Under Vehicle Inspection – Honda Canada Certified Used Vehicle Program

Commentator: 展ith the vehicle raised, the mechanic can now focus his sights under the
vehicle. Using a service light, the vehicle is checked from
front to back. At the rear, the mechanic is focused more on finding any signs of physical
damage from impact. If the vehicle is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, then
he is also inspecting the rear drive system for fluid leaks or obvious signs of concern.
He also inspects the rear drive shafts to ensure they meet the Honda
certified standards. Once under the engine compartment, the mechanic does a complete
visual inspection looking for obvious sighs of leaks. Leaks can come from any
number of drive line components, but typically, he is looking for any residue from engine
oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, or engine
coolant. The final drive line inspection is the front drive shaft booths. Using the service
light, the mechanic looks for signs of leakage or possible cracks in
the booths. If there are any areas of concerns discovered while performing the under vehicle
engine and drive line inspection, it is noted on the mechanical inspection
checklist. All repairs must be performed in order for the vehicle to become a Honda certified
used vehicle.” [end]

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