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Tyler Motte and John Garrett – Canucks in Cars

Tyler Motte and John Garrett – Canucks in Cars

– [John] Press break pedal, okay. Press power switch to start. Is it so quiet that I – [Tyler] That’s what I don’t know. Maybe we’re good. We’re driving. – We’re moving here. So how’s your foot? – Good. Definitely getting better. It’s been nice to walk
for the last two weeks. Feel a little bit more
human than the crutches. – All the equipment changes, and I mean the equipment
is so much better now, you’d think that they’d
be able to come up, and they have those shot blocker things. – Right, but yeah I managed
to get in front of a puck in the one spot that
was gonna cause damage. But yeah it’s definitely
changed over the years. – Oh it’s crazy. The guys use to break shin pads. – [Tyler] Right. – Nobody would block shots. – Put you in a tough position when guys were getting out of the way. – [John] (laughing) That’s
why you have the big pads on. I used to be the line. – [Tyler] Oh, were they that big though? – They weren’t that big
and they were heavy. They were horse hair – Oh yeah. And weighed like 40 pounds. This must seem like,
I’m a little bit older but I’m a goalie. – Right. – Like your brother driving you around. – My brother, yeah, I know. – It’s just like your
brother driving you around. – Well it’s funny, I did a quick little bit of
research on ya beforehand, and I saw that too, it’s funny. You mentioned being two smaller guys driving around today though. – Yeah – But I wanted to be a goalie
growing up because of him too. But maybe a smart
decision to stay a skater. – [John] Yeah no kidding. You look around and to hold
goal you got to be crazy, well maybe the position
makes you that way. – It’s definitely a two
way street I would think. Goalies always seem to have some pretty good knowledge of everything. – The world, we’re smarter
than everybody else. We’re going to control the world someday. (John laughing) – Well you might lose the numbers game. – Yeah we might lose the numbers game. – [Tyler] How long have you
lived here in Vancouver? – Oh, 30 years, I got traded
here from Quebec in ’83. Richard Brodeur was the other goalie and he got hit in the head and he was supposed to
go to the All-Star Game. The league decided, well it’s too late and okay the backup can
go to the All-Star Game. – Oh man. – So I go to the All-Star Game, I got no votes in either division. – Yeah. – We ended up winning and
they voted for the MVP with about ten minutes left. There was only two goalies and I played second half of the game and I made a few saves
and I was pretty good so, and there was nobody else
who really stood out. So with ten minutes left
I’m going to win the car, I’m going to win this car. – [Tyler} There ya are. – [John] And uh, Wayne Gretzky comes out and there’s about, I’d say, ya know maybe nine
minutes left and he scores. And then he goes off and then Coach Rogers
throws him out again, he scores again, he scored four goals
in the last 10 minutes. There goes my car. He’s done. – If you’re going to
lose a car to someone, you might as well lose it to a great one. (laughter from John) Lose it to Gretzky. – [John] I get on the flight ya know, I’m amazed at the never hungry league. Ya know, there’s always the buffet set up, and then ya have the choices of the meals. Our pre-game meals was
steak and french fries and then chocolate sundaes for dessert. – I remember my first year, always take an extra to-go box to start and then you realize I probably
don’t need this extra one. – Gordie Howe had the same, like you say, superstition and all that kind of stuff. Chicken, fried chicken. Everyday, for a pre-game meal. – Whatever works I guess, right? – (laughter) I guess. Gordie Howe, Gordie Howe. – The pre-game meal and diet
outlook has changed so much. It used to be carbs and proteins and now it’s making sure you
get all your essential vitamins from your meals and stuff. And then the whole
gluten-free thing, craze now. And we do blood work to
find out food sensitivities. There’s a whole formula. But now and then the boys do
get spoiled with a burger bar or something like that. They normally have a good time there. – [John] I don’t eat a
whole lot but I just crap. And Murph’s always filming me eating crap. – I’ve heard it. I’ve heard a few things. (upbeat music)

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  1. Are you able to repost all the pre game festivities from the 94 night against the rangers? I saw those buggers at WMG struck the video.

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