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Used BMW i3 Electric Car Review

Used BMW i3 Electric Car Review

Hi I’m Craig St. John and today we’re
checking out one of our most popular electric vehicles the BMW i3. Now the
first thing you’ll probably notice about this 2014 BMW i3 is a bold look and
futuristic style. It’s one of many i3s available at for around
$20,000. This i3 has an EPA estimated range of 81 miles. It offers a 170
horsepower, 184 foot-pounds of instant torque for a quick start off a lot.
Climbing into the ultra-modern interior you’ll notice this i3 sits a little
higher like an SUV. The traditional dashboard has been replaced by two
screens that display range, parking sensors and the iDrive infotainment
system. The unique coach door is a lot for easy access to a back seat with room
for two. The storage space in the hatchback is a bit limited but the
fold-flat rear seats help to maximize cargo capacity. According to the
manufacturer, with its included 120 volt household level one charger this 2014 i3
can be fully charged in about 18 hours. Aftermarket level 2 charges are
available from a variety of companies and are designed to dramatically reduce
the charging time for this vehicle. And that is the BMW i3, an electric hatchback
with exotic looks and premium features. Check out our nation wide selection of
electrics and hybrids at or stop by your local CarMax for a
test drive today thanks for watching.

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