4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Seattle to file lawsuit to block $30 car tab initiative

  1. It’s WE THE PEOPLE – the government works for us!!!! Appeal the people’s voice …..boy this sounds like the coup against President Trump the man that we the people (63 million of us) voted for. Oh well our voices are NOTHING to the establishment, cabal, deep state, etc etc. Wake up Seattle VOTE REPUBLICAN or loose your freedom.

  2. So this corrupt politician who's net worth is $6,000,000 is fine with spending tens of millions of dollars to oppose I-976 under the guise that "Oh No the bridges are falling apart!"  or maybe "Oh No we won't have any money now for anything!".  Let me tell you something lady, the vote is done.  I had to watch weeks of your ANTI-I-976 TV Ad's with NOT 1 AD FOR I-976!  You spent millions on electronic signs placed conspicuously throughout the cities and did everything you could to stop the PEOPLE FROM VOTING FOR I-976. Now that YOU LOST you are playing Republican-like-Trump Politics.  We'll sue and do everything we can to UNDO A LEGAL VOTE BY THE PEOPLE!  Bring it on.  Let's think back to how FRAUDULENTLY SOUND TRANSIT slipped in the FINE PRINT the car tab increase.  How they use FRAUDULENT ALGORITHMS much like Amazon, DOORDASH and UBER to make sure they get as MUCH AS THEY CAN FROM WORKING PEOPLE FOR THEIR COFFERS.  For their pipe dreams and projects which they can find other ways to waste taxpayers funds.  How will you waste all the money you and sound transit are forcing us to pay?  Lining your own pockets and enriching yourselves at the cost of the rest of us.  We are not some Multi-Millionaire like you are and we do not appreciate being fleeced by you and your Amazon and Uber loving criminal buddies. How much did Amazon pay you? Sound Transit?  Seattle needs to wake up and vote this corrupt Mayor our of office as soon as possible. I will choose ANYONE but you for mayor, I will cross party lines to vote Republican if they can beat you. I don't care. You are a Mayor and you were voted in.  WE VOTED FOR I-976 AND YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE TO OPPOSE IT.  All of you and your corrupt lawyers saw nothing wrong with I-976 UNTIL YOU LOST!  Now you are suing.  Go ahead, we will be happy to vote for $30 car tabs again if you win in court.  Yes you may get another tear of raping us for hundreds of dollars for car tabs, but WE WILL AGAIN VOTE FOR $30 CAR TABS IF YOU WIN IN COURT AND WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT OF OFFICE.  WE WILL NOT FORGET WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE JENNY DURKIN.  A CHEAP FRAUD IN IT FOR PERSONAL ENRICHMENT. NICE HOW YOU KEPT TIM IMAN OUT OF YOUR NEWS BROADCAST TOO.  CHEAP POLITICIAN USING TRUMP TACTICS TO SPRESS THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WITH LIES AND DECEIT.  Time to change.org a petition to get a new Mayor, one who actually cares about people being fraudulently used to line your pockets.

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