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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka robo boy suit | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir ka robo boy suit | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, your Robo boy suit has been serviced. Rest Fire suit, Drill suit, Space suit, Underwater suit etc needs to be serviced. Till its not done, kindly don’t go anywhere. now you are just an normal robot. You don’t have any special powers within you, so stay indoor. But grandpa, I can go to play at least? Yes Vir, lets go out and play. But! But no problem, I am there so don’t worry, he wont need these suits, when I am with him. Yes, you don’t need to worry, when Chulbul is here. Haha!! I am glad, very very glad. Haha!! Boss, what is there in this octopus? That you are so happy? Anyone who gets struck in this octopus, will be destroyed. Hahah!! Boss you are genius. She is right boss. Look here, it works like this. The blue button has to be pushed, the rest is done by itself. Let me see. What did you do? Switch it off, leave me. Sorry boss, I was seeing the demo. Leave me, Timbaktoon stop this. Timbaktoon I want to reward you. Take this!! Robo boy suit on. Help!! What am I doing here? I am very hungry, lets go and grab some snacks. Grandpa!! Boss, work is done. Octopus robot took Vir and flew in the sky. Haha!! Now vir’s game is over, haha!! Grandpa, I have been taken by the robot which looks like an Octopus. I had warned you, but you didn’t listen, now try to come out of his grip or you will be destroyed. Quick. Boss, Vir is trapped by our Octopus. Haha!! Vir now you are in my trap, you have only 30 seconds and then you are destroyed, haha!! Detach Robo boy suit. Boss, Octopus has destroyed Vir. Haha!! Haha!! I am glad, I am very very glad. Grandpa, I have fallen in a deep valley. I am coming, don’t worry. Grandpa, we too are coming with you. Ok. Timbaktoon, Vir is not destroyed yet, he has fallen in the deep valley. Dr Sahay is coming to help him. Quickly take the magnetic and fisher robot and stop them. And send Octopus to find Vir, and no mistake this time. Go!! This robots are not allowing us to go ahead. Now what can be done? To repair the space ship we will have to stop somewhere. Grandpa, what will happen? Its already night and these robots are chasing us. Vir would be in difficult condition. Grandpa don’t worry, I am safe. By morning I will move from here. Ok Vir, till then let me service all your suits. . Before that, my robots will destroy Vir. Vir, where are you? I am in a deep valley, I am hiding in a cave, Imli. But you don’t worry, by morning I should leave from here and come to you all. I am mad, very very mad. Timbaktoon , are you searching for Vir or taking a ride in the clouds. Go and search him fast, he is hidding in the deep valley cave, take all the robots and go. Go!! Help!! Vir, all your suits are ready after servicing, now you can call your suits. Ok grandpa, Robo boy suit on. Drill suit on. Take, now you have eaten a lot, now give the money. I don’t have money. You!! Take this. Hey, what am I doing here? Where is Vir? Vir!! Vir, where is that Octopus, I will teach him a lesson.

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