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– It’s my dream 8-Seater
car, there’s 8 seats. (chill pop music) – Good morning aunties,
uncles, what’s poppin’? – Morning. – What’s up baby? – Hey. Am I your court? Like, am I your chauffeur? Like, what? (laughs) – Anyway um so because a baby is on the way looking to get a bigger vehicle – Yes, I’m getting a mom car. I’m getting a soccer mom car! I’m excited! – I convinced LaToya to get a van. – I’m getting a van you guys! (laughs) A caravan. A Dodge Caravan. – Just jokin’. We’re going to some Cadillac dealership to look at some 7-Seater/8-Seater
vehicles out there. And um, that’s the plan for today. If I get some time after that we might take a quick stop to Ikea. I think I wanna get a
patio set, It’s summertime. Well, It’s been summertime here. But I noticed we never really utilize our backyard area so, maybe I should throw a patio set there. – Yeah, you know what? We should get a patio
set and also a barbeque. – And a barbeque for sure. – Yeah, for sure. – We got people comin’
through for July 4th It’s gonna be our first
July 4th Independence Day weekend for us since moving. So people are coming through. – I can’t believe we
haven’t been in Atlanta for a year yet and it feels
like longer than a year. – It does. – Yeah, like we haven’t even-
we moved here September 2018. – Not even September,
at the end of September. – The end of September,
going into October so yeah, we haven’t even been here a year so. – Life just moves really fast. – I feel like we’re settled in finally. I feel like I know how
to get home without GPS. (laughs) It’s great, I love
Atlanta, I love the vibe I love the people, I just
feel like I’m home, you know? – Shoutout to everyone
from Atlanta, Georgia. Friendly people all across the state in the airports, in the mall. – Oh my gosh, they’re too nice! They are way too nice than I’m used to. – It’s super dope. Nonetheless, I’ll see you
guys at the dealership. (alternative hip hop music) What’s up, y’all? So we here at Cadillac,
I just showed you guys the Escalade that we’re
potentially gonna buy today. It’s a 2019 Escalade. LaToya’s just excited about the remote feature which, we can
start the car from anywhere I don’t know why she’s spending the last 5 minutes talking to the guy about that. I guess she’s already thinking
about ways to lose the key. But yeah, check out the whip! (alternative hip hop music) You know what’s
interesting about this car? You always looked at it
as a car to be driven in. – Yeah, it is. – [Adam] Now you’re gonna be driving one. – I’m driving my kids in it. – [Adam] Comment below guys,
let me know what you think. – [LaToya] It’s so spacious. – [Adam] It’s so comfy. – [Car Salesman] Just
push it down and then flip it back up. Now, these recline too,
just lift this to recline. – Hey, what’s up guys? Just got back to the crib. LaToya went to go pick up the kiddies with the new car that we just bought. The Cadillac Escalade, she’s
super excited about it. I’m happy that we have a 8-Seater ’cause with a third baby on board we definitely need the room. And people comin’ over, family, friends we need the space so I’m
excited about this new purchase. Um, yeah! So, once the kids come,
I’ll vlog with them. But in the meantime, I
just got some mail here so I’m about to open up this package. You see, LaToya? I’m somebody, don’t get it twisted I got people sending me mail now. Aight? Ever since I took over the vlog people sendin’ me stuff now. I’ma leave my PO box in the description feel free to send stuff. But yeah, give me a
second, let me get a knife and open up this box and see what kind of goodies are in
there, better not be a snake. Let’s see what’s in here. All right so, opening now. Ay! That’s what’s up. Oh, and a card! Nice. Hi Adam, to the dad who
does it all – celebrate in style this Father’s Day! @alphaindustries Okay, thank you guys, that’s so sweet! I appreciate that. Little Father’s Day gift, hope it fits me they didn’t even ask me
what size or nothin’. Oh they know, large. FYI I am a large, in case any
one of y’all are generous. There are some folks, I forgot the name of the brand, forgive me, that did send me a nice Vellore suit, I will showcase the Vellore suit that you guys sent me um, in the next vlog. I’ma let these guys shine today but I got y’all, it was a nice blue Vellore track suit, I got
y’all in the next vlog. This gon’ come in handy for Fall so thank you Alpha Industries. – We got the car. – [Adam] We got the car! Samia, Zayn! – [LaToya] We got a SUV yay! – [Adam] Samia? How do you like the new car? – [Samia} It’s good. – [Adam] It’s only good? – [Samia] I wish I can have it. – [LaToya] This is your
car, this is a family car. – [Adam] Zaynie! Are you gonna drive? – Yeah! – [Adam] For sure. You like your new car? – Yeah, I like my new car.
– [LaToya] We got our car! It’s so spacious, It’s
my dream 8-Seater car there’s 8 seats, we can literally fit 6 people in the back, it’s amazing. You guys know that we always have company we always have family and friends over so now we can pick everybody up from the airport comfortably, you know? – True that. It’s so amazing, I love it.
– And then Crystal’s comin’ Big Mike is supposed to be comin’ I’m speakin’ to Zeeco – Yeah, everyone’s coming! And we got our- this is like a chauffeur car almost. Yeah, I love it. – [Adam] Kiwi! – [Zayn] Kiwi? – [Adam] Hi, Kiwi. – Hi Kiwi! – [LaToya] Hi! What a long day. – [Adam] Yo guys, nothing
drains me more than negotiating. Like, it literally drains
me when I gotta negotiate. Like, just give me what I want that’s it. (laughs) – [LaToya] They already made a mess. – [Adam] Oh my god, why you let them bring snacks in the car?! – I didn’t wanna hear their mouth. You know when you just had enough? – [Adam] Already?! – Yeah like, it was so– – [Adam] No, this is unacceptable. – [LaToya] Look, Zayn always has– – [Adam] This is a brand new car! – [Latoya] Zayn always has
his pants on backwards though. – [Adam] With like, 200 miles. – [LaToya] I know, on it. – [Adam] Nah, you gonna let
this car just go to shits. – Well I mean, our life, we
have 3 kids almost, okay? That’s just life.
– [Adam] No, just upkeep it. It’s called upkeeping. – I need a personal cleaner. – [Adam] You got a nice bug
on your head, literally. – Do I? Get it away! (screams) Is it out?? – [Adam] It’s gone. – Okay. – [Adam] That’s what happens, that’s what happened for being a bug. – We got the car! – [Adam] Yo, put yo– why
you dancin’ like that?! (laughs) – [LaToya] I love it, you guys if you ever need a ride, just hit up
– [Adam] Call uber – LaToya Car Services and I got you, okay? – Anyway y’all, short vlog. Main thing, we got a new car, 8-Seater we gettin’ ready for September, new baby. – That’s the only reason
why we upgraded, ‘kay? This is 8 seats, it’s because we have another baby on the way and we didn’t want the kids to be cramped
up in the second row. At least now they have options to sit wherever they want and they’re not gonna be crammed in one row. I’m an amazing mother, I know. – All right y’all, I’ma wrap up the vlogs! – ♪ Time to wrap it up, like I’ll do it ♪ ♪ for the rest of my life
after this baby comes! ♪ – [Zayn] Hi dad! – Hope you enjoyed today’s vlog! Comment, like, subscribe,
thumbs up for the new whip! – Thumbs up for the new whip! And you didn’t get
Zayn, Zayn come say bye! – [Zayn] Bye bum bum! – Wow, bye bum bum. Goodnight! – [Samia] Bye, stinky shoe! (alternative hip hop music)

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100 thoughts on “WE BOUGHT A BRAND NEW CAR!!

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  2. I'm from the A and y'all welcome. I use to want a Cadillac SUV until I found out the truth about them. Good luck y'all. A word of advice, abandon ship and trade as soon as you get your first sign of trouble.

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  4. Hey Adam and Latoya you guys are amazing! Ive takin all of you guys advice jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to make amazing content I’ve even created a YouTube channel to watch my progress my newest video just recently dropped. I would like some support/ feedback so hit the subscribe and check it out. Peace

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    I’m loving these daily vlogs.
    LaToya, your skin is glowing and you’re looking fabulous 🔥🔥🔥
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    Congratulations on your new Cadillac Escalade. 💣💣💣
    Samia and Zane are the cutest 🥰
    They are loving the new vehicle also.
    Aww Zane rubbing on LaToya’s stomach was so adorable.
    Samia dancing 😂😂😂😂
    You guys are such an amazing family 🤴🏽👸🏽💯💯💯💯💯

  6. We had to buy a new car for our 3rd baby she was born in May. We got a 7 seater Subaru Ascent….#teamnovan lol

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  17. Adam and watching this video and thinking I wish they would give their subbies some financial advice. You know a lot of us wanna be able to buy our first car n buy our homes across the world n that!
    Can you both do a financial online seminar for your subbies please?? Extend your coins! 🙂

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