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Vehicle Bar Code – Automate Your Vehicle Inventory Process

Vehicle Bar Code – Automate Your Vehicle Inventory Process

Gotta do inventory for our floor plan audit coming up. I couldn’t imagine doing this without Vehicle Bar Code. It saves so much time. All I have to do is scan the lot location,
and then the barcode. It’s that easy. So quick and efficient, I
can do inventory more often; reducing the chance of missing a vehicle. I can even report condition updates like this dent, so we can fix it before a customer finds
it. After I’m done, I just set the scanner
on the dock and begin uploading the data. Once the information populates, I run a
variety of exception reports for the GM to look over for an audit. New vehicles are coming in today, so I
like to print the labels ahead of time, entering the vehicle information from
the invoice. Then, I print all the barcode labels at
once. I usually print 2, 1 for the vehicle, and 1 I’ll add to the deal jacket
later. It’s that easy. I’m ready for the floor plan audit. Hello? It’s lunch time already? I’ll see you there.

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