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Watch This Before You Buy a Cleaning Car

Watch This Before You Buy a Cleaning Car

What does the car you drive
say about your cleaning business? That’s a question, and we’re going to talk
about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s show is brought to us by Savvy
Cleaner. Savvy Cleaner is a training program that is
for house cleaners and maids, and we walk you through a variety of different things
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from every different possible angle, for every different possible mood, and every different
possible client that you can possibly have. It’s a self-paced training course, and it’s All right, on to today’s show, which is from
a house cleaner who wants to know what kind of car should I drive for my cleaning business? All right, well, it comes down to a couple
of things. The very first one is, you want to pick a
car that is in-brand with the service you offer. So, for example, let’s say that you do a really
high-end, elite, concierge cleaning service, you want a really high-end car. If you’re offering a bottom of the road, very
inexpensive cleaning service, you’re a small startup company, you want a very inexpensive,
small, startup car. You want something that’s in alignment with
your brand. And you don’t want to ever compete with your customers. Let’s say that you work in a high-end neighborhood
and you have a very fancy car at home, let’s just say it’s a Mercedes. So, you have a Mercedes at home, and you’re
going to go clean houses, but your customers, some of them have Mercedes but most of them
just drive really high-end cars, but not quite the Mercedes level. So, if you show up going, “Hey, I’m a very
successful house cleaner, and I’m arriving to clean your house in my Mercedes,” the very
first thing that they’re going to do is they’re going to play this I’m keeping up with the
Jones’s game. They’re going to think, “I’m paying this house
cleaner too much money because they have a nicer car than the one that I drive.” You do not, under any circumstances, want
your customers to compete with you. Now, it’s kind of a funny thing, but customers
want to think they have an upper edge. They are hiring a house cleaner, so they are
hiring some help. What they don’t know is this, many successful
house cleaners that I know live in houses that are twice the size of their clients’
houses, and they do have Mercedes in their driveways, and they do drive really nice-end
cars, and they live in multi-million dollar homes because their businesses are doing very
well. But the reality is, when you show up to the
customer’s house, you are an actor and you are playing a part. So, you’re going to show up in a cleaning
uniform and you’re going to show up in a car that is appropriate for the business. Make sense? Okay, let’s move on. What does the car need to look like? Okay, so if you’re just starting out, and
let’s say that you don’t have a car at all and just got a car, but it’s an old banger
of a car and it’s beat up and it has duct tape on the hood and it’s just kind of pieced
together, ugh, yikes because that’s also a reflection of your company. So, when you show up to do a customer’s walkthrough,
they’re going to look at your car and they’re going to think, “Holy cow, that car’s going
to sit out in front of my house? Like if this person can’t take care of their
own car and they got in an accident and they duct taped the fender together, if they can’t
take care of their own car and their own image, how are they going to take care of my property?” It’s this unconscious thought that rolls through
their mind because their home is their biggest asset, that is their biggest valuable piece
of something that they own. They don’t want to trust it to somebody who
can’t take care of their own property. Does that make sense? So, this thought is going their head like,
“Well, I don’t really want that house cleaner because they get in accidents, they’re not
careful. If they’re not careful with their car, which
is a huge expense, they’re not going to be careful with my little trinkets or my knickknacks.” I don’t … it’s a disconnect. Then the next thing is … and you want to
replace your car as soon as possible if that’s your car. What you might do is say this, on your walkthrough,
“Hey, I’m so glad for the opportunity to come clean your house. There are a couple of things in my life that
I’m upgrading right now, and my vehicle is one of those things. So, with your help taking on this job, this
will help me make a new car payment every month, and I’m super excited about that.” Just address it, get it out of the way right
up front, don’t ever bring it up again, and then the minute that you get the job, run
out and get a nicer car, so that it will fit the image that you’re trying to promote. Because your car will be in front of customers’ houses for hours at a time. Now, having said that, your car must be clean. One of the biggest investments that I say,
make from day one, day one of your business, go down and a buy a package at either like
the AutoZone or the Sam’s Express or some of these other car washes that are in every
town, they’re in every town across the country, you drive through unlimited times, it’s like
$25, $30 a month or whatever it is, the package I have on my car right now is $25 at Sam’s
Express, and the one for my husband’s was like $40 or something. So, it really just depends on which system
you use and for what car and what package you buy, but I have an unlimited car wash
and I can go through as many times per month as I want. So, as I’m out housecleaning, if I’m out running
errands, if I’m in a certain part of town, I can drive through the carwash after the
last rainstorm, I can get my car all tidied up again, and when it sits in front of the
neighbor’s house tomorrow morning, it looks spectacular because the customers are going
to drive through, the customers or the neighbors, they’re going to drive through and they’re
going to see, “Oh, that’s the housecleaning lady, and look, her car is always immaculate.” In the back of their mind, you provide an
immaculate service. This is someone whose car is always clean,
therefore, they take pride in keeping things always clean. I want that inside my house. You see how that works? So, in the back of their minds, your car is
an extension of your brand. You want to make sure that just like we keep
our uniforms in top condition, you want to keep your car in top condition. You just want to make sure that as you’re
driving around the neighborhoods, and this is even if you don’t have lettering on the
windows or you don’t have magnets on the side of your cars, this is just your car because
word gets out, “Oh yeah, that’s the house cleaner that comes,” and they watch you getting
out of your car, they watch you carrying in your cleaning supplies, they watch you in
uniform. It’s a presentation. Imagine that you’re on film, and you are. I hate to say this, but you are. Everyone has security cameras. The neighbors pick up the things that are
going on outside around their house, people have internal cameras that pick up through
windows. So, you are on camera, people are watching
you, and when you show up in a spectacular looking car that’s clean, you’ll hop out of
the car and you’re clean, your supplies are tidy and organized, and you make that approach
to the front of the house, it’s showtime, right? You’re a showcase. You just want to make sure that whatever car
you’re driving is the best reflection of your brand. I will stop right there for today, but be
thinking about what car do you drive and what story does your car tell because it is part
of your business. All righty, let’s start a conversation in
the notes below, I want to hear what kind of car do you drive. Do you always keep it
clean? Do you have an unlimited car wash package? Or how do you clean your car between jobs?
I want to know. So, let’s talk. All right, until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when
you found it.

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12 thoughts on “Watch This Before You Buy a Cleaning Car

  1. Hi Angela. Great information as always. I too have the unlimited car wash package. It's a great service to use. The packages here range from $5-$30.

  2. i wash my car every two weeks self serve car wash $2.50 and I detail the inside with store bought products every time I wash it takes me about a hour I rather do it myself then trust others and pay the extra cost.

  3. I don't appreciate being kicked out of the group because I posted my taskrabbit earnings from my business on taskrabbit all I got try to do is show people how to make money in the cleaning business and people just hate on me and get me kicked out the group. Taskrabbit is not a scam I'm really making a lot of money with it and I thought I can share my thoughts on it but I see that the group that you have a lot of haters in it

  4. Hi Angela, I have a beautiful, antique dark mettalic blue Mercedes which is over 30years old. It is in very good condition and as it is a petrol run car. It is very economical and gets me everywhere I want to go safely. Would I be giving the wrong message if I show up in this car. I don't really want to change it.

  5. Hi Angela,

    I would love to get into the training and see what I may not have thought about. Unfortunately, when I click on the training word or picture on the website, nothing happens. Maybe the link is broken? All the other options work when I click on them.

  6. Angela, thank you for your work. I only watch YOUR videos. I have tried to watch many coaches. You are the best. No bla-bla-bla, just real advice. I am making notes as I listen.

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