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Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

rev up your engines, if you’re planning
on behind I mercedes-benz today I’m gonna show you a few things you should
know before you buy one, see if it was made in Germany or not, and here we go
check it out Stuttgart Germany realize they make cars all over the
world now and the ones that are made in Germany they’re much better than the
ones made in other places, they’ve always made great engines in Germany, I’ve
taken the plastic cover stuff off so you can see this big v8 they’ve been making
v8 engines for a long time and really they pretty much perfected them, this is
the CLS 550 it’s got over 380 horsepower but it’s a normal v8 engine there’s no
supercharger turbocharger, this baby puts out the horsepower by itself doesn’t need
any of those gimmicks and therefore it can last a lot longer without all that
extra strain, and even though this baby’s 15 years old it’s loaded with technology
that you may love when you first buy it and then end up hating when you find out
how many thousands and thousands of dollars it cost to repair, as an example
here’s the top of the strut as you can see it’s got air pressure going in
it also has electricity going in it these things are extremely complicated,
when they work sure they ride like a dream but on these when they break the car will
start tilting and then you got at least replace them in pairs, now that went on
on this one one had about 70,000 miles ended up costing thousands of dollars, I tried to save the customer more money by replacing one, but then the car sat
sideways, had to replace them both, but then about a year later the back ones went out, same
thing you got to replace them in pairs and this, you got an airbag system too on the
backm and half the car has to be taken apart to replace it, even cost more than
the front ones, now if you are going to buy a Mercedes, you’re going to have to
find a mechanic like me to work on it because they’re not easy to work on, this
particular system here was a German company, but they recently got bought
out by a Chinese company, so now instead it’s called an autel lm608, and
you need something at least this strong too
work on the vehicle, this particular one is about five thousand dollars, even
stuff like changing the brake pads you’re gonna need one of these to reset
stuff with, you have to realize having these things worked on and maintained is
expensive, as an example I was recently in San Francisco, and the mercedes-benz
dealer there charges two hundred and twenty-five dollars per hour to work
on your Mercedes, as you can see on the screen there are millions of different
things that you can check out, these are just the beginning of it, and that’s just
the motor section there’s all kinds of other sections and each one of them has a
subsection and a subsection, to operate all this complex electronics buttons
everywhere, you really need to understand electronics and that’s just the tip of
the iceberg, when somebody has to fix them as they break, they really have to
know their stuff, have scan tools and know how to work them, because I met guys
who said oh yeah I work on Mercedes, then they get one of these fancy scan tools
that they bought, and they’re working on a car and all of a sudden the car won’t
even start and they don’t know what to do they just freeze in terror, one guy he
had to bring it on a flatbed over here, start it up won’t even go into gear, then when I finally figured out how to get it in gear, I used my fancy computer, the car
wouldn’t even move, it had all kinds of brake warning, I said what did you do to this
car, and he responded, I just did a brake job on the car, I just changed the
front brake pads and the sensors, he said that’s all I did, then it wouldn’t start
and all this stuff came up and he’s not a liar at least not to me, so I
figured well he worked on the brakes, so I got on this, went into the electronic
brake system, all I did was turn off the fancy supplemental electronic braking
control unit, there’s a way you can turn it off, then I started the car, turned it
off and waited 15 minutes, the computer told me that would be a good thing to do, so I
listened to it, I went back into the electronic braking system, and it sat
there for about five minutes it was going 0% 1%, when it got to 99% then a
hundred percent, take the key out and disconnect your scan tool so I did, then I
started it up, low and behold it went into reverse I drove it away, all the warning
lights came on and the brake system worked fine, and I did was change brake
pads, I figured somehow when he was squeezing
the old pistons back in, that must have disturbed some kind of sensor, it gave a
warning and then in the dash it said, do not drive car fast be careful, well that was
all gone when I reset everything and then it worked fine, you need a really good
mechanic to work on these cars, you can’t get them worked on at the corner gas
station anymore, you can forget that, you need somebody who understands computer
systems, has equipment to work on them just so many computer modules on these
vehicles, this is an older one but I worked on a newer one the other day, and
that thing had 87 separate computer modules 87 of them, all connected
together with a bus line, if you ever have a Mercedes and you get any type
of a serious wreck, take the pay out money, don’t attempt to fix it, from my
experience these late-model Mercedes once they get crunched and that wiring
especially the computer bus wiring gets damaged, their almost impossible to fix
correctly, now they are smooth running quiet cars there’s no arguing that,
but like any modern car hey they’re full of plastic stuff look at this, the grill is
cracked already I’m sure she probably bumped into something but still you know
that’s pretty flimsy plastic, this stuff used to be made out of metal and it was
nice and solid, and I do have to say that their Bosch any like brake systems are
state of the art, they were the people that really started safety seriously, and
a big v8 engine hey their pretty much gas hogs, this particular one is rated at
14 miles a gallon in the city I checked it with my computer, my
customer is getting about nine and a half miles a gallon in Houston, you don’t buy a
mercedes-benz for gas mileage, your going to pay a lot for the car, your gonna pay a lot
for the fuel and the insurance for that matter, now I’m too much of a cheapskate
to ever buy one, I work on them and I road test them and they’re fun for a little while
and I’m bored so, if you don’t mind the price tag and the outrageously expensive
repairs you’re gonna get, hey go ahead and get yourself a Mercedes, just make
sure that it was made in Deutschland, if you don’t mind of our price,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell

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100 thoughts on “Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

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  2. i buy MB i just dont pay over 2 grand and do all the work, and buy after market parts. And i have fun, and look cool doing it.

  3. You go Scotty!!! I also heard that Mercedes Benz have a lot of suspension problems as well as electrical too!!! They are endless money pits!!! Plus most Mercedes actually have two batteries. . . . One under the hood and one more in the trunk!!!

  4. I’m looking to buy a 2016 e350, now I’m having doubts. Does anyone know if they are problematic as well? I’m thinking about buying a used Lexus es350 instead

  5. Haha. Bought an old 87 300td Mercedes. It's a breeze to work on and gets really good fuel mileage! But that's why I bought a diesel. Lol

  6. Very biased. I have owned several mercedes vehicles. I have never had an issue. Honestly even the new American cars have rhe same expensive tech. And air suspension has been used on Lincoln and Cadillac. If you cant afford to up keep, dont buy. Its not an every person car. But you cant deny they are fantastic cars.

  7. Scotty, Your videos always keep me smiling…You ride the fine line between optimist and pessimist. Always truthful and real. Keep up the good work!

  8. If you are going to work on your own car the dealer service manuals for just about any car can be found on the internet, they cost about $25.

  9. I got my 2008 c350 a year ago when I was 16 and it’s got 200k miles. Love it. All I’ve done is regular maintenance and it really does drive like a dream.

  10. you don't haver to replace the struts in pairs and the car will not be lopsided that is wrong what you are saying.
    Also going after market with the strut saves you & 800.00 just from the part
    My S550 has 360000 Miles and I never had to change to rear struts
    Find a indy with the star system and it's not more expensive to maintain then any other high end car barely more the a Genisis or Kia 900

  11. But I already bought Mercedes in 2013! 😂 And with the exception of a major fiasco from an insurance claim i’ve been very happy with it

  12. Scotty please please please help me! I found my dream car but I'm not sure if its a good buy. Its a 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300D, what do you think? I don't want to be heart broken and this would be my first car ever!

  13. Lesson: Be rich, buy Mercedes new with that warranty. Sell at 20,000 miles (or when the warranty is almost up) to the wannabe rich guy. Still rich, repeat the process.
    That's me experience at the Mercedes dealership.
    Then the "wannabe rich dude" argues and argues over the high price of repairs because they aren't really rich.
    And absolutely stay away from their V12 twin turbos.

  14. I’ve owned 5 Mercs over the last 20 years never had a problem with any of them, just make sure you get them serviced regularly by people who know what they’re doing.
    You, my friend, sound like an analog mechanic trying to work on a digital car.

  15. I’m supposed to be at a family dinner and here I am watching a 7month old video of yours because I’ve decided on binging. Lool.

  16. I disagree with the ‘made in Germany’ is better crap. Mine is made in Germany, and sometimes I wonder if it really was made in China and shipped to Germany..

  17. I’ve learned my lesson.. you don’t buy a Mercedes for the long term. If you have to have one, you lease it for three years tops.

  18. My son just bought a 2002 Mercedes…its leaking coolant and overheating and it just started…he's had it for a month…he was recommended to take it to one place that isn't open til monday…I hope he can make it to the mechanic soon and the cost isn't that much…

  19. How long (?miles or years) can a 2017 GLE 350W last without any serious repair comes in? what would be the resale value if in 2022? Was it a reasonably good lasting quality SUV?

  20. Was thinking about getting a 2016 GLC 300 base with 16k for $25k but concerned about maintenance in the long run. Wouldn’t own it for more than 100k though. Hmmm

  21. You guys are a bunch of incels, hate Mercedes coz you cant afford one. Best car brand you can get. I bet your wives cheated on you with a guy who drove one that’s why you’re so bitter

  22. So in a nutshell if you want the most “reliable” Mercedes Benz that you can possibly get, only buy one that was made in Germany 🇩🇪

  23. My 2008 Mercedes-benz C300 was made in South Africa, it has 210k on it & still running, my friend's own same model, South Africa made too 170k & still running.

  24. Thank you for your opinion but in my case it's to late it's a heep of crap a lemon 2012 e class I am slowly replacing each piece even down to the gear shifter which came away while I was driving u are a god send keep it up next time i will listen

  25. Hi Scotty, would you please advise a big fan of yours, I'm driving E350e she's very nice to drive but I'm terrified of the possibility that engine would break down, which is happening allover the world, cylinders cracks and the whole engine needs replacement, I'll be out of warranty after 3 months and I see a lot of tragedies like that, also I'm concerned about replacement cost for the hybrid battery, please share your thoughts.

  26. 320 petrol /diesel up to 2002.
    Lovely to work on , a pleasure to drive .
    4 cilinders ones petrol /diesel , a nightmare when they go wrong.
    Simply my opinion .

  27. Anybody that knocks Mercedes-Benz I dare you to visit a Toyota dealership service department and see how many engines and Transmissions you see out of those cars they break also I should know I made 35 year Mazda technician and I have friends that are Toyota technicians

  28. We had to buy the extended warranty on the wife's Benz. They said it covers everything, but for some reason, I m not convinced.

  29. My sister stole my stepdads e300 and drove 155 on the highway and came home with the hood smoking and he had no idea😂😂

  30. Wife has an SLK….replaced fluids, tires, battery, and AC compressor in 86,000 miles. Runs great. Neighbor has a Dodge pickup….hasn't ever run right. Odds and stats do favor some vehicle lines over another, and you should never buy a Yugo, but in the end, it's all a crap shoot.

  31. Owning a Mercedes in Europe whilst still not cheap, is a lot cheaper and more available than in the US IME. I'm on my second C class, never had a lot of trouble.

  32. People are always complaining and blowing owning a Mercedes out of proportion it’s prolly just people who never even had one u cleared it up good

  33. This is rather dramatic. I own a ten year old E550 and it's really not that bad. You can't buy a car like that without expecting to put a couple bucks into it.

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