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Washing the ultimate hypercar… at a random car wash

Washing the ultimate hypercar… at a random car wash

Washing a car in car wash, you know how that goes. But you have never seen it like this! The most recent hypercar washed in an ordinary car wash. This is the very first Apollo Intensa Emozione, entirely made out of delicate tinted carbon. 10 copies will be produced, at $2,7 million each. She is back from her first ride on public roads, accompanied by sports cars (including mine). The car was not spared… She is truly super dirty. The Sahara wind flew past and covered it with sand. “Wat programme douyou need ?” “If you wante, you ave ouateur ouizoute minerale.” “ok.” This sort of design is something not seen before, more complex than a LaFerrari or a McLaren P1, using the newest technology to sculpt the carbon fiber. She has more nooks to wash than your car. Subscribe to see videos of the ride of the Apollo and all the hysteria it causes.

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100 thoughts on “Washing the ultimate hypercar… at a random car wash

  1. me when the car isn't washed: oh so its black and white camo and gold!
    me when the car IS washed: oh wait no its dark violet, gold and carbon fiber!

  2. The car look good but the wheel are not the best for this car but design for the back look great cool design in general and great car

  3. I don't understand why $3000000 car is so delicate to drive. all that money for fragile car, with that kind of money shouldn't you put hydraulics on the wheels so they can go up, it's a waste of money.

  4. There might speaks the envy out of me, but what this guy basically does, is a pure showing-off. "Look how much money i have, hohohoho"

  5. I have the exact same car, different color. Only problem is i can't figure out how to get it out of my video game….. need IT support

  6. Def a hyper car and cost millions but cant even go thru self wash without a ramp…slap my face hard

  7. Ну и на хер она нужна, чтоб блять с собою постоянно лесенки возить ….

  8. Dude you make me scared, I think a second you where about to put the brush on the car,

    Not many supercar in carwash here in Canada!!

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