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U-Haul Cargo Van Load Challenge

U-Haul Cargo Van Load Challenge

The U-Haul Cargo Van Load Challenge!!! Don’t think the u-haul cargo van can
hold very much? Using some U-Haul moving accessories,
Chad and Levy from Moving Help will show how you can fit a load like this into a u-haul cargo van. Before we get to
that let’s show how easy two couches fit inside. Let’s pull those couches out and show the
full capacity with the other stuff. You can move a
queen size bed dressers washers and dryers as well as
hundreds of other household items in a U-Haul cargo van. Hey and how about
those trips to nurseries for flowers bushes and other landscaping needs? Or trips to the hardware store for
building or plumbing materials for that fun new project. For rates on rental
details log on to Now what will U-Haul in a cargo van?

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10 thoughts on “U-Haul Cargo Van Load Challenge

  1. You say queen bed, but your website says the internal height of 9' van is 4' 5", while the width of a queen bed is 60" (5ft). Did they load full beds in the video?

  2. Women are like U-Haul vans. You rent them for a few hours, stuff them full of stuff and drive the shit out of them.

  3. I like how much they use the U-haul moving accessories. Like how the dolly just sits there the entire video except when it's holding the door open at 0:41

  4. This video is wrong. I rented a Uhaul van 3 days ago and you can not place a queen size bed like that. I only fits playing flat on the floor.

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