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Turo tutorial: Insurance & safety

Turo tutorial: Insurance & safety

New owners almost always ask about insurance and personal safety, and rightfully so. These are two of the most important considerations when owning a vehicle or renting one out on the Turo marketplace. When it comes to insurance and personal safety, we’ve got you covered. In this video, we’ll walk you through our
trust and safety protections. As an owner you’re covered during each trip within the US and Canada with our $1 million liability insurance ($2 million for Canadian car owners). You’re covered during the delivery period
as well. Your car is also protected against physical damage up to its actual cash value up to $75,000, subject to our terms of service. While your car is being rented out, Turo’s insurance acts as the primary policy on the car. But if you do have to file a claim, your insurance premiums shouldn’t be affected. And remember, download and print your Turo insurance card and keep it in your car’s glove box at all times. Safety-wise, we vet each traveler against our eligibility criteria to ensure that only the most reliable and trustworthy people rent from our marketplace. For more information about our trust and safety protection, go to And lastly, you’re not alone. We’re always just a phone call away. From our emergency line and roadside assistance to our responsive claims team, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. If you have any additional questions, feel
free to go to

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7 thoughts on “Turo tutorial: Insurance & safety

  1. My experience with TURO was a very bad one, I got ripped off 160.00 by the owner. Turo then protected the thief then removed my review and called me dishonest. The company hides behind its policy and is thick as thieves. If your in Sacramento do not rent from a user called Dan J , he is thief. As for reviews you can leave a bad one but the owner will have it removed. TURO SUCKS

  2. I just called turo to find out about insurance in the guy I spoke to could barely speak English. It's amazing that something as important as this is handled by an outsourced person who quite frankly was not very smart. Some businesses can be outsourced this is a stupid one to Outsource. I wanted to know about the insurance and now I have absolutely zero interest in doing this

  3. One thing that I feel Turo is purposely making confusing is they keep bragging about 1million dollar liability policy….HOWEVER, liability insurance DOES NOT cover theft or collision. So basically you're on the hook to pay for the actual cash value of the car since most insurance companies & credit card companies don't consider Turo a car rental company but instead a rideshare company.

  4. Hey I'm trying to get into turo but can't seem to find a insurance company that will cover me personally if I'm doing turo on the side if you can please suggest a company in the state of Florida that will cover me I would really appreciate it

  5. Guys, under any circumstances try avoiding Turos Insurance coverage. Get a reputable insurance company instead. Turo's insurance is a scam and I've witnessed it first hand and incurred a huge loss for an accident that was caused by my guest. Long story.

    Also, do not go through their arbitration process. Their Fairclaims partner will always choose Turo's side since they work on their behalf. Hope this helps you all to reconsider!

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