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V12 สำหรับทุกโอกาสของคุณ Daimler Double Six – Car Culture Thailand EP.44

V12 สำหรับทุกโอกาสของคุณ Daimler Double Six – Car Culture Thailand EP.44

this car has the “Vanden Plas” badge on it. Vanden Plas in itself is another story. It was originally a well established Belgian Coach Builder. in Brussel. They started a collaboration with Jaguar Cars during the 60’s Vanden Plas during the 60’s moved to Kingbury, in England, and specialised in making a tailor-made upgrade for rich clients. including Daimler. This car was crafted by Vanden Plas in Kingbury. and it was among the last generation that was made there. before it closed its operation the 1979. and also the end of the Jaguar/ Daimler series 2 production. This car is among 1,700 units of Series 2 Vanden Plas. from Kingbury’s facility. The last series of its kind. Every Jaguar/ Daimler car need a Mechanic who understand how Classic Jaguar/Daimler is working. Jaguar and Daimler are sharing the same body style. The major difference is the front grill and booth lid handle. It was inspired from radiator cooling fin from the early Daimler car in 1905 it was designed to enhance the heat heat dissipation. Which is unique for Daimler. So it carries on the heritage of the brand. by retain the look that resemble the radiator fin even there is no use in the modern car. it became a well known Daimler’s identity Now aday it is hard to find a new generation of mechanic who can repair it. The old generation of mechanic who familiar with this type of car is retiring, I’m wondering whether there is a new generation who wish to learn the art of classic car’s mechanical In order to keep our Classic car running in the future. Running a classic Jaguar/ Daimler require a mechanic who has a specific understanding in order to make these car healthy. Actually the spare parts is not difficult to find both domestically or internationally both NOS or Used parts So you do not need to worry about parts finding. oh it is quite cramp The seat just can not go furthermore. your knee touch the dashboard. What is the thing that touch my leg oh! it is handbrake ha ha. scare me…. I think it should be able to move the seat further back. like this seat. No, I think it is similar on both side. how can a tall Englishman fit in this car then? Well! thank you Dr. Navara to grant us a chance to try his car again. This time it is Daimler Double-Six Vanden Plas. The first thing I found…. this car doesn’t suit taller guy. I feel it is a tad too small for me. my knee hit, what is that? lighting switch? my knee hit the lighting switch. and my leg touch the handbrake….. LOL I do not want to imagine an emergency hard braking… I probably break my leg. LOL British people in the 60-70 might be smaller than me. You are exceptionally tall I don’t think that Prince Philips, Duke of Edinburg is able to drive this car. The Gear lever is pretty slim indeed. The steering wheel is also very slim. probably the same size as my finger. yes, you can steer it in the gentle way. Ok let drive it. This car has a 3 speed Auto box? yes 3 speed try pressing a pedal harder. I found the height of brake and gas pedal’s are wide apart. I have to lift up quite high to brake. yes it is like that. ok we will see how this car cope with road bump The tire pressure is higher than usual because I usually park it so I over compensate the pressure a bit higher. it is still not hard right? The braking pedal at first felt a bit high but after awhile it feels ok now. let’s get out of the parking lot how you roll the window down? the switch is here ouch! you almost cripple me (LOL) The window movement is pretty quick indeed. This car is 1974? yes it has around 300 horse power when new. But right now, those horses are old and retired. This car has a powered steering. with the right amount of weight. suit the slim edge steering wheel perfectly it would be horrible if it is heavy. Yes I think so my Karmann Ghia steering wheel is slim but heavy…not as good as this one. this is genuinely comfortable to drive very quiet. Yes I think it feel very delicate can classy indeed if the driver’s legroom is larger it would be terrific. I am 175cm I have no problem driving it. yes but I am 4 inches taller than you. so it is not for me. My suggestion is if you want to have a Jaguar or Daimler, if you are not tall or having long leg, then it is fine. if you are tall but having short legs it is OK I think is car is stylish and it draws an attention. I can see how people look at this car. people admired the look of this car. at the petrol station the gas boy asked me a couple of questions “Is this car got 2 fuel tanks?” and “How old is it?” when he knew that this car is 40 years old, he was quite surprised. So I think this car is a good conversation starter among classic car guys. and people quite appreciate this car. I think it can be an everyday car if it is healthy. it drives nicely indeed. The Bonnet feels pretty long But it is clearly visible unlike some long bonnet modern car where you may not see how it ended. with this one, you see everything. you see every bulges of the sculptural bonnet. it is convenient in everyday driving. I also like the view from driving seat I think you call can see it as well it is called “Power Bulge” The middle bulge is prominent and very provocative. it is a part of XJ charm. I think seeing those bulges share the same feeling to the 911 driver seeing their headlight ridge. driving this car you can see the feeling of Respect from others. The engine’s may lost its grunt. since it is aged so I’m not expecting any grunt. but I still believe that it can cope with modern day traffic. the auto box still work flawlessly. catching up other car on the expressway is not difficult. if you push hard it still provide some power you need. 140-150 is still manageable. it is a V12 car so the running cost is stiff right? yes….. but it is very smooth , creamy smooth. the gear shifting is hardly felt, very relax. because it was restored thoroughly around 10 years ago. I see….it was completely overhauled. yes, both running gear and body. in this 10 years period, I hardly doing anything major about it. I quite like the gauge cluster. it has an oil pressure gauge. oil level water temp and the most interesting is Volt Meter for battery. very complete. they are made by “Smiths” The 6 dials gauge layout it was continuously used for many generations of Jaguar cars. since the XJ series 1 in 1968 til the 1997 model yes it may have a difference in details but they are all retain their position till 1997 so it was used beyond the XJ40 era? it was the X300 generation that was the last The X308 turned in the 3 big dials instead. they are pretty conservative they want to preserve their elements of design over the period of time it is clearly a “Conservative” approach. I have to thank you again for giving “Car Culture Thailand” a chance. to get in touch with this series of car. I would like to call it a day if you like this video, please press “Like” and “Subscribe” to our channel See you again next Monday please wait to see which car that will be featured here, so Sawasdee and see you again Next Monday, bye. I am Dr. Navara Chantarat, I’m driving Daimler Double-Six Vanden Plas. 1974

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