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Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your First Exotic Car [POV VIDEO]

Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your First Exotic Car [POV VIDEO]

hey guys welcome back to no God no God please no no no no wait what the hell why are you down there come up here anyways hey guys welcome back to exotic car hacks calm my name is Peggy D me I’m the founder of exotic car hack sent onto you in today for a treat I would say a small treat too because we’re about to take you well technically it’s a big tree but since the other side of the equation is pretty small we call them the midget it’s actually gonna be a smaller side anyways so no problem anyways we’re gonna go in today and give you guys a full tour not of an exotic car dealer who cares like you’ve seen them you can walk into any of them and see the cars yourselves I am going to teach you step by step what to do what not to do what to look for when walking into an exotic car dealership what questions to ask how to interact and how to be taken seriously and so today I have with me my camera guy which is going to play a kind of the role of you the person the next person that is going to be in an exotic car because you’re gonna learn all the strategies we teach here at exotic car hacks through this incredible video so now the goal here today is to teach you guys not only the ins and outs of the dealership here live at a dealership but also to kind of walk you through one of my really good friends the Wolves shortest cameraman ever his name is JT Martin and he actually owns J studios and look so visuals get so pissed because I like fuck up his business names all the time so that you can’t really Google them or try to hire him sand then I lose him because he’s kind of short it’s look so visuals in there yeah anyway see whatever he’s like some kind of visual guy whatever and they have some kind of visuals you’ll figure it out if you’re smart enough if you can find them it’s kinda hard to spot it’s like Waldo but anyways so if you can find them you can hire them and long story short he kind of got a cool ride in my Maserati the other day he actually got to drive it he really enjoyed it and so he says to me I want to buy an exotic car so I said you know what what better than to use his idea of buying an exotic car and his lack of experience with it to teach you guys something new so let’s go ahead and go in excel today and we’re gonna find you or car so what kind of car you’re looking for okay honestly I have no idea man that’s kind of a problem sadly zester I like the Maserati honestly oh so you won my Maserati now you got it you got to drive my Maserati now you want mama Harley I don’t know what I could afford okay what are you trying to spend each one anywhere from 1300 to 1800 then we pay too much to tell you way too much and this is you’re talking about a kid I think he’s like 16 out there you know fucking 2020 okay he’s not even old enough to drink and he’s already looking at a car almost two thousand dollars a month that tells you I’m going to go bankrupt paying him so much to be doing video work from you so especially because I know he’s not spending it on clothes because his clothes cost half the amount because it’s half the size so we’re gonna actually go inside and we’re gonna take a look and see how to identify cars and hopefully you’re gonna contain your and Curb Your Enthusiasm and not get too excited on some of these cars cuz I know you know being young and being potentially in a position to buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini a Maserati or one of these cars can get exciting so you got to make sure though if you’re taken seriously when you walk in one of these dealerships and so let’s go inside together and let’s go inside excel Auto Group really good friends of mine who have been not only one of the premier dealerships here in Boca Raton and across the u.s. for exotic cars but also also this is the really cool part excel is actually one of the top lenders in the country for some of the major banks for exotic cars so we’re gonna learn a lot about finance we’re gonna learn a lot about cars finance behavior and just in general what tricks and things you need to be alert and aware of before buying your car so let’s go right inside and let’s get a taste of what luxury lifestyle really is about not just your tracks today what’s telling you now that you got to see a little bit of the cars I’m gonna walk if you’re somebody behavior a that’s the chick at the front desk never hit on her stop laughing nothing funny about this don’t hit on the girl at the front desk don’t matter how cute she is you just don’t want to be that guy that’s flirting with everybody as soon as you walk in hey hey where’s that pinky going huh where is he going what what’s he do get back here there you go yeah look at quagmire hitting on that skank you know he’s gonna close the deal Peter that skank is your daughter oh my god you’re right you gotta focus on the actual task at hand which is buying a car so don’t act like a jackass don’t be overly loud dress well no flip-flops and I don’t give a shit kind of attitude especially when you’re trying to afford your first car we’re not talking about millionaires walking and not giving a shit we’re talking about the normal average day-to-day person getting into an exotic for the very first time and if you want to do that you got to kind of flow and be able to be in a position where people want to engage in conversation with you and want to actually show you the cars and actually get you to drive them to experience them especially when you’re new just like you JT and you don’t actually know what you want right so what better way it’s and to actually get people to allow you to drive the cars to get to see if you the cars are not right so I know you said you had a budget of like 1,500 bucks so remember what we said you’re gonna have to behave on your best behavior we’re gonna your outfit looks okay you kind of look you know like you have some kind of money with those what others like coach slippers or something sure what a day coach coach okay that’s kind of gay anyways you know I don’t think you’re supposed to wear those with socks but anyways so we’re gonna go in here we’re gonna pretend you don’t have socks on so it doesn’t look kind of like weird you know like some Indian or something anyways but and then we’re gonna we’re gonna get to really understand how to spot the right car for the money okay cuz that’s that step one is finding out what you want so you’re not just wandering around everywhere okay so let’s take a little tour here and let’s actually pick what we can find for you for about 1,500 bucks or so that that would kind of fit the mold I know you really like Ferraris right a little road you see this bar this is incredible right this is a 458 Italia and it’s super rare come over here I want to show you the interior on this thing you know at Florida no you can’t I just want to make you see things you can’t have in life just so it motivates you to be better good look at this interior this is a one-off I love you take interior in silver carbon $30,000 options one of the nicest four five eighths in the country on the other hand here we have a 911 Carrera S this is more along the lines of what you can afford and it’s actually a lot below your budget most people wouldn’t even know that they can actually afford in a 911 Carrera S for even less money than they could buy a brand-new Lexus for so this these are the kind of cars you’re gonna have to look at but I know you you’re younger you’re gonna want to do something a little bit better so let’s kind of walk around here and see what else we can find it with that this come back to the force I like Porsches okay we have a super low Gary here that be running you somewhere around 1700 bucks we have a Bentley Super Sport here that’d be running you about like somewhere around thirteen fourteen hundred bucks and that’s a really nice car especially when you’re young and you were talking about getting laid I think you can get laid in the but I don’t think actually you can fit in this because the seat doesn’t adjust up so you would kind of have to look at the steering wheel it might be dangerous for you so yeah back seat at home oh you have a booster seat oh that’s wonderful let’s go right through here this is what your feet don’t fall on that thing so you don’t crap and fall and die break this is an Aventador completely out of your reach but nonetheless you could still be in this for somewhere around three to thirty five hundred a month but you know these cars are still I think kind of high for a first time kind of a first-time buyer so let’s walk right over here and see I see some cars here that are kind of a better fit I think for you so let’s follow me over here this Maserati here’s a Quattroporte GTS this is probably more fitting for you because it’s more in your budget however I know you’re not liking it I oh I see where you’re going now back to the Maserati ok ok ok I see how it is I know I know you’re young you want a convertible it just seems like you know you don’t have much here but you want the hair you own the wind to hit your hair I get it I get it that’s gonna be a bad car though because you’re talking about old not that this particular one is bad but you’re talking about an older model GranTurismo years this is 2011 I believe and this is an 11 Caprio now the problem with these cars is some of the things we’ve been learning if you’ve been paying attention to stuff I’ve been teaching you is you actually not only have to buy the car the right way but you actually have to buy the right car because buying the wrong car could mean meaning buying the wrong model year and options could mean not only losing money but could also mean losing a lot of headaches on constant constant repairs and our cost of the issues with the car and you see the older GranTurismo are a problem the GranTurismo you got to drive mine was a 2014 and the 2013 and 14 s are much better cars overall so while I know you like that car I’m gonna go ahead and say let’s keep walking and keep seeing some of these other cars now more boys there’s more Bentley’s and I know you’re young you don’t like those things they don’t really work for you but yeah but it’s kind of old right like that’s the new Bentley and it’s kind of out of your reach now there is however a car that I think would not only fit your budget but would actually be good for your tiny hair and getting all that wind to it it would also be an incredible stunt effect kind of car that I think would work since you know I know you’re you’re the younger type what do you think about the r8 it’s okay I’m not a fan of the color okay not a caller how about a black r8 if this car was black could it be any better think of it as white it was white so now you’re gonna be that picky to find a white alright like I don’t see if I was the white on it what’s wrong with you why can’t you just be conforming to life and everything else oh that’s right I’ve taught you not to be conforming to life and instead you want the right thing which is good it’s okay white alright is fine let’s let’s take a look let’s take a look at this car for a second and see what actually works I agree with you I’m not a fan of the color scheme either it’s a rare color it’s pretty but it’s not really the one then we need to be fine but this car overall the r8 kind of fits into the mold of some of the things we’ve been talking about in general here hot exotic car hacks it’s one of these cars that just works you can buy it get in enjoy then get out at no cost and that is the key is understanding how to buy the car enjoy the car and then exit the car buy the right car at the right price enjoy it for as long as you seem it necessary and then get out of it without actually taking a loss on any bit or any money or any aspect of it right that’s the goal so today we’re gonna learn a little bit about that part and actually financing the car itself now I know you said you liked the Porsche should we go back to a Porsche or Maserati or an r8 I’ll let you pick I want to say let’s look at the Porsche let’s go back to the bullish come on Bush and don’t stare at the chick at the stop it man come on come on man come on that’s just wrong you know got to be so horny and young and stuff that’s not good helping man I know I know and I know you like to drive six beats right I do there you go actually if it’s not a six-speed I don’t know if I consider there you go a manual Carrera S I’ll go figure look at there oh look at that it’s real clean they can work on it it’s whatever the things are not packed real right right right right still a lot of room but this is actually what I consider to be the poor man’s car now the poor man’s car also could be a great beginners car for some of you guys meaning it’s not a turbo turbo s but it’s still a lot of car for the money and you’re talking about a car that was almost a hundred grand new that you can acquire for almost half of that and this is the key but exotic car hacks you have to understand we teach you depreciation schedules we teach you how to buy the cars and we also teach you which models to buy and so with this particular car I think you’ll fit right into the criteria what we’re looking at because it is an S it is well loaded it is a good color especially silver does really well on Porsches and it does have the better interior so that said do you actually like this car I do yeah okay how much do you think this car will cost you monthly or overall monthly hundred a month sixteen hundred a month man that is high what if I told you now bear with me what if what if you could actually own this car for seven hundred a month goodbye all right now it’s affordable right yeah but what do you pay for you BMW right now 300 something okay so what years your BMW oh six oh six what type is it so 325 X I okay so you drive at 325 X I write which I’ve called the piece of she had several times because it hasn’t been washed three it hasn’t been taken care of which you would have to wash this in order to maintain it properly which we’ll talk about but this particular car could be only two times what it cost you to own an old-ass BMW to have a newer body for our s does that make any sense to you I apparently it has now given you a seizure or a frozen I don’t believe you okay you don’t believe me fine so let’s go talk to the owner of XL auto about this car but in general about what it would take for you to actually be able to pick up this car and go home with it for less than seven hundred dollars a month so I know that sounds crazy and we’re not selling your Porsche exotic car hacks isn’t about selling people cars it’s about educating people on what it takes to get in these cars because most people have this perception that insurances I maintenance is high the cost of ownership is high and the monthly payments are abnormal or you have to put insane amounts of money down but a reality is all of those things are myths and today we’re gonna talk to an actual dealer the owner of Excel auto Scott’s ankle who’s not only had a huge background of finance owned many dealerships has been in the dealer space for over 20 years and really understands this process because you know hearing it from me is one thing because I’m just a regular guy I don’t own a deal with and while I have a lot of background in the concierge service space buying selling trading exotic swatches and everything in between I’m not a dealer meaning I don’t sell cars to people and one of the important parts here to understand is that I want you to hear it from people in the business because it’s very easy for me it’s very easy for me to come out here on a video and say hey guys you know what fuck this this dealer did that this dealer did this but it’s much different when you hear it from one of these dealers one of these guys that’s in the biz that’s still currently in the biz and that’s really really effective at what they do so I want you to hear it first I want you learn about finance and I want you to learn about the basics of what it takes to make sure this particular car right here is the right car for you JT cool all right let’s go see Scott real quick all right guys so let’s walk in and let’s have a conversation with the owner of Excel about if you JT can actually afford that 911 and how this whole process of buying an exotic actually works there any questions before go in there cuz don’t embarrass me talking about pussy in anything again yeah man you’re like the like the worst actor you know like we have this like thing and it’s like supposed to act this out it’s like really bad anyways let’s go buddy I know man it’s it’s really bad they don’t got to work on your improv skills look at that that’s that yeah that’s hot right that’s the new Hermes launched edition we’re short on you see like I really want this car guys and like I don’t want to buy it because I’d lose a lot of money because it doesn’t fit in the criteria of what works for exotic car hacks yet but next year trust me that bitch is mine let’s go hey Scott how are you good is this Scott st. cool today nice to meet you there’s a JT midget videographer and also I know I’m to do a really bad job at acting so really so so he’s here today and he actually was interested in getting a 911 so I figured you’d be the guy to talk to people know mean that in the car business is kind of the educator but I know that I’m not really a car dealer so I figured you’ve been in the business so long so it just makes sense to you know yeah and I heard you’re going into banking is that true cuz I hear trumps good so let’s go ahead and talk cars real quick cuz I know I know we’re eager to get Jay teen and exotic you got a taste of you got a taste of this Maserati GranTurismo Hammer and he’s been really excited to get it in an exotic car but you know like a lot of people JT thinks that he can’t afford an exotic car and so one of the things we do at exotic car hacks which you know is teach people about how to get in exotic cars and the fact that it’s possible it’s affordable so you know you’ve been in finance and even been in the dealer space for so long can you give us some background about how long you’ve been doing this and really just a little bit very very briefly how you got started and kind of absolutely my backgrounds in banking and finance actually out of college finance degree and when when I started the business 17 years ago it was mostly we had just I had started businesses strictly and getting people loans educating them on the process of how to get loans how to protect yourself when you’re getting a loan when you’re applying for a loan what to look for prepayment penalties early term fees hidden costs stuff like that people that had credit issues we assisted them helped them how to work through it and how to make sure that they aren’t getting taken advantage of most people who have credit issues get taken advantage of that went on for a few years and then I started buying cars just started accumulating some vehicles on trades and then at one led than another and next thing I know I had inventory and 17 layers later now my business is more on the selling of the cars and then we still focus on the financing it’s secondary but it’s it’s it’s becoming a large part of the business again and you’re really well-known I think in the exotic car world as not only you know understanding the finest cross like you said but also having today some of the nicest inventory out there and really being known for clean cars you know and some of the nicer cars there’s a lot of shady stuff going on a dealer business in general and I’m sure you’ve seen that too all the years you’ve been in this yeah I have I mean and that’s one of the things that’s that’s very difficult in my business you know we get compared to lawyers we get compared to a lot of those types of people that reputations aren’t the best and you know we’re trying to make changes in the industry to where we’re getting rid of those guys I mean the guys that are going to manipulate people that are going to buy bad cars that are gonna stop they’re always gonna exist but we’re trying to make it harder for them to do it you know for example I’m currently working with the state of Florida to write up a new bill and the bill is gonna be full disclosure bill similar to what California has where if a car is being sold by a dealer to an end user they have to acknowledge that there’s paint work if they know there’s paint work if the car has been in an accident they have to acknowledge it and if they don’t acknowledge it and they don’t fully disclose it then the consumer is allowed to bring the car back once it’s discovered and get all their money back so right now Florida has zero protection for the consumer it’s all for the dealer and in that case we get a lot of dealers coming from all over the place down here to Florida because they can get away with just about whatever they want and it makes it harder for us that are really trying to do the right thing so you brought up something interesting which was kind of gonna I’ve been telling JT the whole time is you know reputation matters so what should a consumer look for when it comes to reputation like what are some of the flags are some of the important things they want to do it’s let me start cutting a hole oh where the rent for the AC oh isn’t gonna help you told me they were gonna start before they did it yeah but then and we’ll restart I’ll ask you the same question really take two minutes okay well wait til that goes oh that’s really loud yeah they’re just cut cuz my c4 in here I’ve really seen this office oh that’s why it’s awesome that’s yeah I thought it was a nervous thing when people got in here you were saying I don’t know man why I’m so nervous I hear about a car before that’s the reputation Peter that’s one of the most important things you know what it is and it’s not what reputation that I look at and what consumers should really look at is based on referrals based on how you found them now if you’re out searching online and you find a car online and you’re not referred to that dealer and you’re just out shopping yourself and you come across the car you don’t know the dealer you don’t know anything about the dealer the safest and the best way for you to protect yourself is a couple things one is always have the car pre-purchase inspection find a local dealer not that specific dealer you’re buying the car from but find someone that’s within a close range of the dealership pay them money have the car brought over there and have a full inspection done if the dealer that you’re buying the car from won’t allow you to do that that’s a red flag that’s a big question mark because there’s no reason not to allow it unless you know there’s a problem with the car and you’re trying to hide something so that’s number one number two that I always try to educate people and tell them that I’ve done this in my business now is because so many people buy on the internet and because so many cars are sold online without even shaking your hands or meeting anybody I bought a lot of cars I correct or anyone even coming to see the cars we sell tons of cars every week every month to people we don’t meet we don’t get to shake their hands they don’t get to test drive the cars and sit and smell them there just dropped at their house and one of the things that we do that really protects the client is we’ll give a guarantee and what I mean by that is we’ll give them on our letterhead a guarantee letter that we’re gonna guarantee you as the consumer that this car has never been in an accident that it’s not a salvage a rebuild flood there’s been no previous damage on the car because when you’re minding exotics that is the most important thing demain work fast yeah you find out it’s funny hey exactly because depreciation on these cars when it happens when it becomes an accident I mean if people don’t understand it but it really it will take 20% off the value sometimes 30% depending on what the car is that you can lose and when you have a Ferrari or you have a Bentley or a Porsche or anything within the exotic realm that’s got paint work the question mark is always there why you could say oh I just got a little fender bender or oh you know it was a very minor but the question mark is always there and it’s human nature to always question the reality or the truth of what the story is so it makes it much harder to sell and it makes it much harder for you as an individual to trade the car so you want to make sure you get something in writing if the dealer that you’re negotiating with doesn’t give you that and won’t provide you that then that’s a red flag and I wouldn’t do business with them because one as a dealer I know my product I know my inventory I’m gonna give you that guarantee the only reason I wouldn’t give you the guarantee is if I know the car’s got an accident or it’s got paintwork then I don’t want to stick my neck out but if I know my product why wouldn’t I give you the guarantee but would you say that more than 95% of dealers do know their product or do they they do I absolutely want her to in the exotic business I don’t know about domestics but in this world that we’re in 100% if you’re in this business you know the cars you know the conditions you know how to you know how to tell paintwork right like there’s no there’s no like doubt because we’ve seen this I mean I’ve done a video here at exotic car hacks that showed a dealer that posted a car that had been painted in six different panels and Chris know not only didn’t acknowledge them but actually wrote in large letters over and over and over on the add no paintwork I personally inspected that car sign you was crashed so there is no way you know that dealer could say that car had no paperwork cuz I wasn’t even a mechanic or a body shop and I could tell without even a paint meter just looking at it I was like this car’s been payin question is what state I don’t know that the it was indeed rate okay see once again we fall into those laws and the laws need to be more to protect the consumers dealers we don’t need it okay we know how to protect ourselves from the consumer we don’t need that extra protection the consumers need the protection if if the if the if the consumers had more protection in their purchases you would see the car business especially the use side especially the High Line exotic side the business would change overnight because guys wouldn’t be able to get away with it if more responsibility was put on the dealer to make sure the person’s getting the right car that the car that’s properly advertising described it would change the business overnight because you guys aren’t protected that’s why we’re trying to fight for it so JT also asked about the CARFAX something that’s big you know like I guess question mark in the industry in general because everybody relies on CARFAX for a reading so can you share your thoughts on not only Carfax can we look at the CARFAX for the particular poor she’s interested in it and maybe talk a little bit about what Carfax is what people should look at Carfax is what it’s good for okay where’s CARFAX to me it’s a good tool it has its pros and it’s cons I’m not a big believer in watching CARFAX for accidents previous damage stuff like that I don’t look at my car faxes for that at all because the problem with Carfax when it comes to that is that they’re behind and it’s not Carfax is fault because they may not get the information so an example you get into an accident with your Porsche she buys the Porsche today goes home three weeks later rear-end somebody 10 thousand dollars of damage goes to his insurance company gets it fixed right away and he says okay I don’t want to keep the car I don’t want it I’m gonna go trade it into a dealership trades it into a dealership that dealer takes in trade puts it on eBay and sells within all that timeframe Carfax is never gonna catch wind of that right now the average for Carfax is about six months so from the time the accident happens till the time the cars fixed to the time the claims paid Carfax is about six months so a lot of guys can get these cars fixed and sold within that six month immediately to avoid that because they know the trick correct before car fact catches win and then the poor consumer who bought the car who wasn’t told it was an accident just bought a car for seventy that’s worth fifty those are the problems that we see in this business what I look at Carfax and what I think it’s great for is when the cars are originally sold how many owners and when the warranty was activated those to me or what my tools are on why I use Carfax is because Carfax is very good about and especially the ideal in cars are two and three years old to four to five years old we can go back and it’s it’s very accurate when the car was originally sold so we know from the original sale date the warranty was activated that is there some instances where the warranties activated a little bit sooner yes it can be but not not it’s very rare and the only reason that a warranty is activated on a car is if the dealership itself does a service on for example if you can get a brand new Porsche 911 comes to the dealership and it needs to get something fixed on the car while it’s sitting in the showroom floor and they do a warranty claim before the cars originally sold the warranties activated so we see that once a while but is very rare so why is it that sometimes on CARFAX it shows one owner it’s very clear says one-owner carfax but on the actual description you can see multiple times that this vehicle was offered for sale and then kind of traded hands so it would seem like it had multiple owners well the only way Carfax knows of an owner if it goes to the Department of Motor Vehicle an actual registration is issued so it’s not gonna read owners if it goes to a dealer so if you buy the Porsche brand new and trade to me it’s gonna technically go from you to me but dealerships aren’t classified as an owner second second thing you’re going to see on Carfax to where you see multiple owners is you might see multiple registrations and for example if you bought a Porsche brand new and you’re the registered owner and let’s say you have a home in another state you have more than one house you decide to take the Porsche to other state and register it there it’s gonna look like it’s a second owner even though you just transferred states and redid the registration and owned in ownership at that state people get confused and they say oh here’s a new registration issued it’s not your you’re still the same owner it won’t say new owner but it’ll say registration issued so is that why sometimes cars are brand new and very popular like the new 488 came out right now that Ferrari 488 and sometimes you’ll see eight owners when they have first five months why is that that’s because guys were making money with the car they’re trading cars for cash right yeah like for example a lot of the new Ferrari products 488 perfect sample guys will get their names on the order form still get the cars and they’ll buy the car and they’ll drive it for a month or two and they’ll sell it back to Ferrari dealership some more modeling gal and the Ferrari store will sell it right away again to another owner so you see a lot of the 48s with two owners right out of the box because and you know it’s a little game and it’s totally legitimate and ferrari dealers per se have these deals with customers where they’ll come in and buy a car they’ll let the customer drive it for a month or two put three 400 miles on it then they’ll bring it right back and they’ll buy the car back from them at window sticker or a little more because Ferrari can’t sell the cars over window sticker when they’re new so they have to be titled so the car comes back to the store now it’s been used its title they can sell it whatever they want so it’s just a little loophole you know and so and one of the last Carfax questions before we’re going to financing because this is something that I was teaching JT a little bit about was I’m always telling people that you know some dealers are eager to move certain cars off their lawns meaning they just don’t want certain cars either they don’t fit the model of what they usually sell etc but they’re more likely especially we’ve seen this with larger franchise dealers like Auto nation etc when they’re more likely to discount cars that have been sitting longer and you can typically tell on CARFAX when a dealer has bought a car because you can see it says vehicle offered for sale is there a general rule as to how long a dealer will keep a car and sending no more like this cars gonna go is it still like the old days like the 30-60-90 or has it not extended it’s exactly like that and every dealers different you can see most of the I’d say a lot of the larger franchised stores have 90 day rolls and 90 days cars got to go some are 60 anything below 60 is a little difficult and when you say it’s better good though I want to clarify time when you say it’s got a go that means they’re willing to take a loss or they’re willing to send it back to auction either one so usually we technically what they’ll do is it 90 days the owner of the store usually the the used-car managers if it’s used has a calendar and has a sheet and tells me okay this car just hit 90 days it’s on the chopping block it’s got to go so one of two things they’ll either lower the prices on the internet to basically cost do an eBay ad marketed at dead cost they’ll call local wholesalers they’ll send it to the auction whatever they need to do to move that car and it’s not one particular method but they know at 90 days the car’s got to get off their books and it’s usually within that 30-day cycle so if 90 days is let’s say you know December 10th okay well that GM knows that by December 31st cars got to be gone because when that owner looks at his books at December 31st he doesn’t want to see that VIN number still in inventory do you understand because the 90-day mark is usually sometime within that month and then when the owner gets his updated books at the end of the month and sees his current inventory he doesn’t want to see that call and why is that bad to keep a car 90 days is it just because of the appreciation and yeah I mean it is it’s strictly depreciation and you know this business is cash flow so it’s you know it’s based on turn in inventory so if the car sitting here and it’s just growing and it’s just getting dusty you’re not generating any profits you’re not generating any cash flow so they want to see the cars turn you know the cars they don’t want to see cars sitting it’s just it’s not good for the dealership it doesn’t give a a good representation I mean if you keep going to the dealership and you see the same cars there every month or online on the website it doesn’t they’re not selling cars today they’re not that’s a red flag and it’s getting people afraid to buy that car so like why hasn’t this sold in you know had this attractive price for over five months you know and that goes for that rule of thumb goes for the regular cars for sure it’s a little different when you get into exotics though because you can buy an exotic for example you know I’ve got a car here that you know is like the only one for sale in the whole country right and associated you it may appreciate I know it’s not gonna get killed but that’s a car where you know at the 90-day mark I’m not like oh I got to get rid of it because you can’t go buy another one right and you’re waiting for the right guy place it right right so the rules can bend a little bit but the majority is 90 days you know there are some dealers at 60 days but I would say probably across the board most are 90 days so we’re talking about the generic Porsches Maseratis and stuff those are your 60 90 there cars but then more unique like Ferrari or Portas and cars that are just a show house right that are so hard to come by that are just specific to color and by your taste they’re writing one really go down anyway so you’re really keeping them with knowing that it’s an investment for the right buyer and that it’s you’re not really losing by keeping it correct okay make sense very well said by the way I know I try I try thank you so you know JT was trying to get into this Porsche or you know isn’t his first exotic he doesn’t want to spend more than thousand a month you originally want to spend 1,500 a month but I kind of brought up to him that he doesn’t realize how incredible financing is on these cars these days and all the options out there can you walk us through what most people don’t know about financing these cars that seems to be something that there have a aha moment every time they come sit in front of the year outside of the AC being really hot and being scared to ride your check your what else do they need to know works doesn’t work that’s a great point you know what because even the guys that we deal with the the most successful business owners professionals they still learn things when they come and talk about the financing these cars that there’s so much people don’t realize and they don’t know one thing I can tell you you know if I wasn’t in the business and and I was doing this myself and standing in that seat or sitting in that seat trying to do a car you always want to protect yourself because you never know what’s gonna happen down the road so we get people to come in all the time they weren’t put any money down don’t finance everything that’s something that we try to educate all of our buyers that that’s not the right thing to do you you never want to finance 100 percent of the car plus your sales tax plus your reg fees because the minute you walk out the door you’re negative the minute you walk out the door you’re negative no matter what so if God forbid something happens to your life job company marriage whatever it is and that toy or that vehicle you bought you need to get rid of or get out of you don’t want to write a check because it’s a lot easier when you come and buy your new car you’re all excited you want to drive it and you want to get into it immediately and get out or have fun it’s a lot easier for you to write a check at that point when you’re excited but when you’re pissed off and you’re aggravated because something to hide you do this and you’ve got to write a check to get out of the problem it just makes things a lot worse so we try to tell people you know put 10% down of whatever the car is you know minimum just put 10% down which is a safety blanket for you watch your interest rates interest rates are going up but always shop the deal always just make sure and don’t let the guy the dealership think that you’re not educated on it say you know what I’m just gonna go check with my local bank ii usually guys say that to a car dealer in the finance world you watch your rates gonna drop even though you’re not gonna do it and you have no intentions on doing it consumers should play a little of the same games that some of the dealers do you know you’re standing and sitting across me and I say to you know PJ you know here’s your deal at 60 months and it’s 4.9% percent now in your mind if you think the rates a little high you can always say to the to the finance guys say look I appreciate it I’m just gonna go make a couple calls and go out and call my bank and see I mean I teach before I start doing this is there anything better we can do on this otherwise you know I want to call my banks and make sure nine times out of ten if there’s any movement there it will happen right down in there there’s gonna be cases where there isn’t gonna be movement because it can be based on your credit score and that happens to what credit scores should you have to be considered comfortable when sitting in front of it here’s audit car dealer if you’re at 700 or better okay you’re gonna get the best rates don’t let anyone tell you that oh you got to be a 740 to qualify if it’s not true 700 or better you’re gonna get the bank’s best rates okay I’ve heard stories where guys are watching the office and I’m a 725 and they said I need to be a 7:30 to get that quarter point low no that’s just a sales ploy 700 or better you’re getting the best rates the banks that we deal with they’re at 680 or better so at 680 or better I can get you approved so you have some kind of leeway for karai 100 the carotids at 680 or 690 you’re gonna pay a little higher interest but we can get you approved for something reasonably scrappy crazy a quarter percent hotter percent anything lower than the 680 mark you know it’s gonna go to a different lending institution and you’re gonna be higher rates and more down payments and from what I understand it’s more than just your score right because Corino a lot of people come to me and they’re like hey you know I want exotic car accident buy a car and the first car I want to get into is a quarter million dollar Huracan and I’m like correct okay well first car ever here’s a perfect we had a gentleman that came in here about a week ago and it wasn’t a her economist a four five eight and the car was a hundred and ninety thousand dollars and he wanted to finance it and he comes in finds the car spends about two hours of the sales guy drives it loves it fills cried out holds credit I look at this crap first and you know when you’re buying a hundred eighty thousand dollar car and you make nine thousand dollars a month you’re not gonna qualify the rule of thumb is if you make less than what the car is generally the bank’s not going to buy you so if you know if your car is one hundred eighty thousand and you make a hundred and twenty a year generally the bank is not going to buy you unless you have assets unless you have other things that you can show the bank so this guy came in really cool guy pull his credit and the first thing pops up his score he’s 805 I always amazing great great score and as I scroll down there’s nothing there there there there’s a Neiman Marcus credit card for a thousand bucks so you have to have cop borrowing or at least credit history and those are called trade lines if you don’t have the proper trade lines you can have the credit score but you also need the trade lines which means you have to previously owned a car or a mortgage a condo a home something and the amounts matter to right-mouse matter dramatically we have a gentleman right now we’re trying to get approved on a four hundred thousand dollar Rolls Royce right now guy makes you know provable income of 1.8 million last year and he’s looking for a loan of about 350 his highest car credit though he’s ever financed was one hundred eighty thousand right now the bank doesn’t want to do it because they’re like and I don’t understand it and I’m arguing and we’re hopefully gonna get it done but you’ve got a guy that makes more than income that he needs to but the bank is saying well this is a big purchase you know it’s never has he financed a car this expensive it’s more than almost double what he’s ever financed before even though he has the income the bank still get hesitant the rule of thumb is usually you know they’ll go twenty to thirty percent higher than what every time than what your high car credit is some banks will go up to fifty percent so if you financed a hundred in your in your past they’ll go to 150 not everyone’s like that you know I’d say the rule of thumb is thirty to forty percent on average like that or not right now there’s exceptions based on every single break yeah there’s our separate because you know if you have the income and your debt is great and you’ve got previous mortgages and previous car credit and you’ve you know you’ve got trade lines which means you’ve got credit history they’d go back ten twelve fifteen years that’s less risk for the back and you can offset that with down payment correct correct hundred percent the banks look at what’s called equity and when they look at a value of a car versus what they’re loaning and they’re in an equity position they’re more apt to do the deal because in their mind the risk is if God forbid something happens they have to repossess the car they’re in a position where they’re not gonna lose money so yes that’s a big factor hunter Prasad and I’m gonna bring this up because I know he doesn’t want me to talk about this it’s something that he does that has actually given him a competitive edge and has made him extremely extremely powerful in this face and so it’s a trick that I’ve seen only really here I’ve heard about elsewhere but I really only seen it here executed perfectly and so I’m gonna ask you what is the buyback program I’m gonna talk about our shot suite okay our buyback program is something that we started almost four years ago and what it is is the hardest thing in this industry for me is not selling the cars we don’t have a problem selling the cars our problem is getting the inventory a good inventory when good inventory because I won’t buy anything that’s been hit I won’t buy anything with a bad CARFAX I won’t buy anything that’s been in an accident so that right there narrows everything down because you’re the cars we deal with you’re dealing with high-performance cars there’s little fender benders all the time there’s you know it happens and that’s fine I just don’t want to buy it and put my consumers into it so for me I developed a process called a buyback program that we do a guaranteed progress buyback program where I sell you a car depending on the model because I won’t do it on every car I do it on the my main inventory pieces the Ferraris the Lamborghinis the McLaren stuff like that I’ll do it up some Bentley’s I’ll do it on to got all of them but we’ll give you a written contract in 12 months sorry the car will give you a predetermined price that we will buy the car back from you in 12 months we’ll write up a contract it’s signed you do not have to bring the car back to me in 12 months it gives you a peace of mind to protect you that in 12 months time if you’re done with this car you can bring it back I’ll write you a check for the predetermined amount that we signed for 12 months ago or you can trade it in and you already know what you’re getting on trade so it’s like a lease except you buy the car it is but you still buy the car you can finance the car with us or you can pay cash for it either way if you finance it you come back in 12 months I pay the bank off and I give you your equity or like I said you have the option of trading it now if you love the car if you love the vehicle okay and you want to keep it you keep it you don’t have to do it we just give you that as a peace of mind right so it’s like a better version of a lease because I mean theoretically cuz the leases are so expensive as cars yes we can be directions too though you mean on certain cars you know as little as three thousand miles to five thousand miles a year depending on what the car is which is much better than what you would get a Lamborghini which is like 15 I can’t even drive down the street to Starbucks and actually go right right oh very cool I think you’ve shared a lot of incredible information for JT and everybody watching here on like just the not secrets but really the parts of the things people aren’t talking about in the exotic car world so one of the last things I’d like to do is maybe if you can show us you talked about paintwork earlier can you show us maybe um when you’re looking at that Porsche she’s looking at specifically sure what is it that you want to look at like you know how can you tell if this is the right car what are some immediate things that any consumer can do instantly to kind of know should I be even be keep looking at this car or not absolutely let’s go out there let’s do that real quick all right come on guys let’s take a look at this 911 GT and let’s see if there’s the right car for you ready let’s go yeah they just told me it’s your mic is still I don’t say anything like Trump you know DJ I’ll have me on recording I do have you on record the whole time so you know JT was looking at this car specifically and you brought up all these things about paintwork and everything else can you share maybe like what should a person look at if this is the car they’re looking at right off the top what do they inspect what I look at without driving you just to see if it’s the right car absolutely and and and let me tell you you know when you walk into a showroom floor and you walk into a dealership especially a car like this or any of these cars like this with the way the lighting is setup and the way the cars are detailed every car looks beautiful and it’s it’s a little trickier it’s a little harder to detect to look for paintwork but there’s a couple of things I can tell you to do without putting a car on a lift and really getting into it that you could do yourself just won’t even doesn’t know if it’s the right car to begin with and then most cars that that have had any structural or paintwork or any damage if it’s in the front of the car and its extensive you’re gonna see quarter panels and hood usually done in what I tell people do is just take their fingers and rub right here just kind of slowly go right here around the edges because it’s very difficult for a body shop or a paint shop to get that to be smooth like it comes from factory it’s gonna have a little bit of a rough edge and that rough edge comes from tape lines because they tape the car off and they paint it and most guys will not take the time to go and fix the tape lines they leave them because they’re rushing to get cars out it’s just I’ve never seen anybody do it and I’ve been doing this a long time so that’s a one little trick is you just kind of fueled the edge right along the hood on any of them if it feels rough or a little scratchy that’s a big question mark and that’s that’s a red flag second thing is is when you’re looking around the cars not so much for the Bentley products and the Ferrari products but for Porsche for sure you just want to walk around the car and look at everything to make sure it lines up properly make sure the hood spaces look the same make sure the doors look the same for the spaces because these are all produced in a factory when you’re talking about a hand-built car like a Bentley or a Ferrari there can be little gaps it can be those imperfections because you have an individual or human being that’s actually doing it and not everything is not done by the machines this is all done by machine right another biggest sign that we can tell for paint work is you look for what’s called fish eyes and that’s something where you got to really look at the car a little bit closer and what fish eyes are it’s dust particles that get into the paint when the car has been fixed coming from the manufacturer that doesn’t happen because the way they’re painted in the enclosures nothing’s in it so it’s like almost like very fine it is it just it looks like a little teeny dot and and what it is it gets into the paint and it’s just dust particles that are in the air floating around and lands on the paint and guys don’t see them usually when painting the cars and when they finished the product they usually miss them 90% I’m I’ve never seen a car that’s had paintwork on a fender a hood ad or anywhere that didn’t have one fish on at least and like I said those are little dots little imperfections in the paint and you could actually feel them they’re a little bit on the rougher side and you definitely can see them that just look like a little bubble some can be like the size of a pin top if it’s any bigger than that and that’s a real pad job you can look for lines for example blend lines you know when you look at uh when you look at a bumper like this look at the coloration and make sure the color is the same make sure it flows make sure there isn’t some times you’ll see let’s call the foggy line and what happens is you’ll get a line if someone looks painted part of this bumper there’d be like a line almost going through it and it’d be very faint it almost look hazy and when you see that that’s a telltale sign that’s got paint work now a Salesman might say oh we can just buff that out no they’ll buff it out it will be gone for maybe a week or two and he’ll come back so you yelling way to fix that is to repaint it you can’t you can’t fix that without repainting it and is there anything specifically outside of just bodywork like instantly that you can look on a car beat because you know he’s very young right so it’s hard for him to get a test drive going into a dealership and saying hey I just want to drive a for five days they’re like okay let us liability you know you’re like under 21 right like and I’m sure that it’s you see that a lot young people want to come joyride or they want to pretend they’re really rich family members whatever it is right just to get a ride so yeah we’re in Boca absolutely so specifically is there anything else someone should look for or should be looking at on a car outside of paintwork before even considering if this is the right car to try to get approved for and then certainly at that point this side of the drive when you’re dealing in these types of cars these high-performance cars the Porsches the Ferraris the Lamborghinis and MacLaren’s any of this stuff you know when you’re walking on the car look at the tires look at the outer edges of the tires if the outer edge of the tires have any roundest roundness to them or they’re smooth that means the cars were driven hard it’s been cornered a lot the if a car the tire properly wears it’s gonna wear from the center okay when you see the edges that it’s higher is getting worn down that means this car has been driven hard you want to look for little stone chips look at the windows very closely because what happens is if the cars driven extensively hard like on a track because we do see a lot of these cars go to the track you’re gonna see little chips in the windshield that’s a sign that it’s been tracked it’s a bad thing yeah you you let me let me take that back because I mean some of these cars are you’re a thousand percent right and I don’t want to I don’t want to say that it’s a hundred percent a bad thing because it’s not a hundred percent if you have a guy that knows how to drive and you have a guy that knows how to handle his car it’s fine where it’s a problem is that you’ve get all these guys that buy these cars that want to be weekend race car drivers and they really don’t know how to drive the cars properly and those guys can damage the cars and you’re not gonna know it because the only way to know if it’s damaged is to actually take it to a shop which we talked about earlier and do a pre-purchase inspection PPI and the computers are so good this with these cars they’ll be able to tell if there’s any issues going on with transmissions engine issues problems like that over revs the guy shifting too hard all that’s very very very cool I want to thank you for sharing all of this knowledge with us I think of people that are watching really how what could you possibly learn from me how to get on a no-fly zone the only thing you can learn from kracie anyhow but yeah so he’ll definitely be looking into getting the car for under a thousand a month and I think just basically some of these earlier entry-level exotics are just the right cars for some of these people to get used to it to and it’s you know I tell people all the time that getting into a four five it is your first car is probably not the smartest option in the world because you just are not paying attention you know you don’t know what it takes to really it’s not a question of speed it’s more of a question of comfort and understanding like how to treat the car how to make sure you don’t drive places you don’t want to be driven give you a part of valleys and all that crap right and have a lot of boo-boos that cost a lot of money instead of with this you know the booboo is costing you a grand or whatever the browbone at four five eight it’s gonna cost you six seven grand like oh crap you know I was tell you I mean one of the cards that I still think to this day is one of the best cars is the turbo Porsche mm-hmm I mean it’s you know it’s one of my all-time favorite cars bulletproof and and and it’s as fast as any of these cars on the street and it’s something that’s great to get into you know you call it bulletproof I call the stupid on the car keys like we’re very cool so we’ll definitely get out of here we’ve taken enough of your time I think an incredible show well what he wants to close the deal he’s got a bike or I can’t drive that do chief man you know that let’s go back to the hot box let’s go okay JT and all of you watching you guys got a taste of what it’s like to be in an exotic car dealership and talk to an exotic dealer who has been around for a while teaching you some of the same principles with you at exotic car hacks so follow me out and as you can see we scared the little admin chick away so now she’s gone JT was too aggressive earlier and this is how you get kicked out of a dealership but long story short guys I hope you’ve learned a lot here about how to you know get into a car and understand some of these basic things that most people are not talking about in the exotic car space this is the key it exotic car hacks we’re all about teaching you how to buy trade and sell exotic cars and bringing you different perspectives from inside the industry things that people are not talking about these are not sales pitches I’m not selling you a car here I’m just bringing you information to make you a more educated buyer incapable of being successful regardless of what you do we’ve got us what car you buy which dealer you buy it from you need the information to be equipped to make the right decisions and so JT here got his first taste of walking into an exotic car dealership and kind of understanding how the car buying process works I hope many of you did as well you know buying a Porsche like that just as an example and buying an Aventador or buying a 458 Italia or some of these cars you’ve always dreamed of owning is a possibility that’s a lot closer but it’s a process meaning you’re gonna have to start at some point and you won’t the reason I wanted to use this Porsche today as an example for you guys is more because the Porsche is more of an entry car than it is an endgame car you can’t get into the game with no money and somebody decide you want an Aventador you’ll have to start with some of these smaller cars meaning that are still really hot and still believed to be unaffordable that Porsche is gonna cost less than the lease on our brand-new Lexus LS you know that that Porsche is gonna cost less then a lot of people pay on their BMW 5-series for a lease so you have to understand that there is so much opportunity in this car space once you understand how it works that you can actually take advantage of learning all the strategies we teach at exotic car hacks where we teach you how to buy trade and sell exotics for fun and profit so I hope you’ve enjoyed this show we’ll catch you next time on another exotic car hacks video

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  25. Yet another good Vid. when considering purchasing a used car. One big point that I would of mention, would be the condition of the interior, very important. Lift the carpets and see how the floor is worn badly or not. Leather seats, cracks or any minor damage. Small they may seam, but can tell you a lot of, how the car drives, even the staring wheel. Many thanks once again for a great Vid. As we say in the UK "Run Baby Run" Have a nice day

  26. If you buy right you can buy these cars with Ballon loans… Example 80K but you only finance 40K for 3 or 5 years… but your last payment is 40K… Basically, you trade the car in before the balloon payment is due… The hack knowing the rate of depreciation so you don't lose too much money on the trade or sale…

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  29. When you know your custome cant afford a higher priced car, referring to the one he should get as "the poor man's car" is a terrible tactic. You want the customer to feel good about their purchase and have the urge to brag to their friends about the great deal/experience they had buying it. Then their friends may come buy from you as well.

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