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UK Road Trip, Hotel, Rent Car, Great Yarmouth , Skegness Beach, Boston Church, Butlin’s, Hindi, Vlog

UK Road Trip, Hotel, Rent Car, Great Yarmouth , Skegness Beach, Boston Church, Butlin’s, Hindi, Vlog

Music Hi Friends i am at Great Yamouth Beach (Near Norwich) my plan is to cover around whole of U.K Starting here from Norwich to Hull, Sundeland (York, Skegness on the way) moving on to Edinburgh (Scotland) Highland, Inverness Lake District so keep following me Hi Guys Welcome Back to my Channel Delhi Boye’ thanks for joining me on my road trip around the U.K this is my 4th video for the England Travel Series if you are new to my channel don,t forget to Subscribe the best and cheapest way to drive around U.K is by car U.K roads are one of the safe roads in whole Europe and with the help of Google Maps you can easily drive around U.K if you Planning too, for a road trip Please Drive Safe Avoid any kind of Distraction Follow the speed Limits (National Speed Limit 70mph) and please don,t drive when you are Tired for this road trip i was driving with my friend but if you don’t have a car you can always rent a car from this is a very easy searchable site you can choose which airport to pick you can drop to a different airport the price will be bit expensive dropping to a same airport it can be cheaper you can compare dates, different rental company’s Like Europcar, Enterprise, Dollar etc. make sure when look for cars do check for details and rental Terms & Conditions this website gives you a easy excess to all the cars make and models even you can choose the car seating capacity (from 4 to 9) and car transmission from manual to automatic do look into the details before renting you can always drop a email, if any Quarries they usually reply in a hour make sure before you take a rental do check for driver and licence requirement security deposit damage excess and fuel policy please keep your International Driving Licence if you travelling to U.K Rental Terms and Policy can be different from company to company so after a 10 to 15 minute online deep search the cheapest car option comparing all sites was only £34.51 for 7 Days (Basic Economic Car) for a long drive a recommend a automatic diesel car with a cruise control i must say, U.K countryside is very beautiful is not about the destination, is about the whole journey my first destination, Great Yarmouth It’s a Sandy Beach from London, it’s a 2.5 hour journey you pass by Norwich and Norfolk to reach hear but before we reach Great Yarmouth we pass by this beautiful country side called Brandon Brandon Country Parks & Center Parks we are in Brandon Country Park the road trip excitement is began on the way be stop by at Brandon Country Park it’s a very lovely place to come, specially with kids Woodland Country Parks are full of forest trails you can stay around in wood cottages here have a walk in forest you can go for a woodland trails they have got a kids play area too and a cafeteria where you can have a snack coffee or lunch so after a refreshing hot chocolate i was back on road Great Yarmouth is a resort town on the east coast of England. It’s known for its long sandy beach. The Time and Tide Museum traces local history. beach is beautiful it’s quit as its late in the evening i am out on beach side walk it’s very nice to be hear at Great Yarmouth Norfolk Norwich Great Yarmouth try to come here, It’s nice out here i am on a evening beach walk it’s bit quit there are lot of sea eagles worth coming here it’s a sandy not a pebble beach like Brighton so let’s see how things go on trip do follow my insta stories on Instagram and upcoming video i have planned to drive around U.K Starting from here Norwich to up Hull, Sunderland Boston, York Edinburgh (Scotland) Highland Inverses Lake District and Further to Wales Great Yarmouth is one of the place to visit specially if you are with kids i saw something unusual while, i was exploring around Defibrillator this life saving device can help someone during a stork (Heart Attack) if it’s around you, while somebody having a stork you can call 999 or 112 and follow the instruction on this by this simple effort, you can save somebody’s life sea life a 10 min walk Beach was very peaceful what you doing i am just booking room for evening did you see on your left they are some white horse i was wondering cow’s towards my side horses towards your side and two donkeys in center, Me and You Laugh a funny moment show your camera out some journey’s can be more excited then the actual destination so after this fruitful advice don’t forget to enjoy your journey too so my next destination Boston in Lincolnshire Boston is a 2 hour journey from Great Yarmouth we are at Botolph Church in Boston It’s very famous is Boston specially it’s Tower, which you can visit for £5 due to some restoration and scaffolding i won’t be able to show you, as it’s close for safety but if you come here in future, do visit the Stump Tower where you can have a 360 view of whole city of Boston i hope you understand why i was so quite during this video this church is so beautiful i haven’t any words to express it so i put all my efforts in the video to make it as cinematic as possible lets take to you the other section of the church in the other section its a coffee shop which is just underneath The Stump Tower Stump tower is the part of the Botolph’s church its one of tallest tower in whole of the UK its got 365 stairs which represent 365 days in the year and if you on the top you can watch 32 miles from the top on a clear day during my visit The Stump Tower was closed due to some repair works i was fascinated with LEGO project to support this church they are making whole church in a Lego with the Lego bricks so every £1 you pay they add a Lego bricks to the church structure and that donation goes to the church its a very innovative way to support a church Boston town center is very beautiful & historical there are lots of places around the Boston to visit including museums and local historical buildings as i was on my rush but if you come in a good time do visit this place on the way to my next destination i have checked in my hotel which is next to the Boston town The Crown lodge here bed and breakfast £60 for 2 people i book through booking .com which is the website i always use to book my hotel and hostels so my next stop is Skegness beach it takes 45 mint drive from the Boston town this place is very famous to visit with friends and families during summer every hotel pretty-much booked this place so if you planing to come Skegness make sure book in good time now iam on the Skegness beach i have just visited the Skegness town if you look at the map of England then you can see Skegness place which comes further in the middle of England if you going from here towards to the top you will reach to the Scotland and if go to the down from this place you will reach towards to the London side, Brighton beach and Great Yarmouth nice place to come, specially with families you need at least a day to visit beach, local town here we saw the clock tower here if you visit this place then make sure try fish and chips very papular here obviously weather is nice sunny today a little wind is blowing so i wore a thin jacket but its a nice weather today and the view is very beautiful this place not very busy today because school holidays are over last week when at this place weather not to windy then you can brings swimsuits for kids & have fun awesome visit here to enjoy food, drinks and spend some quality time highly recommended this place come with families & kids specially its 3 hour drive from London to Skegness their are so many beach near to london Brighton beach, Southampton beach Great yarmouth beach and skegness beach their is a Butlin’s park in Skegness which is very famous kids & family there are lots of caravan around here which you can hire during your stay iam gonna do blog on caravan soon

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