured building with the
single balcony on the top is the back end of the port police And just off this very busy street is
the port police building, you go in through the door here and you show them
your cruising tax paperwork, that’s pretty much all they ask for but they did say
they want us to come back at 4 o’clock so they can explain the procedure for
going through the bridge. After we’d visited the port authorities we took a
short walk around town At 10:30 p.m. on Monday we received
instructions from the port police to make our way through the bridge There’s a little boat already parked Where is it? On the right where you’re aiming Oh and there’s another yacht in front Directly in front of us by the pine tree We docked safely at the town key on the
north side at 11 p.m. After giving Baz a high five, I turned
my ancle getting back into the cockpit It felt like a bad injury Look where you’re going.
Stop rushing and take your time With engine exhaust issues and my injury we wanted to get to Limni and haul out as soon as possible so we left early the next morning for Artaki bay. It took us an hour to reach Artaki. When I was dropping the
anchor, the windlass tripped and neither up nor down switches worked until Baz
reset the circuit breaker We had a bouncy night with swell coming
into the bay so at 8:35 the next day we left, heading north towards Limni However we soon turned west as the wind
was too strong and we didn’t want to beat into wind and waves Five and a half hours after leaving Artaki
we anchored at Ioannis Theologos Bay in sand with 30 metres of chain out
in 5 metres of depth We have just had the most unusual sail
that we’ve experienced in two years it was, the wind was, it was everywhere it was
doing this, it was doing this, and then it was doing this, then it was doing that! No seriously it was, it was, you know, I’d get the sails out and it’d be like, well
you’ve got your sails out I’m going to stop now, so I put the sails away. But then
it would blow from the east other side yeah the east and then all of a sudden you’d go
alright great we’ll tack, so we’d tack and they’d go No no no no no no. We’re going over the other side this time. Then when we were coming into
this place which is called … Ioannos Theologos. Ooh, we’re still in
Greece by the way, mainland Greece – when we were coming into this place we’ve
come around this top here and as we were coming through there the wind was
solidly from the east, then we come around here and it comes from the northwest. Like that! Anyway we are here. It’s a nice bay. It’s a beautiful bay It’s very big, but it’s pleasant. The holding’s good here it’s sand and mud and the anchor is
definitely in. There’s quite a lot of shallow areas so it’s you know you can
pick your spot if there are other boats but we’re the only people here. Yeah, at
the end of the season. And it’s almost the end of the Season for us. I don’t
like to use that because we don’t have seasons, we just keep going but this is
our last stop before our final nine nautical miles over to the east to Evia
island where we’re going to haul out for our winter maintenance and boy
have we got a lot of stuff to do, so that’s gonna be a lot of fun bringing you all the jobs, the
jobs list and going through the jobs and explain why we fixed them and
how we fix them and all that in there And we can do a little bit of touring
while we’re there like we did last winter. We are gonna do that, yeah we will rent a car and we’re also gonna feature
a lot of the yard and explain why we chose this yard to haul out
yeah looking forward to it. It’s in Limni by the way just north of Limni. Yeah. Yes so we are
going to welcome our new Patrons. Oh yes Oh yes Martin and Julie Collins and
Cathy Jura. Welcome aboard Yes and also a big big THANK YOU to
Lynette Blackburn- Leary for the most humongous Shout Us A Beer contribution
that’ll keep us in beer for ooh, ages A long long time. We bought a barrel and it’s stowed, you know we’ll just be sucking it
out there with a straw for months. Thank you so much. Very generous,
thank you very much. And thank you to our Patrons it’s
great to have you aboard. Yeah, talking about which we’ve got to go down below
now and finish off this week’s video and get that up and then we’ve got to write
blogs so. And I’ve got closed captions to do So but it’s a nice calm anchorage to do
it. It is yeah. It’s very pretty it’s very green up this end of Greece, yeah
All right peeps talk to you later The chain was jumping over the place We have arrived at our winter
destination, well kind of close to our winter destination we’re actually tied up
to a mooring ball just offshore from the yard where we’re going to be hauled out
which may be today or more likely tomorrow as Harris says he’s a little bit busy today
It’s a really pretty bay actually and for a place that were going to be
staying for a few months it’s attractive There is a road to Limni which is
about two kilometres away but I do notice that it’s possibly going up and
over a hill. I was thinking you know we’d get some walking in to and from the shops
and it would be you know really good for exercising so I think we’re gonna be
fitter than we thought we’d be if we do the mountain hiking too. When you can
finally walk. Yeah well if I’ve got a cast on my leg I can walk anywhere can’t I? No but
we’ll see. So that’s the next pressing thing once we get out of the boat is for
me to find a doctor or a place that can diagnose whether I’ve got fractured foot
or not since I sprained it just after we’d tied off at the dock when we came
under the last bridge. Chalkis. At Chalkis, yeah So what we’ll do is we’ll drop the dinghy,
we’ll go and introduce ourselves to Harris … he runs the yard with him his
wife and his son and probably a few helping hands here in there and see what
the drill is for getting hauled out. There’s no big sling lift here it’s
actually a sled that goes into the water just off the beach literally off the
beach and I’m assuming that I just gently drive forward onto the sled until
I can’t drive forward anymore and then he hauls the sled out and hopefully somehow
there’s some distance of at least three two or three metres between the
bottom of the boat and the ground when we do get hold out cuz that’s that yeah our keel Yeah I mean there are big boats with big heels in the yard so – it works somehow –
we know it gets done properly somehow yeah so I’ll be interested to
see actually how it works yeah yeah so we’ll be able to hopefully be able to
film that too so that you can see how it works as well yeah But before we get to the end of this video I just want to point out a little conundrum that we’ve
found ourselves at or with on this Monday morning. We’re in the town of Limni
and the plan was we were going to come here, buy the postcards that we mail out
each month for our $10 patrons and have a beer and a coffee while Aannsha writes
them and then we could mail them straight away from the post office, however that only place over there that sells postcards is closed Yeah we don’t know if it’s closed just for Monday or whether it’s closed for the
season because you know we are the only tourists in town yeah and if that’s the
tourist shop then I can understand if they would’ve closed for the season yeah
We did have a plan B didn’t we? We did that was buying Christmas cards but again there is nowhere in Limni that sells Christmas cards yeah so we’ve got a Plan C
yeah and all I’m gonna say is watch your email inboxes soon coz Aannsha’s gonna do
something special that is the best thing that we can do in
lieu of our postcards to our $10 patrons, I hope you like it! And talking of patrons we just
like to welcome on board to new patrons that is Marcus Nettleton welcome aboard
Marcus welcome and Steve Harrington welcome Welcome aboard both of you thank you
very much for helping to make our journey sustainable. Yes it’s great to
have you with this yeah. Right now it’s time for a beer and a coffee Cheers. They do good coffee here. Apparently but I don’t know, I don’t drink the stuff Next week on Sailing A B Sea we get hauled out at the
boat yard here at Limni and it’s a first time getting hauled out by a sled rather
than a sling it’s gonna be interesting make sure you click the Subscribe
button so you don’t miss any future episode and of course leave us a like
and a comment, we love hearing and reading what you’ve got to say and we
always reply to you you

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16 thoughts on “We finally made it – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.099)

  1. Our apologies as there are some visual glitches in this video and we are not sure how they got there. We are checking our settings.

  2. Oh my – the ankle doesn't look good. Even if it happened in October – you must be still living with it. On the bright side – Aannsha's got the best attitude. How can anyone be that cheery all the time. Don't tell me it's editing – I won't believe it. There must have been a hundred people looking over the bridge when you passed below. And that's in the off-season. The sailing part of sailing seems to be a lot of work, or is it not that bad? If I was to charter to get me sea legs – I think I'd go motor just to have one less thing to worry about. Is it just perception that sailing is very unpredictable, and a lot of busy work.?

    Are there plenty of place to go this off-season? I'm looking forward to site seeing with you guys.

  3. I noticed a crowd had gathered for the bridge opening, is it something that does not occur all that often to get such attention or is it just something that folks enjoy watching while having a evening out in the town.
    Hope the ankle is ok .

  4. Al little bit to late tip : I remember in my early no much money days i repaired my exhaust from my car sometimes with a special heat resistance tape , you soaked in some water and wind it around the hole secure it with some iron wire and let it dry , there was also some heat resistance putty.
    I do not know if that stuff still exist , bought it in a car part shop .
    If you are on the dry , pull the engine injectors and let them test in a diesel shop perhaps they need servicing , in the same time do an engine compression test the injectors are already out .
    Perhaps you can do also an fuel injector timing test .
    Use on the day that flexible bandage for the ankle it will give you more support , when you in rest take it of .

    By the way your boat starts looking better and better , a lot of cleaning and polishing ?
    For your outside teak there is a nice product (s) like Teak wonder .
    I do not know your sailing plans for the future but if you will sail a lot into the wind an inner for stay with a flat sail will help you a lot .

  5. It would be nice if you could mention costs I.e. The price for transiting the bridge,and haul out cost and hard standing for the winter in the marina

  6. Some ligaments torn in your ankle 😒 must be painful twisting and getting around. I’m out having my last sail this year as next weekend off to Cape Town for Christmas with my kids and back in early January to sail to South Africa for my haul out and 2 months work 👍

  7. Just subscribed as I love your videos. Sorry about the ankle. I have had accidents on boats in past and put many down to the after effects of Adrenalin rush; so after difficult passage or night mooring etc. let the body rest and return to normal before climbing on and off particularly. Not much you could do in your situation but one to look out for!
    I hope you have good heating in your apartment as can get chilly in Northern Greece!! Will you visit the Sporades in Spring/Summer? We are on Alonissos often and it’s a gorgeous sailing and diving area.
    Merry Xmas…….

  8. Well you have a lot of time to kill this winter in Greece. Go and pay the monks in Meteora a visit. Very nice surroundings and you can burn a candle for Aannsha's ankle while you're there. In the vicinity of Metsovo there are some modest winter sport facilities (in no way comparable to the Alps but nice for a day or so) if you happen to fancy that. Knowing how all Australian people seem to like the bottle please try to stay sober occasionally. :))

  9. Something different but a part of life : Nature called our two blue heelers this year, it hurts.

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