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oh my god, stop man stop, I want to do this, I want to do it, okay cool. One, two, three Yo, what is up martinators ,holy? Crap just watch this video until the end cause these about to be crazy I’m really sorry Ruben. We really love you. Okay so If you don’t know Ruben is the guy who invited us to start so Thank you. You’re the best just yeah, I do it, bro. There. We go there. We go. Yeah. Do I look sexy? Okay perfect. Yeah, wait Now there we go okay, so what I was talking about Guys he’s the guy who? invited us to like Start social media to have this big family Martinators. I need to say thank you to him Because if he wasn’t for him, I will never be here just vloging it with you guys, so he’s one of our best friends in Spain and he starts social media with us, and he was with us yo Martinez why here is on star social media I was like wait. You’re right. You’re right man. Oh What’s up guys? You guys they give pictures So I was saying he social media, with us he started YouTube with us. He’s our Martinez twins with us teenagers from the beginning our channel was twins And I like twins and him such as Thomas Miller, Martina tremble even Athena hey Prank calls Fonz So why not prank him now? cause it was twins and I so he he had to leave the Channel because he was like he wanted to do other things not just you two so we were like okay That’s fine Will we still be friends like we’re best friends, and he started doing other things, but he was twins And I like we working tonight, so that’s what I want to do something crazy to him something that he’s he’s gonna like cry like did you guys know my brother and I were Pranksters, we’re really really good pranksters. So you guys know one I bought His dream car or one of his dream cars To him and I’m gonna say to him like yo Bro like we started social media like thank you like everything and now you have your present here So I’m gonna show you guys the car right now cuz oh by the way I got a new haircut coming if you like it just like the whatever I’m gonna show you guys the car right now And you guys are gonna freaked out like he’s he’s about to be freaked out this like for real. Are you guys ready 1 2? 3 Holy crap Yo Yo, I need that car I need enough for you Know like look like oh my god. God, Danny like This is the best car that I’ve never had in my life like I never drive a car like that By the way, I don’t have license so if you see me driving a car. Just call call the police We want to do is like we’re gonna branch with this car But I’m gonna say yo, bro You’re the best like this is a car for you, but you know what it’s not gonna be a car It’s gonna be the first opportunity Okay, so you guys just see the car It’s love right, so I’m nervous because I love him a lot, and I don’t want him like for real I don’t want him to cry. I don’t want him to be like really bad, but if you see this Reuben It’s a prank, but one day one day. I’m gonna buy you a car like I’m telling you I promise you I’m gonna buy your car it may be God, but It’s a car. You know so I can buy you one. I’m sorry I’m sorry for real, so now I invite him to come here Now we’re here just my brother, and I understand and I invite him to come here So I’m gonna see when he’s coming because he’s coming right now, so he’s gonna Call me when he’s here and we’re gonna go all he’s calling me right now Reuben. You can see it Reuben see see see See ballet yeah boy yeah boy polychaete I can take it in emotional CC tenemos una sorpresa parody Ballet ballet adios I Saw her I got a valid oh Okay, so he’s here yo guys. Y’all Stan Ivan he’s here Ivan Ivan Ivan no So I need to do a no, please no even for you alright. What can y’all my boy skier? You’re my boy skier He’s right there Sup Rruin, how are you? Everything’s good How are you, Stan, Ivan? Just help me, please? Are you nervous, bro. How’re we gonna? Yeah, just go like that close your eyes close your eyes. Yeah, just go like God. Why okay? I’m so scared. I Stan what do you think is gonna happen? Thinking he’s gonna try we almost there You’re nervous, bro Bro you told me that you like I Don’t know he was your birthday like two months ago one month yeah, and I’m here and I wasn’t here man I’m sorry bro, and you know I think it’s gonna be here at the best light at the best day of your life, man We’re almost there bellows they’re three minutes, I don’t know why Dana Dana be right yeah, it’s kind of beacon in I’m telling you telling you you’re about to freak Good yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no no stop stop stop. You good. You good Bro give me some pictures telling you I’m scared okay, so first. I’m just good so first you’re gonna like you’re gonna Stop here come Okay So we know that you will get into your license right yeah, you’re getting your license right. Oh, you might get your life Did you I get it right? Pretty soon yes one day Well wait stop stop stop, no stop stop. I was I was talking to you yesterday that you like like BMW or something like that right yeah Yes Yes, yes, so my god. We thought maybe Wait wait, I like oh, I wanted like oh, okay Oh No, she took him in give you shaking booth you shaking Shh No Look he’s always it’s impossible. I’m dreaming No, it’s real Here’s your present man Here is your. Here’s your your present That’s yeah, that’s you know that we’re pranksters right? Now you can drive it you can drive if you online of you Right I will be cool. It would be cool. Yes. You are no no way when you work. I Promise you I promise you I’m gonna buy your car one day I Promise you I promise you Okay, I almost died man one day. You’re crazy. You know one day. I’m gonna no no no for real for you I’m gonna buy your car one day. . Where are you? I mean our lamb burger But I kinda like it like ain’t no like that For you Yeah, I’m gonna steal the car. No no no that’s we rented, bro. You’re gonna steal it Okay, would you like your? No yeah the merge don’t forget about the merge yeah Thank you by your guy. I can release the best bring everyone The best friend this is how you drive okay, I Don’t know what oh, man You know you look good with this attitude to see parties to see link Link in bio See that’s how you judge now, I mean kind of we know how to try it look just go just go away and just go See that’s how you drive easy, man Now that’s your turn you ready. I’m ready okay. You want to get ready what please ganache now You know how to drive of course? You good bro? Y-you good? Don’t know why you just not yes. Yes. Yes. I’m you know. I’m just chilling you know before this right Oh, okay. Yeah, how you gonna Okay, right now Let me see how you drive Schilling Schilling be careful, bro. Be careful because motion sorry Okay now I’m getting used to it. What are you doing, bro? I’m going there. Be careful. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, sorry Bro bro bro bro bro Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m not dangerous, and I’m gonna put your car Be careful with the cost that don’t go faster than the fact You know what what you’re gonna stop, okay? Can you stop can you stop wait? Wait wait first first first wait wait wait no no be careful What? I’m just gonna send it Yeah, oh, sorry I’m a savage right. We are Link in bio guys. Bye you guys, but you need to drive with this with The ball oh, yeah security safety first right I’m sorry. Oh, oh my I think I’m crazy. Hey guys you gotta be careful cuz I’m here. I’m here oh Stop the stop the stop, Rob keep talking Yeah, he’s made me – how is he he’s driving like oh my god. Hi Bro night time we we gotta leave okay guys, so hope you like this video is the biggest part and prying the within and Hope you like it and give it a big big thumbs up, but just stop today shoutout goes to my girl Marta meter yes, if you want to show that you only have to turn our notifications on and coming when you are done And I see you guys tomorrow, please Oh Peace!!! Thanks for watching our videos And if you haven’t seen our last video check it right now And hit the subscribe for more videos and also get our man Link in bio peace!!!

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