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U-Haul Pickup Truck Load Challenge

U-Haul Pickup Truck Load Challenge

The U-Haul Pickup Truck Load Challenge!!!
Don’t think a U-Haul pickup truck can hold very much? Using some U-Haul moving accessories,
Levi and Chad from Moving Help will show you how you can fit a load like this into a U-Haul
pickup truck. Besides moving household goods, the U-haul pickup truck is great to warehouse
type stores for picking up furniture, as well as trips to nurseries for flowers, bushes,
and other landscaping needs. And how about those trips to the hardware store for building
or plumbing materials for that fun new project. U-Haul pickup trucks are even great for towing
your boat to the lake. Always secure your load with tie downs and a tarp. If you do
not have these items on hand, check out your nearest U-Haul center. For rates and rental
details, log on to Now, what will you haul in a U-Haul pickup

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11 thoughts on “U-Haul Pickup Truck Load Challenge

  1. Fair warning if you put scratches on that U-Haul pickup truck you have fix it with your own money the moving trucks take more damage they're not so concerned about that but if the damage is bad enough on the moving truck and you don't have coverage you will pay. Now the pickup trucks you need to be careful example….if you put a big ol scratch down the side of it. You will pay out of pocket for the damage. So the point…like it shows in the video boxes and stuff like that works great for the pick-up truck…. but if you need to go pick up gravel and put it in your driveway do not use the U-Haul pick-up truck. Cause gravel means scrapes, scratches and chips the paint.

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