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Using a Zipcar: Get to Know Your Zipcar

Using a Zipcar: Get to Know Your Zipcar

[MUSIC PLAYING] So you’ve made it to your
Zipcar’s location. Now look around and find the car you’ve reserved. Find the one with
the nametag that matches the one on your confirmation. Say hello to Focus Flapjack. Before you get
in, check for damage. Walk around, keep an eye out for any dents or scratches. And if
you find anything bigger than the size of your zipcard, give us a call. To unlock the car, hold your zipcard over
the card reader at the corner of the windshield. Hold the card over the card reader and wait
to hear that beep. Don’t swipe it. Hold it. Wait for it. That’s the one. That magical little zipcard is how you’ll
lock and unlock your car during your Zipcar reservation. How does it work? It sends a
signal to wizards. Now check out the inside. See something out
of place? Just give us a call. The number’s on your zipcard. The keys live under the dash
to the right of the steering wheel. [CAR STARTS] Remember, they stay in the car. You’ll lock
and unlock the car using your zipcard or mobile app. Before taking off, get comfy. Adjust
the mirrors and the controls. Just get familiar with the car. [OPERA SINGING] Nah, really? This station? C’mon, let’s do
something a little more upbeat. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, that’s better. All right,
let’s get this show on the road. Nice. Now check the displays, make sure you’ve got gas,
and you’re ready to go for real adventure, or to a meeting. Are you hungry? Because I’m
so hungry. Maybe if you pass a place you’d like to eat. it sure.

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57 thoughts on “Using a Zipcar: Get to Know Your Zipcar

  1. He didn't say anything about what to do when you're done with it… I heard you can drop it off at a different location, is that right?

  2. Dear Zip-car, You disappointed me when i already reserved your car but your car failed to respond my zip-card key.This was second attempted.Thanks if you respond.

  3. Is there a limit on how long you can keep the car? Do you have to pay an additional amout as well as monthly fee when you actually rent?  Where do I find out the particulars?   Limited info so far.

  4. ZipCar is Awesome !!! the only thing they can do to make even better is by increasing the everyday mileage I think by doing this they will attract more customers 🙂  

  5. $8-12? I am in Mississauga and there are 5 cars available near me and the cheapest is between $12.50 hour and $15 and hour. Seems expensive? $85-105 a day? I can get a rental car for like $35 a day? Why would I pay more and use Zip Car?

  6. I did not sign up for Magic, Wizards or that Co-pilot…with all due respect. Magic is against my religion. Poor marketing scheme. The manual in the glove compartment will be sufficient. Thank you.

  7. yes I got a prepaid American Express card that you load at the grocery store can I use that for payment try to get back to me with me soon you can email me if you can I was referring to Zipcar can you rent a Zipcar with a prepaid debit or a credit card both are prepaid

  8. hi Zipcar, I'm new to joining your company on car renting, and I'm nervous. I completed my application and am now waiting for my zipcard to arrive in the mail. I signed up for a $7/month membership. As long as I still have the car on reserve, would that still be what I have to pay every month? Only $7?

  9. Dear Zip car, I'm happy to use sustainable alternatives like your service, but this bit of marketing really isn't that: even with a sense of humour, a man popping up in the back seat of a car when the lone woman driver has got in? Are you serious? And then suggesting which station to play? Irritating boarderline offensive. Plus she didn't check the tyres – you forget to mention that bit, having rented a zipcar which had a flat!

  10. Zipcar, I'm trying to sign up, but when I enter my address to mail the zipcard, its says "we couldnt find that address" ??

  11. I used them a couple of years ago and I liked them. I used them again recently and with my first 8 interactions, 6 of them were terrible. Key was missing, car was trashed, car wasn't there, no customer service, Zipcar was down, customer service was rude, I cannot believe how much I put up with!!!

    It's sad, they really were handy back in the day, but I'm never ever using them again.

    I posted on their Facebook wall about what happened and they asked me to private message them. I did. It's been a week and they've simply ignored the message. Their customer service is trash!

  12. First time driving a zipcar as a first time driver it was great, booked it for 3 hours to go grocery shopping it was great I can't wait until my next drive.

  13. Hey,
    1. gas is free? just use zipcar's card ? no need a receipt? 
    2. how much is quarter tank of gas? like 1/4 ?
    3. What is "return parking pass" ?
    4. How E-ZPass work? It's not free I assume? E-ZPass links to your bank card? 
    5. Is there GPS?

  14. keys stay in the car at all times?? so if I rent a car for a few hours.. need to make a few errands then require me to get out the car.. I leave the keys inside and leave the car with my zip card??

  15. so if the car needs gas how do you get it? dose zipcar pay for it? and if you are the one who fills the tank up do you get some sort of discount? i know if i have to fill it i dont want to be charged on my time to fill the tank up.

  16. Zipcar minds well have a contract for the rest of your life. If you stop using their service for any amount of time you still have to pay every month. In my case I bought a car but planned on taking a trip and didnt want to drive it. I found out I could not reactivate my account ever again, which was not explained. But, it’s ok enterprise has a car share with free membership, a free year and nicer vehicles.

  17. Terrible service. Booked a car for entire Sunday. Showed up in the morning and the car was not there. After being on hold for about 30 minutes in the hot parking lot, the Zipcar agent told me that "she does not know where my car is" and all she can offer is a refund (which I still have not received) and driving credit. This is NOT the first time it happens. Zipcar is unreliable and they ruined my day's plans. Canceling this week.

  18. @zipcar This company is unfair on how they treat loyal customers. After spending a significant amount with zipcar I've had my account closed for a tiny fee. I've had bad experiences with zipcar but have still given them my hard earned money had people join them for them to then turn around and close my account.. Very disappointed

  19. hi there ,what if I rent a car for a week and I need to park my car beside my house, in the mall’s parking lot and so on, I just use my zip card to lock the car and it will not end my reservation?

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