Turo Car Rental Review (Airbnb for Cars)

all right so let’s talk a little bit
about how it works so when I first got started with it
you know I was clueless just like you might be and so you come to tors website
and I’m logged in now but if you don’t have an account then you have to create
one and and they do a couple things to just verify and make sure that you’re
legit and they really do try to protect both sides the renter and the owner of
the car and so once you have your account created then it’s just really
pretty simple so you just come in here so I’m in Nashville so I’ll just go look
at Nashville pick some dates these are fine and and then what you will see is a
list of all the elbow cars meaning it’s sort you can sort by price if you want
low to high and just see what the cheapest stuff is out there I’m you can
kind of do a selector here if you only want to pay a specific amount let’s see
there’s some more filters down here that I have used so if you want a specific
type of car you can select that which is kind of nice or I’m sorry make but this
has been helpful as well so there have been some trips where then we’ve taken
where I knew we would need two car seats and so we just got a minivan or an SUV
we’ve always got an SUV because it’s it’s a trip I was one of a little bit
fun so so that’s been helpful they also have different features that you need so
if you need a pet-friendly one or if you’re looking for a convertible or
child seat like all these things have been a little bit helpful for us at one
time or another so it’s been really helpful traveling just knowing that some
of the people on tour Oh have child seats available and so we could just
filter by that now once we’re actually looking for the car itself I like to
find cars that have a decent amount of reviews I mean really I don’t know
depending on the city I’m looking for at least three to five reviews just to make
sure that I’m not the first person driving it I just don’t like being the
guinea pig like that but like in this case this car is 122 trips with five
stars like that’s just crazy there what do we what do we have selected here SUV
so let’s just get rid of that and any other filters okay so yeah this is
another one 153 trips five stars there’s a caravan
there’s a Sienna but anyway so once you find a car you want so like I’m just
gonna do this Tahoe cuz this is really cheap and it’s plenty big you can go in
here you can see you can actually read the reviews they normally have a
description this one’s really you know short obviously but then you can also
see a little bit more detail about you know what the car has you can see a
picture of the owner their response rate how long it generally takes them to
respond like all this stuff you can see where the car is located and you can
also select you know in my case like I always get cars at the airport so you
can select they wanted to be picked up at the airport or dropped off at the
airport when you get there and so some Toro users will do that some won’t some
will charge I get $25 50 fee for that drop-off and some will do it for free
and it looks like this guy does it for free he just needs a little ride after
you pick up to get him home so I’m assuming he lives about a mile away or
something like that so I personally haven’t ever had to give anybody a ride
a lot of times Toro owners will just drop it off at the
airport and then you know they’ll call an uber and then go back home themselves
or something so anyway at this point we can just select our dates or times you
want to be pretty close to accurate with the time because these are real human
beings who have to meet you there versus like car rental returns like I
never paid that much attention to it try to get in the ballpark but with these
times since they are human beings who have lives and other things to do you
know you don’t want to tell them 10:00 a.m. if you’re not gonna be there till
11:00 and have them stand around you know obviously it’s not great so they
talk about the distance that’s included and then if any kind of mileage over
than that and so from here we can just go check out and then they offer
different insurance options here so for me in my case I called my insurance
company they said I didn’t need to get an additional start insurance that I was
covered so you can decline it if you’d like but if you want to add additional
surance on it you can do that then you have your credit card plugged in and you
can send a message if you want and you just click rent this car and then once
you do this this guy Dan’l that’s how they say his name I don’t know anyway he
will get a message for me saying hey Bob wants to rent your car on these dates
and then he will have to confirm it and then he will you know confirm or say
that it’s actually not available anymore on those dates or whatever and he’ll
confirm it and then I’ll get a message saying that it’s been confirmed and then
from that point you know he’ll send me a message and we’ll just kind of work out
the details of how we’re gonna meet or whatever or where specifically at the
airport we’re gonna meet and like I said every time I’ve done this I have just
had the owner drop it off at the airport and normally by the baggage claim and so
I grab my bags walk out the door and then you know they’re sitting there or
I’m waiting a minute or two for them to arrive and I grab the car and go and
then it’s the next steps of this process is once the car arrives and Tauro
explains all this to you in their app when you’re using their app but once the
car arrives you pull out their app you just take some pictures of it you know
and this is just for protection of both of you
you and the owner just kind of you know making sure there’s no major dings or
anything like that and just cover yourself and then you can just hop in
and drive away and you’re good to go and so it really is like that simple and
yeah I’ve really enjoyed doing it and with the cost savings of the whole thing
and then the additional options it’s been really really fun and I’m glad I
found it okay so what are the downsides of using
Toro so since it is just like Airbnb you’re dealing with human beings rather
than like a large corporation or something like that that might have like
perfect systems in place to eliminate any and all human variability and so a
lot of times you know having this human element is better because I’m talking to
a real person and there’s not policy set in place you know what I mean like
things can bend a little bit you know so if they say that pets aren’t allowed you
know I might be able to say hey I just gotta you know take it from here and
drop it off here at a friend’s house and that’s it and it’s really small like and
they might make an exception you know because it’s human being you’re dealing
with so there’s a lot of benefits there but in some cases you might need to be a
little bit more flexible so for example one of my last trips I had booked this
car months in advance and had all my travel plans set so I was just kind of
done and ready to go and did enough think about the trip anymore and then
about a week before my trip the car owner sent me a message and said that he
had sold the car and so it was a little bit annoying but it really ended up not
being that big of a deal because you know I just went back to Tora within
five minutes I’d booked another car and then that transaction just went
perfectly smooth for the pros or the benefits of using tor over a traditional
car rental place like enterprise or budget or Hertz or any of those guys the
main was just price that it’s just considerably cheaper
Torro themselves says that you can see up to thirty five percent discount on
what you would traditionally pay at a car rental company in my experience I
feel like actually been more than that in some cases and so it’s one of the
things where it might just depend you know on the actual car rental company
you’re talking about but it’s been considerably cheaper for
apples-to-apples you know if you’re looking at this car versus this car and
it’s the same car at both places it’s just been considerably cheaper and then
personally I think the ease of use is a really big benefit as well just being
able to walk out from the baggage claim you know right on to that main whatever
the main road is called there and just grabbing the car and going versus going
waiting in a car rental place and sometimes you have to take one or two
shuttles to actually even get to the car rental place and then wait in line you
know so the convenience of just having somebody meet you there drop the car off
and you go it’s certain airports is really really nice and then the other
big benefit that I’ve seen is just the selection so most car rental places have
a very limited selection of what types of cars you can get and you know yeah
in anyway that’s what’s fun about toros you can just get a lot of different
stuff that you probably won’t find at a car rental place okay and here are a few
questions that a lot of people tend to have so first one is can I get the car
at the airport in which I’ve kind of already addressed but yes almost every
car that I have looked at has an option to get it delivered to the airport so in
some cases you can get free delivery to the airport and and that’s great and in
other cases it might be a $25 $50 fee for them to take it to the airport and
drop it off for you but I honestly can’t recall seeing any cars that wouldn’t be
taking to the airport and those are have been in major cities that have been
looking at so far so you know possibly if you’re in a city where the nearest
airports whatever two hours away that might not be an option for certain cars
but in my experience it’s it’s always been pretty easy to get a car to the
airport okay so what if you’re driving this car
and it breaks down so this is something I was concerned about when I first got
started because I you know I don’t know how well this cars were detained I don’t
know anything about this car and it you know it’s concerning and thinking you
could break down and so here’s what’s got or has a 24-hour roadside assistance
as well as 24-hour support phone support so they will not leave you high and dry
and if that were to happen you’re in pretty good hands with kind of their
systems that they have set in place there
and another question people ask a lot about is this insurance thing and just
want to be feel comfortable that they are covered and and so like I said
before I talked to my insurance company and they said that I was covered and I
didn’t need any of toros additional insurance and Toro actually provides
that I think to work with Liberty Mutual to to do the insurance coverage that
they offer and so you’re welcome to take that they have two different options
that are basic in a premium plan at the time of this recording anyway
and you’re welcome to use that or you can use your own insurance as well and
so you can drive without really worrying about you know getting any dings or
anything like that just knowing that it’s gonna be taken care of so all in
all I love it and I probably will not use a rental car company again if I have
the option to because I’ve just had such good experiences on here and saving the
money and having the better options I’ve really enjoyed it so if you have any
additional questions that I might be able to answer from my you know
relatively limited experience I’m happy to answer them or obviously you can
check out Turos website and you know ask them or look in their FAQ or something
like that but anyway I hope this helps and hope to see you on Turo soon real quick one more thing I forgot to tell you if you are new to it I can get you
twenty five dollar credit for your first ride using it and it works out as a
win-win because I get twenty five bucks to you twenty five bucks
everybody’s happy so just use the link down below and that will get that deal
for you all right take care


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