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Volvo Cars V60 With All Wheel Drive

Volvo Cars V60 With All Wheel Drive

A winter’s day above the Arctic Circle in
Sweden’s northernmost region. Our Volvo all-wheel drive estates first cut through
the snow here more than 20 years ago. Cars made for wild arctic conditions,
enabling everyday life in a hard winter. Even the ocean surface freezes solid,
and when it grows to more than a foot thick, it becomes a road, reconnecting
islands to the mainland. As we move towards all new
Volvo cars being electrified, the Scandinavian environment continues to make its
mark on the world’s automotive technology. Electrified cars and their batteries must be able to
perform in cold extremes to thrive elsewhere. It’s a simple need for the people
of northern Sweden. Met by our latest developments. Here in Arctic Sweden, freezing-cold temperatures test the limits of flora,
fauna, people and machine. Yet the extreme north has become a way of life
for generations of locals and visitors. The people here navigate their
days in town and country, on and off road, with skills and abilities
learned through experience. Each generation sees innovation, technology and design adapt more
and more to the needs of people. By adapting, we find new ways to
make everyday life easier, more comfortable, convenient and entertaining. The lessons learned through life in northern Sweden
benefit Volvo drivers everywhere. Sweden inspires our designs. It strengthens our technology.

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45 thoughts on “Volvo Cars V60 With All Wheel Drive

  1. I own a volvo with a T5 engine, what’s keeping me from the new Volvo’s is the new 4 bangers engines, i hope one day that shit Chinese company will sell it to another company that will re-invest in the REAL T5s T6s and the V8.

  2. Great video I just wish they gave more details about there AWD systems. I’m a bit of a tech head and would love to hear some specs corks features and so on. You can’t find those sorts of videos or information anywhere

  3. Any car brand's main recepient – probably?
    Farmers, ordinary owners of vast rugged land that fills vast Sweden, have always been No. 1 for Volvo Cars – espacially!

  4. how about adding a backup camera that hides like Mercedes or a washer like others… you must get dirt on the rear in Sweden

  5. Hi Volvo, is there a chance to see a video with wintersaga in background while seeing the new models? Would be really cool

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