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Water Skipping a Snowmobile While Pulling a Tuber!! (New Polaris Snowmobile)

Water Skipping a Snowmobile While Pulling a Tuber!! (New Polaris Snowmobile)

(revs engine roars) – What’s up guys before we get into this video we just wanna let you know that we are currently running a huge spring clarence sale on C boys TV .com. Everything on the site right now is 25% off and orders over $50 is gonna get free shipping. Not to mention, every
five dollars you spend gets you entered to win this 2019 KH450 with 2020 Flares Timber sled ride kit and the wheels are coming too. But we are also about to give this bike a complete makeover, starting right now. – You already know what it is new graphic skins. Alright, there is only one
thing you need for this build and that would be the Timber Sled Triel. Alright, so let’s see if this works. (Timber Sled shoots) Okay, check this out, press this button twist this a little bit turns into a wrap gun. (wrap gun shoots) Oh that is sick! (wrap gun shoots) Aw, perfect! (sound effects) Oh shoot, I forgot the front, 360! (wrap gun shoots) Over the shoulder! Under the legs! (wrap gun shoots) Wow! That looks amazing! Oh shoot, I forgot to do this side. – Don’t worry, I got it. (screaming and machine gun shots) (upbeat music ) – Dude.
– Nice work! – Amazing job, it looks so good. It’s so fun being able
to build these giveaway machines for you guys and this is one of my favorite wraps ever. If you’re not entered, get entered it ends March 31, the sales
are going on right now 25% and free shipping on orders over $50. Jake, get that thing back on there – Yup, sweet! Enjoy the video guys! – Well what the frick is up YouTube? Welcome to anyone new watching – And– – Welcome to all you
returnering spectators. – Alright, first nice day
of the year in Minnesota. So, we’re gonna hit the lake. (engine revs) (music plays ) – What the Bocycle was that shit? – We just cleaned all this up. (upbeat music) – Holy shit that was cold. How you doing over there? – I’m a little chilly – Yeah, it’s a little colder than I thought it was gonna be. – The interesting thing about today is that we brought a tube for the water not the snow. – We could do a little
classic, tug the tubes around some stuff like that. – Alright junior, you ready? Big moment. – This is it. – High speed tubing? – No, I had to say it. – You heard it here first guys. – We’ll just slap a big
no Ken do sticker on it and move on. – Alright I’m cold let’s do this. – Ryan, you gonna drive? – Let’s do this dude let’s try it. – Okay, we have the rope strapped up, so we might have to adjust,
we don’t really know. I’ve got Ken, Jake, EJ
all trying to figure out how to work a GoPro. – I’m just here so I won’t get fined. (Upbeat music) – Hey follow me. – Oh no. – Oh shit. – He almost hit the snowmobile! Yeah he is not going that fast right now. – No but the tube looks terrifying! (upbeat music) – That is awesome! – Okay Jake he is whipping him in I want you to jump over him. – Him or the rope? – Whatever. (engine revs) (screaming) – That was sick boys. – That was not expected. (laughs) – Ken look out, jump. Woohoo! Oh shit! – He was like hauling by us. (upbeat music) – How was that? – That was fast dude, you caught me whipping? It was literally scarier
than normal tubing cause I knew if I fell
off it was gonna hurt. Yeah I think you should get on just cruise on that thing, it feels good. – Ahh that’s a no Ken do. (all chanting) “JUNIOR ” – We’re already dead. (sad music) – What? Ken just sit on the tub bro? Please. – Are we going tandem buddy? Tandem? – Sure, dos amigos. – Dos idiots. – Dos amigos. (snow mobile revs engine) – Ohh! (laughs) – I didn’t think it was
gonna spin that much – Let it rip Ryan (upbeat music) – How was it? – Knee pad gets worn. – That was fun. Its just
like tubing in the water. – It really was. – What’s up – Good job – You gotta be freezin. – Yeah a little bit. (laughs) – I like to see you guys got
your life jackets on now. – This time yeah – Learned your lesson? – Its almost tubing. So we’ll see. (engine revs) – Oh shit, jeez! – It was like finally, it would’ve just taken me in the air. – It was like wow, wow. – Okay so we don’t really
know how to go about this, I think the legit ament
plan is to do the water CJ’s ready, Ryan’s ready – We were gonna take just
the sled with the empty tube across to make sure it works, but they said screw it we
gotta get this over with, and lets do it! Going over the water with that tube and that snowmobile – All right I think I’m ready for this But it’s colder than a witches titty ya know – Ready ? – So like, are you guys nervous? – Yes – Honestly like if he falls in the water what the hell am I gonna do? – True, now here he comes (upbeat music) – Ryan was hauling. (upbeat music) – Yes CJ! – That was awesome. – That was epic. – That was freezing. – Dude the first time you
almost went into that dock! – Ryan you didn’t look back bro? – CJ literally came off next to that rock. – Dude I turned around, like on the water he is way over there, like what the hell? – That’s like the second time I was so scared. – The definition of
holding on for dear life. – I was dude. – Honestly that’s what we
call putting out for the boys because that was sketchy. (upbeat music) – Dude you’re going in? – I’m just telling you I have your back – Yeah Jake’s gonna be driving the split and pull you into the water. – Yeah I got your back dude – Screw it – Start the truck up he’s going in. we’re hooking up the wake board and Ryan is gonna hop on the surf
board and go across. – No. – He’s doing it. – Mom says no. – I’m used to surfing at 10 mph. – So you’re gonna have to pull Ryan pretty fast for the snowmobile to skip – We might have to bail, this is 15. (engine revs) – Why was that so scary? – I don’t know what you’re thinking do you know how fast you gotta go to. (engine revs) – He doesn’t know how to
just like go that fast take it like a normal person – So that was literally quarter throttle hit the water and then 19
came across and was doing 37 – 37! – Oh frick dude. – Just try and impress these girls I want you to know that they are both taken. – Dude they have boyfriends. – Alright we are gonna do
a couple tests this time more is on the line. – How fast is this? We’re not doing it that was 4. I was just asking. Gotta get my helmet. – Are you actually doing this dude? – Well let’s just try – Testing out the water – Ryan’s gonna be testing
the temperature of the water pretty quick if this is how it’s going. – We are shooting for 7 this time Jac. – That’s 7 miles per hour. – Think they’re going? (upbeat music) – I don’t like this. – Ohhhh! (upbeat music) Dude – I got scared. – You really gave us no warning, holy shit Ryan go get in the truck, good job dude, lets get you to the truck. – I’m starting to get cold – Good job you almost had it – I’m coming in and I’m
like looking at the ice and its just coming out so fast and I starting getting really shaky I’m going down so I just bit – Yo what is up how we doing um so– – You know what we have right now something to dart jake. We are putting up a trampoline in our shop stupidly we are gonna use no bolts and we are gonna have
the thing gently together one bounce and it just falls all right Jordan catch. – Holy. – Alright Jordan catch. – Wait I’m scared. – All right Jordan catch. All right Jordan catch. that’s the wrong thing, wrong thing – Have you guys heard
about that new coronavirus? – 20 2006 superbouncer, one with the leg and one with not the leg and you insert the
shaft into the other one and then just complete. – How many people does it take to put together a trampoline? (music plays ) – We now have the frame up makes our shop look way
smaller than it really is jeez jake shouldn’t have done that buddy, but we are gonna start strapping he net up and start jumping. (upbeat music) Land that buddy. – There we go. – Get that work done baby. – That a boy. – Look at Randy. – I kicked him. – Oh shit, no no no nope. Holy shit. NO WAY So sick – I know bro. (upbeat music) (dog barks) – I got it. – All right. (screaming)

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100 thoughts on “Water Skipping a Snowmobile While Pulling a Tuber!! (New Polaris Snowmobile)

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  5. Imagine if Polaris lent them that sled and they sunk it. At least the tube would hole it up if it was super deep lol

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  10. Damn is it just me or do you guys live the perfect place, like it gets nice and hot but I can also snow a lot. Damn wish I lived there. And keep up the good content.

  11. I live in Florida and I went tubeing they have snow and also I really hope I win this giveaway because it is on my birthday and I have wanted to get a dirt bike for my birthday for so long but good luck to everyone else 👍

  12. Cboys it would be a dream to go ride dirt bikes or go snowmobiling with u I got a susuki rm 85 2 stroke and A polaris 500 love to ride and race with guys u guys inspired me to ride

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