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We Built a Giant Furry Electric Dog Car!

We Built a Giant Furry Electric Dog Car!

hello so this is not how we plan to
start this build you might notice I’m on my own that’s
because I was on my way down to build when Shawn called me and let me know
that someone who’s been helping with the prep this build has been in contact with
someone with coronavirus so they’ve had to quarantine themselves now Shawn’s
already been in contact with him so he’s gonna carry on working I’m not going to
go until I know whether or not this person has coronavirus which means this
is gonna be very interesting go kids invent stuff we challenge kids to send
us their ideas for crazy new electric vehicles and we were sent loads of
awesome ideas including a popcorn container shaped electric car an
electric dinosaur car and even an electric vehicle with a bouncy castle on
the roof but we can only build one electric vehicle this month so here is
what we gonna be building drumroll we are going to make eleven-year-old Alex’s
electric dog car it is a dog shaped electric car with a mechanical wagging
tail and a whole load of Awesome doggy features so that’s what we’re gonna be
building this video what do I say we I kind of be me for now but hopefully Ruth
will be here very soon to bring to life Alex’s electric dog car we’re going to
need a motor to drive the vehicle along connected to a battery to power it Alex
also wanted her car to have a mechanical tail so we’re going to create a
motorized wagging mechanism that we can mount on the back of the vehicle and
we’ll also build in some other fun accessories as we go so for
eleven-year-old Alex’s electric dog car we’re going to build it as a three
wheeler we’re gonna have two of these wheels on the front for steering
controlled by a little go-cart steering wheel and then on the back we’re gonna
use this third wheel which is an electric hub motor wheel so it’s got a
powerful electric motor built into the middle of the wheel here and this wheel
even has bluetooth so we can connect it to a tablet and we can see how fast
we’re going and we can control it to make the car drive along so we’ve welded together the steering
mechanism for Alex’s electric dog car and we’ve connected together the two
front steering wheels with this rack and pinion steering mechanism so this is a
mechanism out of a ride on lawn mower and the way it works is if you turn this
part here which we’re going to connect to our little steering wheel there are
some gears inside that move but allow us to turn both wheels at the same time so
we can turn left all right and steer the car along but you might
have noticed that this wheel has a puncture so we’ve got to fix that before
we do anything else we should really get an automatic pump rather than the world’s
smallest bicycle pump but we do have a new workshop so there’s lots of
opportunity for tools don’t show people it’s currently a mess whose exciting we have wheels we have a motor so at the steering works time to replace
our little clamp here with a steering wheel and to connect up our electric
motor and just build the rest of the car we’ve got a driving seat and we’ve even
got a seat belts so we can be lovely and safe when we’re driving the dog car so
we’ve got to do now is work out where we’re going to mount this on the frame
so we can work out where our feet need to go for the pedals the brake and
accelerator whoo super – Alex drew her electric doll car as
having this lovely curved front and roof so we’ve cut out these plywood rips
which we are going to mount onto our metal frame like this and like this and
that’s going to go all on the front here and then we’ve got this really bendy
plywood which we are going to screw to the front of that and eventually we’re
going to cover it in fur to make a lovely furry curvy dog car e so we
always like the kids inventions we built to look as close as possible to the
original drawing so we put a 11 year old Alex’s dog car drawings into some
computer-aided design software and we sketched around it again outline of the
car and we’ve made a simple 3d model from the outline and we’re taking
measurements from that model to decide on the shape of the car as we build it so we’re going to need a way to speed up
and slow down our dog car so we’ve taken these which are bike brake levers and
we’ve got two of those and they’re going to connect on to here and then we’ve
made a little plate and this is going to work as a foot brake so the plates going
to go going to mount on here so we can use those two bike brake levers to
control our rear brake and our front brakes and it over here we’re gonna put
another foot pedal which is going to be our accelerator so we can control the
speed of the vehicle so to make the back of the dog-cart curve downwards like on
Alex’s drawing we’ve welded some of these bits of little rod on to the back
of the frame of the vehicle and we’ve got some of this flexible white water
pipe that we’re going to join on in hoops and then we’re gonna have some
others coming the other way so we can join them together and make a lattice
structure that we can have on the back of the vehicle so we finished the pipe structure for
the back of our car it’s looking pretty strong so I’m
feeling confident that I can do a little test and see if it can actually take my
weight who’d have thought just like a load of pipes and some cable ties would
actually be strong enough to hold my weight pretty quiet without Ruth and there’s no
one for me to prank we have a steering wheel it’s officially a car now I’m all
alone there’s no one here besides me so out friends go the all clear
I can build let’s go surprise Shawn someone’s here it’s been really weird feeling
most frustrating thing ever, we haven’t got much time so we better finish building a dog car
let’s go so we can’t build dog car without it being FLUFFY! we’ve got 15 square
meters of artificial furr are we ready for the shiny shiny shiny exciting feels like a proper car we’ve
got a windscreen so much furr it’s a light so our electric motor came
with a thumb throttle but this is a car we want an accelerator pedal so we’ve
got this DIY accelerator pedal that connects the thumb throttle as you push it
forwards it makes the dog car go faster so Alex’s invention idea has a dog tail
that wags so inside the cart we’ve mounted a windscreen wiper motor outside
the car we’re going to use these pool noodles to sculpt a tail with some fur
I’m going to attach to the car and it’s gonna wag do I want me to pick your nose
no shaking hands anymore are we might get coronavirus I’m making a very
sophisticated tale out of bubble wrap I promise
at the end it will look like a tail you mean not all dogs tails are made out of
bubble wrap pool noodles and duct tape oh gee it’s a really high-tech the dog tail so every car needs a horn and Alex
wanted her car to have some defenses against robbers so we’ve taken a dog
barking sound effect and we’ve loaded it onto this little audio effects board
which is similar to the board that we used when we made our fasting stairs and
our Daft Punk sneakers we’ve made our little emoji dog barking
horn button and when we press the horn it triggers our barking sound effect tiggy is not impressed so we’ve wired up these switches and
these are gonna control our light and our reverse so this is essentially a
little dashboard I’m so excited about the switches so Alex’s dog car is
electric so we need some way of powering our electric motor built into our rear
wheel so behind our seats down here we’ve got this box and inside this box
we’re gonna put some electronics and a whole load of these batteries so these
are lithium batteries and they’re gonna be able to be charged up to store the
electricity we need to power our motor so our motor has bluetooth so if we
connect it shows us our voltage and then when we’re driving it will show us how
fast we’re going how awesome is there I feel really like
this is what Tesla feels like a furry tesla Elon Musk call us so this is the
speed controller for the wagging tail so we can make it work really fast or
really slow let’s see if it works the cars wagging so Alex wants his head dog-cart to have
some security measures so he put a camera in the front of this light and
we’ll be able to see what’s going on on this screen so every car needs a number
plate so we finished building Alex’s dog car
and all that’s left to do now is to test it’s a massive thank you to engineering
take a closer look for supporting this challenge check out their website for
some awesome engineering inspiration and school resources we absolutely love
Alex’s invention idea and we are super excited to be testing out in our next
video to like and subscribe

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14 thoughts on “We Built a Giant Furry Electric Dog Car!

  1. Sorry it's late ! The internet is struggling with so may people being online while self isolating. Here is us building 11 year old Alex's Furry Electric Dog Car, it was lots of fun, even if we were effected (not directly) by the Coronavirus. We will be testing the Dog Car next week, so make sure you are subscribed.

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    Stay Safe Everyone!

    -Ruth and Shawn

  2. Thank you Shawn for bringing my sister's design to life, it looks incredible!! Can't wait to see you test it 😊

  3. Must be an English thing. It looked like Furze's shop for a minute (minus the scorch marks). The kids and I can't wait for the second part of this video. Keep up the great content.

  4. You guys put all of yourselves into these build and I believe that someday you are gonna get that push, which you rightly deserve, towards a much bigger and loyal community

  5. That pre-motored wheel is a interesting product.
    Might have to look into one. Was it a quality product to work with?
    Or did it have anything you had to work around that you'd consider a difficulty?

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