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Used Sports Cars You’ll Never Lose A Dime On

Used Sports Cars You’ll Never Lose A Dime On

five used sports cars you’ll never lose
a dime on so you want to buy a fun fast cool heck ideal sports car and you don’t
want to lose a dime on it I like where your head’s at because that is exactly
what I do cars is all about in this video I’m going to list off five cars
you won’t lose any money on then I’m gonna break it down and show you why you
won’t lose any money on that make and model and finally show you the exact
ideal car that this guy would buy all of this is a light version of exactly what
I teach you in the ideal car strategies so feel free to check them out because I
built them for next generation car enthusiasts just like you and me or wait
you and me and also if this video gets 1647 likes I’ll release the second video
that I’ve already made on five boosted sports cars that you’ll never lose a
dime on alright let’s start off this list with a little bit of British
Invasion my name is bond James Bond now I’m just kidding but in 2006 Aston
Martin offers the Vantage coupe with the 4/3 litre v8 that pushed out 380 horses
as their entry-level product in the brand line this was easily the most
financially accessible Aston Martin ever made available and this British bad-boy
was a machine that was built directly to compete with the Porsche 911 and it
makes quick work of 0 to 60 doing it in just 4.8 seconds and tops out at 174
miles an hour this is a sports car but it’s the most daily drivable Aston
Martin ever made Plus this car brand holds ties with race victories at LeMans
and double-oh-seven but do not get the wrong idea no this
car won’t instantly make you a race car driver or as attractive as bond but hey
it is worth the try and here is why well here are the depreciation schedules for
the last three years of the 2007 and 2008 Aston Martin Vantage v8 and you can
see down here that they have been appreciating year-over-year in the last
12 months the 2007 Vantage has gone up 3.7% well the 2008 has gone up 2.2% and
then a no.9 when they introduced the 4.7 liter Vantage you can see it’s still
depreciating a little bit but it’ll get their world be an ideal car but just not
yet so we’re really focused on the O six
through eight which are now starting to appreciate if we take a look at this
graph you can see that there’s steady depreciation for
the oh seven and Oh 8 two and three years ago and then all of a sudden it
starts to get really squiggly which means that it’s starting to level out
and you can see here that this actually has appreciated from forty to seven up
to forty five eight now these are prices that people are asking for the car not
the sold prices here’s the one that I would go by it’s a 2007 Aston Martin
Vantage it’s got 40,000 miles on the clock and it’s black tan interior it’s
got mostly options the thing about Aston is they’re not line item cars like
Porsches where you can put 20k in options to outfit it rather there’s
heated seats navigation things like that but most of the Aston Martin’s because
it’s a luxury brand they come with that stuff anyway the big key here is that
six-speed manual now looking through I mean it’s it’s a beautiful car one thing
you do want to note when you’re looking at these photos is you can see here
there’s a little bit of chipping going on and so you really want to dissect
every single photo but at thirty eight nine nine five you can get that car from
mid-30s and drive it for a year and a half two years and get that out of it
it’s a it’s an ideal car the 997 911 is always ready to deliver the performance
of a lifetime ask me how I know well I may be a little bit biased because I’ve
now owned one for quite a while but it’s been the most ideal car I’ve ever owned
period with its fluid 911 lines and hints of retro aggressive styling that
recalls on the 993 generation 911 the infamous boxer engine pushing out at
least 325 horses and lays down 0-60 times in just 4.6 seconds and that oh so
dreamy 911 handling at the limits has benign understeer which can easily be
corrected with lightly rolling into the throttle yeah it has 60 Plus percent
rear weight bias because the engine is hanging out back but once you driven a
911 hard you’ll quickly understand why this brand has one of the most loyal
enthusiast followings of any brand they really do Drive the doubt of their cars
and there’s a good reason why they put miles on their cars because 911s don’t
depreciate the same way with higher mileage as other cars it’s just their
bold proof they’re reliable and as you can see here we’re talking about the 997
dot one generation and oh five and oh six down here you can see that it’s been
steady for the last couple of where the oh seven and Oh 8 switch this
also includes price data for the gt3 so that’s why they’re a lot higher because
it’s prices of all 911s that are listed on CarGurus so as you can see here it is
completely flat and it’s starting to appreciate over the last year or so now
the car that I would pick up would be this 2006 Carrera white base Carrera and
the reason why is because it has 325 horse it’s already more than enough
power the cars momentum car to begin with I mean you’re supposed to use the
momentum it’s not brute force and this car already has 19-inch lobster wheels
on it and if we take a look at the interior it’s a nice cocoa brown and it
has the sport seats which are really cool the only thing is it doesn’t have
the sport chrono which is something that I really would like but it’s not a
must-have it’s it’s easier to resell the car with it but this is it right here
you don’t want the Tiptronic from the 9 and 7.1 you want the six-speed so this
car is easily a car you could drive for a couple of years really enjoy and get
your money out of it and maybe even make a little bit of money e46 m3 let’s take
a second and look at the facts the third generation of the m3 sports a thrilling
3.2 liter dual overhead cam inline six pumping out 333 horses it revs to a
sky-high 8,000 rpms 50:50 weight distribution with race inspired brakes
and suspension an aggressive exterior in a buttery 6-speed manual made into a
variable and locking differential 0 to 60 comes up in 4.8 seconds this is the
recipe for a car that can tear it up on the streets and hang in the curves yeah
this one delivers more emotion get it M motion and with the locking diff you got
yourself a little bit of a drift missile so on that note let’s drift into the
pricing chart and see why you won’t lose money on any 46 m3 okay real quick
before we jump into e46 m3 depreciation schedules I want you guys to look at
this 2014 BMW and really see what depreciation looks like look at this it
just goes from nineteen two to seven and in just a couple of or a year it’s at
seventeen – so you can see that is depreciation where with the e46 m3
squiggly lines baby that’s what you want to see yeah it was depreciating this is
a three year depreciation schedule you can see that they all have been
depreciating but then in this last year or so boom they’re all pretty flat and
appreciating a little bit and you can see that the o2 is appreciating eight
percent year-over-year and they’re all in the green which is which is awesome
and so the car that I would pick up is a limited edition now with the e46 m3 they
were mass-produced so you really want to pick up one that is unique so either a
comp package in the O 506 or this one is oxford green metallic and it’s only one
of a hundred and sixteen which that’s rare so you’re gonna get a really cool
rare car it has ninety eight thousand miles it has the apex R eights on it and
already has coils on it a bunch of maintenance done to it and yeah you
could pick up this car I mean it’s already an instant classic when it was
made but with this spec it’s it’s really going to hold its value extremely well
the c5 zo6 Corvette maybe your midlife crisis has just come a little bit early
or you’re just looking for the best bang for buck sports car out there either way
the C 5:06 is an absolute blast a little history lesson the zo6 code signifies a
racing package offered in 1963 that include finned aluminum drum brakes
beefed up suspension in a larger thirty six and a half gallon gas tank now in
2001 the c50 six was the highest performance production Corvette ever
built taking an ls1 motor and casting a little bit of magic on it to make it an
ls6 the powerhouse pushes out 405 horses well in 2001 it was 385 but owe to 204
was 405 and this thing flies from zero to 60 in just four seconds the
tightly-wound small-block is fitted to a race track ready chassis and although it
has drag trip worthy acceleration the brakes and
suspension make it one of the most well rounded sports cars to date but the c5z
isn’t just about performance because it’s a fantastic value as well and
here’s why now Corvettes have what I call seasonal depreciation where you can
see here three years ago in February and all the sudden it goes up during July
and then back down and then up during the summer months and then back down and
then up and then back down so what do you think it’s gonna do next summer so
you want to buy it when it’s not in favor in the in the winter months and
then sell it obviously in the summer so this is where I would buy and hold for
eighteen months I’d buy it in the winter drive it through that summer hold on to
it that next winter and sell it that next summer so an 18 month ideal car now
you can see that it’s pretty flat here so the car that I would buy is this 2002
zo6 and the reason I’d get an o2 is because they went up to 400 five
horsepower stock instead of the 385 and they came out with electron blue
metallic in 2002 which i think is the best color you can lower these one inch
on stock suspension make them look pretty good with those 18 inch wheels
but this one has 40,000 miles and a six-speed they all came with six beads
and it’s just a fantastic via these are pretty bulletproof engines once you get
the valves taken care of so this is definitely the buy at 17 250 yeah that
car is not going to go down much more and you can have eight hood of fun with
it the 2003 to 2004 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra aka The Terminator this Mustang is
no one-trick pony by adding a supercharger a six-speed manual and 390
horsepower out of the 4 6 litre v8 force-fed with 8 pounds of boost
burnouts anyway this thing is a force to be reckoned
with oh and that’s supercharger whine zero to
sixty comes in 4.9 seconds with a firm well-balanced ride and a ton of low-end
torque the terminator is ready to not only boil the tires off standing still
it also loves the track and with a supercharger already installed from the
factory this is the only car on the list that has forced induction which means
the tune ability to roast every other car on this list is readily available
and let’s see how you can do that without losing any money if I were gonna
describe Mustang cobras right now they are hot I mean this is some appreciation
this is definitely an ideal car the o3o for terminator baby as you can see the
last three years it’s been pretty steady lots of squiggly lines that’s really
good but then BAM appreciation and you can see here I mean this thing’s gone up
25% in the last year and so oh three oh four you don’t want to get an O one they
aren’t supercharged oh three or four are the ones that you want to get and this
is the one that you want to get it’s an O three it’s a 10-year anniversary car
silver it’s pretty plain it’s got the two-tone interior and some stinger
exhaust and at under 24 grand I mean if you’re close to 20 on this using the
ideal car strategies you are in for one heck of a performance bargain so oh
three or four terminators great values right now so there you have it five
ideal cars that you won’t lose a dime on and have a ton of fun enjoying them an
ideal time I might add which one is your favorite from this list or did I miss
one like an s2000 let us know down in the comments baby also if you’d like to
learn how to properly buy and enjoy ideal cars just like these with the goal
of either breaking even or making money on them check out the ideal car
strategies oh and support the channel snag a shirt because they’re cool no
seriously they’re super cool okay if you liked this video you are going to love
the video on why you should buy a higher mileage car because you’re not going to
lose money on it so check that out over here or if you want to see what YouTube
recommends you watch next click here oh and if you haven’t yet please subscribe
but either way you can’t lose and as always keep living that ideal lifestyle

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  13. all these price trends will change as EV cars become more popular, because EV are more fun to drive and break down less. In the past an old combustion noisy sports car was fun and equal or even more fun than a newer sports car, but now the whole thing is about to change. Better to buy and old truck or van… and better yet to convert old sports cars and vehicles to electric.

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  16. He hit one right, the Vette. The rest are very, very expensive to keep running and have very, very high capital costs. How about a Z3 or Boxster? You can get one cheap, cheap, cheap! Just make sure the boxster bearing has been replaced and keep the Z3 roof from leaking by adjusting it, leaky roof=expensive airbag electronics fix.

  17. Cars you'll never lose a dime on? This lineup is the epitome of a money pit and exactly what you should not buy unless you want to get assraped by depreciation and maintenance costs

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  25. I will second the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4. But research these cars well first and buy one in good shape with maintenance records. These cars were made from 1991-1999. A good one will cost you 7-10K range. They are old cars and will cost about 1.5k per year of ownership in maintenance costs, not counting tires and brakes for a car in good shape. Which is not bad considering the performance you get from one of these bad boys. And they are appreciating at a rate of about 1k per year which just about covers maintenance costs. If you do your research well and get a good one and take care of it, you can break even after 5 years ownership, perhaps even turn a profit as the value of these will only increase over time as they get rarer. And they have a cool looking factor of 9 out of 10. A very fun car to drive. And because it is getting rare, most people do not recognize it. Often gets mistaken for a Ferrari.

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    Although you might not loose on selling price on these cars you would still loose a lot on:
    1. Maintenance
    2. Insurance
    3. Property taxes

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