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Unwrapping a NEW Bugatti Chiron – The First Customer Car in North America

Unwrapping a NEW Bugatti Chiron – The First Customer Car in North America

Today’s the day. Today is the day. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome back to the vlog. I hope everybody is killing it today we are taking delivery of a Bugatti Chiron Well i’m not I’m not. I’m not, Huzi. Huzi is taking delivery of his new share on. This is going to be the first one delivered to a customer in North America a month ago. He took delivery of the first Lamborghini Centenario roadster in the world. I’m going to put a link to that video in the description below. Check it out after today’s video. The truck isn’t even quite here yet, but if you’re new to the channel if you’re new to the channel, my name is James I’m the strad man and Well, I love cars. I absolutely love cars. So we are here at Agora Coach Bugatti Oh, that might be it that could be it. I don’t know for sure Do you have the Chiron? Oh! There it is! What? That’s so sick! How’s it going man? Scott. James. James Nice to meet you. wow wowww This car was just air freighted in from France from Paris. It arrived at LAX a couple days ago. They couldn’t get through customs. It just cleared at 6:30 a.m. this morning Here it is here is the first look at the Chiron I guess you could say well, it’s not a conservative spec the white Glove treatment, the Bugatti special So sick like I didn’t know nothing. I’m speechless right now It’s it’s not even my car, and I’m so so excited oh, here it is! wow I Can’t imagine what all the traffic is thinking right now. There’s this spaceship just sat here in the Median This way If Christmas in august and San Diego can’t wait to unwrap the car so i-i i didn’t realize this big DhL they send a Sheeran’s look at that here at LAX it arrived on the 7th of August it’s been sitting customs for a long time and this is not a paid product placement for a DhL they just they Just happen to ship this year on Look at it. You can you unzip it well You unzip your Sherran wow is the first time I’ve ever even looked inside a Sherran We’re just showing up the Veyron is here as well. It’s full blue Carbon wow This I believe is headed up to monterey for car week as well Super Super cautious Uncovering this car because even like the tiniest piece of sand that gets between the cover and the paint as you’re removing it could absolutely ruin the paint Wow.. Because the first u.s. Car to be delivered so it has these rear bumpers of the us safety replies Goodness look at this guys This is so so sick what a spec Huzi Huzi my man, what a spec you killed it! There it is. there it is for the Community Take a look at that W16 quad turbocharged 1500 Horsepower 1500 Horsepower Really cool to see the evolution of the two cars from the Sherran to the veyron Grand Sport vitesse I love this line right here in yellow back contrasting you can see the exposed Carbon-fiber bits right there these Michelin sport cup twos these are 355 Millimeters Wide Yeah, we got some girth doesn’t have some girth Veyron for comparison sake this is fully exposed blue Carbon tough the lighting you can kind of see but it’s so so cool to see the evolution of the two cars especially from the rear- the Sherran on it’s such a Different different design, I’m assuming. I’m not sure on the story on this car, and I imagine it’s off to monterey to you though Here’s an interesting statistic for you guys the rear tires on the Veyron are 365 millimeters wide so they’re actually a little bit more girthy We got more girth the ultimate girth these are the largest tires I’ve ever seen perhaps the widest tires ever fitted to a production car. I don’t know that. That’s not a real stat oh that’s cool flexing This is the Bugatti North America press vehicle that one has 21,700 Miles we’re going to get an odometer reading on the Sherran real quick Here we go. I’ve never even sat in a veyron. I’m about to sit in this Sherran. here we go Super super careful. Oh wow There’s the bumble profile ladies drag girl. Where you at? I’m going to shut down bumble the system’s going to crash Wow, so you can see the odometer right there? 286 miles look at that Speedo goes up to 300 Look at this cool light feature right there quilted stitching right there the Sherran whoa The key is to Hyper car insanity the key to 1500 horsepower engine start button right there This is incredible the pedal setup looking at the congress is the match downshift you on the left up shift there on the right wow It’s so cool the interior on the Sherran its so so much better than the veyron only with your bugatti to get a polished Aluminum Chest Eb Ettore Bugatti The Sherran So the rumor is that the speed key is in here whoa Which is a 500 she ron’s we got the key and this right here. This must be the speed Key as we put in the speed Key Unleash the top speed the full 1500 horsepower. What is that? I like this thing? Oh? Okay, well I? Love the lights on the sheer on it gives the car such an aggressive look Exclusive an exclusive are going to go under this year on get a look at the arrow Right here as you can see I mean it’s pretty much flat completely on the bottom a couple little vents here for Airflow purposes wasted for the Turbochargers get your exhaust right here for the Carbon Fiber full Carbon fiber oh Won’t help you out real bad That’s not too bad that’s I think that’s a little bit bigger than the veyron and to put this in and see for the us market Okay, that’s so a child exactly okay, so yes our mechanic I love the u.s. The us, but look at the cool badge one of 500 the healthiest This is your tool kit. I’m assuming temperature inside the trunk may exceed a hundred and twenty two degrees Fahrenheit when shield washer fluid right there Every shear on goes through a pre delivery inspection before being delivered to the customer They go over every single detail of this car just for the most simple minor things you could imagine It takes Roughly nine hours this car is headed off to monterey sometimes dude I’m not sure exactly when after the full inspection you guys might remember heavy He’s got the hellbug that’s been up to Sun Valley Road, Rally he hit two hundred and Thirty five point seven miles per hour in his hellbug mixture has the during the hell be This thing is limited to a top speed was limited to 261 miles per hour could it do faster than that probably maybe someday we’ll get to find out that information 1600 Horsepower So to do that. I’m doing right there Autobahn handling well, okay? What an incredible experience that just was to witness the first bugatti chiron delivered to North? America wow this car is going to be driven heavy drives this cars? I cannot wait to see this thing being properly used on the road I hope you guys enjoy today’s video if you did like squad like squad be sure to smash that like button But just like that this vlog is over an amount

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100 thoughts on “Unwrapping a NEW Bugatti Chiron – The First Customer Car in North America

  1. Me : how much for 1 light
    Chiron : more than your life , more than your reincarnated LIFE , should i keep going?
    Me :

  2. Well the truck guy must hate his job, delivering super cars to people , and the worst part is actually he drives the car

  3. In germany we are able to get the whole speed out of this thing. Grettings from the autobahn with legal 300 kmh.

  4. 3.4 Million Dollar gets you…
    -Bugatti Chiron w/ Volkswagen Chime
    -A beautiful single family house
    -3.4 Million Arizonas
    -The whole Roblox company

  5. How many "1 of 500 there are"? If you see here in youtube – The Bugatti Chiron sport delivery experience – you'll see a white Chiron with a "1 of 500" too…

  6. Damn man this car is literally in its own league. Nothing else is touching that shit right now. It would be cool af to be one of them guys delivering it. Pry be a pretty cool job. As long as you had something cool for yourself. No way I could drop that type of shit off everyday and not have one for myself.

  7. USA..they say it’s the greatest nation and economy in human history (which is false) but no US company can come close to make a car like this…

  8. Every day, more than 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes–one child every five seconds. 852 million people across the world are hungry

  9. Must be weird seeing someone filming themselves talking while you have your car delivered. These bloggers are mentally ill.

  10. For the first 5+ minutes all I was thinking was WHY ARE YOU UNVEILING THIS GORGEOUS CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC?! WTF??!?!?

  11. What to get when you have no imagination and a shit load of money.
    Im going to take a wild guess and say its family money.
    People that earned money the hard way have some originality and wont buy this piece of shit.

  12. Hii …bro
    I am a new subscriber to your channal..I really love watching you videos…….its awersome……

    I just wanted to ask you that for you how many types of car are left to drive…..looking forward to more of your video….🔥🔥✌

  13. This is the first video I watched on the stradman…

    I thought I was dreaming when I saw an actually og car youtuber

  14. I bought my Honda Civic with 0 miles on it. If I'm paying 1 mil + for a car, I'd prefer it had the same…Shiiiiet, I'd pick it up myself!

    Bugatti: Here are your keys Sir, just sign he–
    Me: Aight. Thanks. Bye!

  15. I know where that's at it's in San Diego County bye Carlsbad Encinitas other than Carlsbad so I've always seen those super cars there rich people live there I wish I could only one at a time not no more

  16. That's very sad people showing off their supercars when there's starving kids in the United States with no shoes people are so narcissist they forgot about their fellow men they only think about themselves but they don't think of others if I had that money or ever hit the lottery I will give back especially to the families that don't have much money because rent is so expensive especially in San Diego you pay $2,800 for a studio in Oceanside anywhere in California people just can't live with the wages and taxes so high no rent control it's a damn shame people playing with their $4000000 toys and those people they're homeless just go to a ball park game in San Diego new Seattle homeless people sleeping on the side you'll we'll see and it will break your heart it did mine enjoy your super car while you still have money you never know when it's going to be your turn to be living in the streets

  17. To change your tire if cost is 5000 to $10,000 because the rim is glued to the tire and then they have to readjust your suspension lot of money lot of maintenance

  18. These cars probably go faster that being United States they have to be governed to a certain speed also due to admissions this guy must be a car broker ebuys and gets Commission

  19. I still feel a little guilty about being jealous of these guys. They received their Chiron a full four days before I got mine. Looking back, I realize it was a silly thing to be jealous about and I feel terrible.

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