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We Bought an Abandoned House in Japan, Tractor, 2 Cars, Farm Tools Left Behind | Part 1

We Bought an Abandoned House in Japan, Tractor, 2 Cars, Farm Tools Left Behind | Part 1

We’ve been living in Japan for about one and
a half years, in southern Ibaraki, where my wife’s from. And, last week we bought an abandoned farmhouse. Hi, I’m Jaya, let’s check it out. Can see there’s a car there. That’s technically ours now, though we don’t
have the keys for it, and I’m not sure how we go about changing the registration over. Probably going to have to dispose of it, which
will cost a bit of money. We bought this property in a public auction
for just over 3 million yen, or about 27,000 US Dollars. The land is quite large by Japanese standards
at just under 1400 square metres, or 15,000 square feet. We’ve got a tractor there. The farmer who owned it passed away about
5 years ago and it’s been abandoned ever since. His children didn’t want to inherit the
property. This happens in Japan quite a lot, especially
in rural areas like this as younger people prefer urban areas and move way from farming. This is the main entrance to the house. And when a place is abandoned, it means abandoned. They leave everything, as you can see. We’re probably going to keep this building. Not 100% sure what we’re going to do with
it, but probably for storage, maybe a workshop, even a guesthouse, possibly. I actually haven’t had a look inside that
shed over there. Got no idea what’s inside it. One of the biggest costs to having this property
is going to be clearing and disposing of all of this junk. We’re going to get this building knocked down. I’ve no idea what we’re going to do with this. I don’t even know what this is. Probably something to do with rice. An outside kitchen here. In part 2 we look inside the main house.

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100 thoughts on “We Bought an Abandoned House in Japan, Tractor, 2 Cars, Farm Tools Left Behind | Part 1

  1. Dude the urinal is awesome and you should turn that building into your work shop your going to have a big and long hunny Do list buddy

  2. Lack of vandalism to the buildings is amazing. Inside it looks like someone went through it . In many places a vacant building would have been totally destroyed. Different place , different ways.

  3. Place will look awesome eventually. It is a diamond in the rough. Don’t get discouraged. It will take some time but it will be worth it-Good luck.

  4. That would be extremely foolish to knock down anything unless it's structurally unstable! I would reinvent and make use of all that room. Goodluck!

  5. Tons of work ahead and some money will have to be put into it but just cleaning up the landscape and hauling away the garbage will make a big difference

  6. 👍House is very 💖beautiful, if children of the previous owner wanna disown it, Maybe a Hentai Monster Lives nearby🤣😂

  7. Omg I hope you document every little step this looks like an amazing project never find anything that this in Aus that's for sure good luck mate

  8. The real question I have is where did all this rubbish come from? It couldn't of possibly been done by one person? Did others dump there because it was abandoned?

  9. Omg what a wonderful house, it's just stuff and hard work, crazy nice, hope they have big bins there for all the garbage! It's going to be beautiful

  10. Absolutely Fantastic! Please keep us posted as your farm progresses. The potential is extreme. Please get the farm going again.

  11. You can probably find a farm machine recycling/sales company to come and buy a lot of the stuff you don’t need or don’t know what it is (such as the rice machine). We did that with a whole bunch of unused farm machines in the Kyoto countryside. Not a bad amount of money for a bunch of stuff just collecting dust

  12. I can see the potential that this property offers!! It’s a diamond in the rough!! All the best to you. Keep us posted on your progress.

  13. So sad they wanted nothing, probably can't afford to commute to and from jobs, they were hoarders or people have been using th ed property as a dump sight.

  14. Japan is surrounded by toxic soup I would never buy a home there now most of the people have fled Japan to have any brains

  15. You have your work cut out for you. The place has huge potential. I'm looking forward to see how you transform your place.🙏❤

  16. But why would you buy a home for any price considering fukushima is still pumping out millions of becquerls of radiation?

  17. What kinda of dumbass would buy anything in Japan good greif how stupid and uneducated people are,the biggest deadly most dangerous planet killing accident happen there and it's only getting worse it's called fukashima meltdown!!!!!

  18. Hell clean up trash and yard. Go one building at a time you will find gems.
    The equipment KEEP! Car all you have to do is produce a bill of sale at the license authority. A bed and breakfast would be interesting but years down the line. Get a barn cat for rodents. Chickens for bugs. Remove the first 6" of soil if you are concerned about contamination. Research research!!

  19. The timber over there looks solid as, love the door out by the toilet….that property will be amazing when its tidied up, handy sheds too

  20. I grew up next to a Farm. A farm is amazing but it is a lot of hard work. And with farming you get what you put into it. It's long hours, and little reward though out the year. But when it's time to harvest, and you start loading the crops to take to the market. You leave with a proud feeling. I enjoy when the chicken have their babies, and the Cows are funny. They follow you along the fence line. It's not a job for anyone it takes a specific type of person. I hope eventually some of the younger generations understand the importance of farming.

  21. @8:53 that's the silo pump, you fill your grain from the field in to that machine it then filters and drops down onto that bag. You pull the string an d it fills up the container if I saw it correctly. I'm guessing by first glance. They have similar machines for grain and corn. Soy etc

  22. omg. what a nice house and surroundings. but please be careful going into abandoned houses. please bring someone along. something might come loose in abandoned house. accidents might happen. it is better having a companion that would help you in those cases.

  23. Hi Jaya, I would like to ask if there’s any rules and regulations for Foreigner interested in purchasing properties like yours. I’m really interested buying a properties like yours.

  24. it's okay to move in the urban areas but you cannot forget your roots . . .we Indian love to spend our time in rural areas . . . we have our farm house in a village and we mostly spend our vacation there.

  25. A lot of work, but what a beautiful house! And you know how you turn that “bad karma” into good karma, give the home the respect it deserves and watch.

  26. Cut the shrub and place in a chipper, turn it all to mulch. Gather all aluminum and melt it. Papers would be soak and turned to logs for fire burning. 🔥. It take me about 2 months.

  27. I am so glad someone like you and your family bought this home. To see it restored is wonderful. Has always been my dream to visit Japan.

  28. Before you start throwing things out I would find a neighbor that might know what that equipment was used for and put everything for sale and use that money for the repair of the house.

  29. Considering that the van has been abandoned and unused for years, I don't think you need to obscure the rear license plate in the video.

  30. In the USA, a house that had been abandoned for 5 years would have been vandalized into total ruin – if not burned to the ground.

  31. Speaks to the temporary existence and impermanence of man. What meant so much to someone is no more and to another so much. Cant wait to see it transformed. Great artists studio or colony.

  32. What a treasure trove you've been blessed with! I hope you honor the history and do not just willy nilly tear it all down. Banzai!

  33. I wish I lived near by. I'd absolutely come help fix the place up! Check with the local Elementary school. If they are like the ones around here, they do recycling days to raise money, and they will probably take that pile of sake bottles out the back of the house. Assuming you haven't gotten rid of them yet.

  34. Abandoned House ! and How to get admit about abandoned property ?

  35. How about abandoned house in Japan and How to get admit about abandoned property ?

  36. I watched all the videos! You and your family did a wonderful job refurbishing this house and yard! Thank you for showing this as it is absolutely interesting. I wish you and your wife a happy life and enjoy your new house!

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