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Volkswagen Just Changed the Game

Volkswagen Just Changed the Game

rev up your engines VW is coming out with
an electric sports car and it could have a secret weapon against the tesla sports
car no the little swaggins are all gonna be platform cars is gonna be based on
a certain platform then they put bodies on top of them now this basic chassis
can have motors in the front and/or the back so can be the all-wheel drive and
electric motors all-wheel drive have more acceleration Volkswagen says they
are working on batteries for performance cars they’re tested about that famous
Nuremberg racetrack and they’re setting all kinds of records with it
using different types of chemicals different types of metals to make
special sports batteries for making them go faster these new batteries
incorporate brand new battery saw technology course Volkswagens to tell
you what it is they’re not gonna let the cat out of the bag but their patent go
free they’re saying that it uses new chemistry and a new cell-to-cell
construction to make them both more efficient and more powerful so with
Volkswagen into the fray gonna be an interesting thing going on here and when
you think about this recession that’s obviously coming Volkswagen
what were they notorious for building in the first place beetles small cars
perhaps it’ll be small electric cars to become at the forefront sometimes you
bite off more than you can chew Volkswagens got a lot of flexibility
because they’re starting from scratch and if they do have a better cell
technology and it works better for both sports and they say they’re gonna put it
in their regular cars when you get it all perfect it could be a folks are
gonna have the Revenge of the old beetle with a new electric version you know I
want five so Scotty saw a gritty are you doing is the Nissan Rogue and I was
wondering if Nissan should get rid of their CV T’s do you think they should go
back to the jatco regular ones well they were crappy jatco
transmissions just aren’t good transmissions and i mean they sell a lot
of because they slow them all over the world but a lot of people are giving
them up with them I mean I’ve seen the Chrysler’s that used to have them some
of the crisis now a Mason they have the Toyotas they’ve switched because they
realized if people have bad transmissions and they’re not gonna buy
their cars anymore so I don’t think it would be any better
going from a jatco to a jatco regular ones you even see companies
that used to use them now we’re making their own hyundais are making their
own Mazdas making their own transmissions a lot of these companies
are realizing hey Jatco they’re crap you we’re not even gonna use it anymore
so anyway I can’t see nissan changing because they own jatco they’re not
gonna go away from their own company lui says scotty I got a
2014 Ford Escape Titanian EcoBoost with an automatic transmission I bought at
auction two years ago just now I fixed some body damage and it keeps having
this oil light on in the dash yeah that stupid warning system if you’re full of
oil and you got oil pressure especially if it’s one that tells you it’s time to
change your oil you bought an auction car not a smart thing I don’t know who’s
buying cars at auctions off and wreck flooded stolen totaled by an insurance
company for some reason as years going on the electronics can go haywire now
you said embody damage look around that area see if some waters have been
crimped or broken but if everything else works okay you can pop the dash out
easily enough there’s an LED in there you could just break it off so that
light doesn’t come on again I got a lot of customers they’ll do that don’t they
hey the car works fine I don’t care about that as long as you got a lot of
pressure it’s full oil hey you can ignore a lot of stuff on an auction car
because believe me probably as time goes on you’re gonna get more and more
electrical gremlins because once they’re wrecked and the wire start corroding and
rubbing on stuff that was bent all bets are off then anything had happened on a
computerized car pad you all nine five six says Scotty got an 07 Chrysler 300
believe my valve seals are broken the spark plugs you get wet little oil plan
I Drive from Texas to Chicago well that caused serious damage
me I wouldn’t drive a 13 year old Chrysler 300 that far especially one
that’s got oil leaks and stuff you never know what’s gonna happen what if the oil
leaks get bigger and then it just consumes the oil when you’re going 17
the engine blows up I would keep that as a local car as long as you keep adding
oil looking around do like a lot of my customers do and have cars that are old
and starting to wear out to keep them as in town cars when they travel customer of mine just want to visit her mother in st. Louis she went around in a car cost
you 200 something bucks to rent the car you’re safe for doing
that then you are driving that thing I wouldn’t trust it anyways it’s a 13 year
old Chrysler it could break at any point in time and strand you somewhere then
you got to get it fixed places you don’t know you’re gonna get totally ripped off
most of the time t bars 51 so Scotty I bought a 2015 Honda Odyssey 85,000 miles from my family I realized their interference on just the timing belt not a chain should I be worried well that I wouldn’t be worried about
because it’s only five years old with 85,000 miles they say to change the
belts are like a hundred thousand miles but I personally would be worried that
you bought the wrong vehicle they have automatic transmission problems they
have cam engine problems they have air conditioning problems those are not the
greatest fans in the world I would be more worried about the transmission
going out or they are condition breaking and cost of fortune defects they’re not
the greatest vans you should have got to Sienna you would have to pay more but
they’re like five times the van and the Honda vans are but you got it so I mean
if I were you I’d take a look and see whatever you paid for it if you could
sell it to close for what you paid for it I would get rid of it right now if
everything works fine I would get rid of it rather than take a chance now if you
gotten tear cheap for like three or four grand go ahead and drive it but if you
paid a lot of money I’d see if I could resell it real fast because in the long
run those things generally turn into money pits to out to race us what an
Alero automobile be reliable and if so the
main concern is it gonna be parts are not being available for him it’s just a
GM and how billions of years ago they actually made oldsmobile was its own
company but all the wrong feels have just been GM car just like Chevy’s and
Buicks for ages and ages and ages so all the parts are pretty much
interchangeable you can still get parts for him I have no problems getting parts
for Oldsmobile where my customers bring them in and I have to work on it so I
wouldn’t worry about that they’re not great cars but they’re ok
cars you got that v6 engine if your baby at they can last quite some time their
automatic transmissions are a little weak that’s why you want a baby but if
you baby them I had a guy the other day bring one over he had 150,000 that was
still working ok but he was an older guy who didn’t beat it he just drove
conservatively it was still running okay 55 says Scotty I live in Calgary Canada
what are your thoughts of the 2014 Honda cr-v ex all-wheel drive four-cylinder
watch videos afford v6 since I don’t need it
with 87,000 miles I okay do you what are you guys doing at Calgary you know now
that they can’t have hockey you must be dying that’s about the only thing there
is to do in Calgary other than the Stampede bought it without hockey what
are you guys doing now that’s a very good car to buy that kind of mileage it
still has tons of life left in it they’re well-made it can last a long
time but like anything else pay a professional mechanic like me to check
it out before you buy it cuz you can’t trust sellers that are selling used cars
you know unless your neighbor or something you know I mean oh it’s never
been erected took care of it get it checked out and if it does can be a
great vehicle the rains the one says got 06 GMC savana v6 it loses power at
about 65 miles an hour and has a whole bunch of college peel 507 P 1420 there’s
a lot of reasons a vehicle can lose power at a certain speed you’ve got some
weird codes normally I’d say pressure test the fuel pump after changing the
filter clogged filter weak pump can do that crash you test the catalytic
converters thank you clogged up and do that but you have these B codes I fixed
one of those six months ago with pretty much the same thing it was a stupid
computer that’s called the body control module BCM because those two code b
2961 and B 2610 I see one when those trip it’s
usually a bad body control module and that controls so much stuff on the car
it’s so easy to change you got to pay a mechanic cuz it has to be reprogrammed
to work with your truck but I would say try that first and if that fixes it you
can thank Scotty because it took me hours and hours and hours to fix the one
that I worked on six months ago now I know that’s the first thing I’m gonna
look at when I get those codes on a GM Frankie fast time says I got a 2012
Dodge Ram v6 3.6 liter my alternators overcharging it’s a sixteen point seven
volts the other days you had an alternator the regulator was built into
the alternator all the charging was done by the
alternator and the regulator so if it overcharged the only thing that could be
was the alternator or the regulator and they’re both built in the same
unit you just replaced the alternate irregular something most cars are still
that way but on that dodge they got these engineers with you know their
hands up their rear ends and they want to make everything computer-controlled
your charging systems ultimately controlled by the computer computer
regulates the charging and every single time I got a Dodge like that that was
overcharging I had to replace the main computer and reprogram it’s gonna cost a
lot of money but you know that’s probably what’s gonna have to be a lot
of mechanic check it out but odds are you need a new powertrain control module
it’s gonna cost you a whole bunch of money and you’ll wish you’d listened to
Scotty and never a but he dodged your product in the first place
krabi dollar sign says Scotty got an 08
Honda cr-v battery light stays on I replaced the battery tour so did an
alternator test it shows fourteen point three six voltage okay what now is you want to get the alternator load tested by professional like me there are many more
tests to be done on an alternator other than plain voltage test II give you an
example alternators are called alternators because they create
alternate and electricity then there’s diodes that turn it through direct
electricity so you got a diode going out you’re gonna get the AC voltage ripple
that will make the battery like come on cuz it’s not charging correctly your
volt meter’s now test that for pure voltage you need a full load test that
those diode test it doesn’t load test we mechanics have machines that might cost
about a hundred fifty bucks does a full test autozone tell them they’ll just him
for free start there cuz odds are it’s your alternator not for this then you
got a problem with your wiring system and you’re gonna have to trace it all
down to see why that battery lights coming on if it’s actually still
charging mean your water short somewhere and that is a Honda so we could even be
in the computer system because the computer system in that car ultimately
helps charge the car sets it all up it’s all computer run these days,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. Recession? More likely a depression. All of these EVs promised by the legacy manufacturers disappoint and consequently do not sell. And the business model upon which the legacy manufacturers is built (make money off parts sales and repair/maintenance) is destroyed. I view these concept cars as more vehicles for the Tesla graveyard.

  3. i told to all those peoples the say the tesla will be the only car company the won't go bankrupt, just let the big companies get in the electric game and tesla will be a nice rare car

  4. Hey Scotty! I’m stuck between two trucks. Toyota Tacoma VS Ford F-150 My biggest requirements are: reliability, room for my wife and kids, 4×4, V6 to save gas compared to the V8. I’m not gonna be towing huge loads but I am wanting to keep my next truck purchase forever. Can’t choose between those two trucks, your help is much appreciated. Thank you!

  5. Volkswagen just changed the game means they will become more endless money pits than they already are 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Doesn’t sound like a game changer to me, just more of the same over promises and not delivering or under-delivering.

  7. VW XL1 from 2014 eh 🙂 It was diesel high mpg limited production car, good idea to make it full electric now, they have all the body and tooling anyway

  8. Here's another "secret weapon" VW has: they don't treat their customers like crap like Tesla does! Well okay they do sometimes but nearly not as much. At least VW will give you the info needed to work on the car yourself… try that with a Tesla.

  9. Question Scotty! Truck Owners, My 97 Dodge Dakota 3.9L is idling rough & low! Almost won’t start occasionally, will stall out randomly… have to rev it up. Replaced IAC & several other things… What is something else to try?)

  10. I have a lease until September of this year but I recently test drove a 2014 Honda Accord Sport with 75k miles, really well kept. The dealer is asking 12.9k but I want to keep my offer at 10k firm. Do you think that is a fair price with the market crashing right now? should I offer less or wait until the end of the summer?
    Thank Scotty!

  11. I'm in Calgary…and there is nothing to do but go for a walk/run/drive. Otherwise, we stay home and away from others.

  12. VW? not even close

    COVID-19 is the on that change the game right now
    School, sports event, factories and more cancel and close

  13. Why don’t they put dynamos on the wheels so the motion generates power to the batteries while being driven by the batteries.

  14. Some auction cars are those which the dealers may not want, either because of age, or too many miles. The local CarMax will still buy your car, or take it on trade, but sends them to auction for those reasons. They used to have a special deal for those over 100k miles and a certain age and called it ValueMax. So, not all auction cars are wrecked, flood or stolen (all of which CarMax won't buy from you anyway). Most rental and fleet vehicles are found at auctions.

  15. Why cover the rear wheel wells totally? Weird… not aesthetically pleasing. Don't. Other than that… all very cool.

  16. I hope everyone knows an understands. Ecvt and cvt. A cvt has a metal belt pushing the car. While a Ecvt its all gears an electric motors.

  17. All the bad car brands are gonna be good cars and all the good ones like Toyota and Honda will not be so good. My prediction.

  18. Scotty, a diode is a one way gate. As far as I know, it does not generate electricity. I would think a bad capacitor would cause alternator issues. But I defer to your opinion.

  19. Scotty. Can you please make a video step by step process of changing the CVT transmission oil in a "glorious " Nissan Rogue 2014. My "bright " Mather Inlaw has one and I inherited all the pain suffering that comes with the vehicle. First owner 43,000.

    I need help. Don't trust the other channels.

  20. Who needs or wants an electric car with gas prices dirt cheap? Electric cars are expensive and they are a total PITA when it comes to charging them. I can go over 500 miles on a fillup, and the stop at the gas station takes only a few minutes and I am on my way. And don't forget this: electric cars will depreciate really fast because newer technology will continue to make electric cars only a few years old totally obsolete.

  21. Me when my VW still works " this is pretty nice ride!"
    Me when someone breaks in it " stupid rolling pile of junk!"

  22. The body style is nice on that VW but I'll bet the battery still takes 8 hours to recharge and will only take you 50 miles before a new recharge is needed.

  23. I wonder if the reliability will improve with this electric VW? I had a 2015 VR6 Passat that burned a quart of oil per 1000 miles and the VW tech said this was within VW specs. Synthetic oil ain't cheap.

  24. Meh lennial engineers screwed up the dodge alternator, just like they've screwed up every other vehicle sold in america.

  25. Scotty love your channel. Quick question, what's the best 5 or 10 year old car for daily driving. I commute 26 miles to work. Thank you.

  26. Forget about the all electric car Scotty. Here in Brazil VW is making two full sized turbo powered 3 cylinders 1.0 liters , whipping about 125 Hp. The Sedan version, labeled Virtus , is nearly as large as an US Toyota Corolla. Then the cross Ute chassis , labeled as T-Cross. Both comfortable, spacious, and with decent pep, at least for urban and interstate driving.

    The jury is out on durability, cost of ownership , and serviceability , but if proven right , here is your solution to low cost rides. They failed miserably with the Fox, a few years back, a very low quality econobox for the destitute. This time around, it might be a different story, only if they can manage to export and keep spares available.

  27. Hey Scotty, I just bought a 1987 Alpha Romeo Graduate Spider. Knowing that it was built by a company known for their older cars working still, but also that it’d 33 years old, how would my driving patterns differ from someone with a modern car?

  28. Hey Scotty, looking to buy my first car with a limited budget. Found a '04 Subaru Outback Sport (hatchback Impreza) with 90k mile, max 2 owners. Seems to have some undercarriage rust, live on New England. Going to have a local mechanic pick it up before I make an offer on it. Private seller wants $2.9k I plan to haggle him down to $2.5k, and just spray the undercarriage rust with rust converter and then a coat of rubberizer. Is this a good idea? The AWD is important to me.

  29. Scotty, the race track is called Nürburgring where VW tests cars, Nuremberg is the place where they tried Nazi war criminals.

  30. WOW! That’s N I C E ! 👌🏻🙀😙👍 Really? Beetle makes its first good … no Great Lookin vehicular Mo-bile !
    Vee-Dub? Are you sure? Too Awesome for a little bug company. Don’t fit the narrative, but … yeah !

  31. Thanks, Scotty. Ever since VW took the crown at Pike's Peak, that's when I knew their R&D was state-of-the-art. It was just a matter of time. But you, the Mrs., and the kitty-cat be safe, brother. We car lovers watch out for each other. Until Glory comes and "the saints" are given wings to travel, cars are the next best thing! :^)

  32. Scotty, how the hell are you going to get a 2015 oddesy van for 3-4 grand? Sometimes your pricing is pure fantasy.

  33. Scotty! I need advice. I’m looking to buy a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Se 19K miles. I remember your video about Fiat & Hyundai engines. Do you think I’ll run into engine problems letter & regret this purchase?? I have to make a decision pretty soon I’ll appreciate the feedback.

  34. you scoty did you see the new sentra? base model is cheap compare to other brands but looks good and manual trans

  35. Everything about electric vehicles depends on the battery technology and available charging stations. And of course fossil fuel prices. But it's only a matter of time.

  36. "The famous Nuremberg racetrack?" I think you mean the famous Nürburgring racetrack, which is of course in Nürburg, a different town in a different German state.

  37. Volkswagen can’t even make a conventional vehicle run properly. They’re electrical nightmares. Now they think they can build electric cars! I’ll pass.

  38. Volkswagen's upcoming variety of new battery tech sounds good, but I also read they have software issues with the new ID.3 EV cars that's coming out soon, a lot of bugs ( get it! ) and drop-outs errors.

  39. The sad part is, you don't get Scotty's service or knowledge from the average mechanic. The fact is they want to just work on high end Garbage that's broken at 10000 miles. A simple boost solenoid on my low mile 98 Buick regal baffled the "diagnostic specialist" at AAA. But myself and a YouTube mechanic figured it out.nah I'm not buying a new car till they remember how to make new cars.

  40. VW like all German cars plastics will self recycle themselves while your still driving it.
    Lets see what "quality" in regards to life years they actually deliver.

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