100 thoughts on “Turbo Lag – The Problem With Turbocharged Cars

  1. Hello, would it be possible making a video explaining how turbo blankets work (proper ones not chinese copies)? Also are they harmfull for the longevity of the turbo? If it's a big fuss making a video for this subject, could you tell us your personal opinion commenting below at least? Thanks

  2. and that's why there are twin turbo systems.
    My choice of twins will have a small exhaust side(for the low-end power) and one with a big exhaust wheel(for the mid-to-high-end power) . So No lag 🙂

  3. So, couldnt you use some sorta mechanism like in bikes, when you spin the pedal, wheels spin faster because of bearings? So if you could port this to turbo, you would have like 2:1 ratio, so after this ''mod'' you could get your turbine spin twice faster than before. Is this possible? Or am i just a bit crazy?

  4. can a small turbo be used to help spool up a bigger turbo faster where all the clean air coming from the smaller turbo goes only to the exhaust turbine of the bigger turbo how well would that work? would it work better since you're using clean cold air instead of hot exhaust ? would it eliminate the lag on bigger turbo since the smaller turbo spools up faster in which itll spool up the bigger turbo faster than using the engine to spool the bigger turbo directly? would love to hear any n all opinions….

  5. why can't there be an electric motor on the turbo that keeps the turbo spooled for a second after you let off the gas? as soon as you hit the throttle again, the diverter valve closes and you've got instant boost.

  6. and why does no one use superchargers any more? my first MINI had one, and i loved it. now they have turbos and i hate it. why do they do this to me!?!

  7. "exhaust turbine and intake turbine" lmao you mean a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel?? "engineering explained" but doesnt even know the names of stuff

  8. So if a smaller turbine makes less turbo lag, why doesn't all manufacturers make the smallest turbine(making sure that it spins fastest) so that no turbo charged car will have the lag?

  9. I have a Hyundai Veloster turbo. When I push on the gas the motor jumps in rpm's but the car doesn't go any faster until the rpm's go back down then the car takes off, the mechanic says that is turbo lag I call that the transmission slipping? What does it sound like to you

  10. I think it's more interesting the way people can minimize this. If i'm correct a bigger intercooler allows for a greater lag but a greater amount of 'cooled' air into the engine as well. The smaller components (turbo, IC, intake) the better the throttle response will be. The larger you go the greater the "lag" will be. I drive a RS4 B5 Avant V6 Bi-turbo with for each bank 1 turbo. You can tell there's turbo lag compared to a M5 E39 but when the turbo's start to kick in it's boost is just pure power.

  11. The dimension of intake tract between turbo and intercooler should be smaller that of the tract between intercooler and throttle body? thanks

  12. Im a little bit confused. So in cars with sequential turbochargers, like the supra, there is less turbo lag for the smaller turbo because it spools quicker?

  13. Looks like I don't need to enroll on any automobile repair school. I just need to watch your videos and learned alot for FREE…. How can I know if my vehicle is turbocharge?… i bought a 2nd hand van and it has a timer before turning it off.

  14. Too distracted by the diagram that looks exactly like a robot uterus attached to a robot penis. You can't unsee it

  15. You are just like my physics teacher who does not use big or extra diagrams yet explains the concept excellently

  16. Ok, so I'm curious about something. Why is it that you can't really build boost without a load on the engine. I drive tractor-trailers and my truck has a 12L turbo diesel engine. When I don't have a trailer, I can't hardly build boost, but if I have a full load, boost goes up to 30psi or more. I am trying to understand the physics of what relationship the load has to the amount of boost built. Oh, and you look soooo young in this video. Didn't realize you had been doing videos this long!

  17. why not just buy a small turbo to get rid of lag and have a set temporary hyperboost like davesfarm did and add a too efficient intercooler like a3.5 ecoboost intercooler so when air inlet temps rise the super efficient intercooler will prevent intake air from getting too hot.

  18. 6.0 turbo is great it has veins that shut to decrease the amount of lag and greatthrottle reponse, however the rest of the engine is garbage if its a 2003 or 4

  19. Have an A1 TFSI and MY99 Gc8 WRX I have my turbo lag with A1 is the because of the DSG transmission? Also eg I light weight turbines i remember my twin turbo Sister used to have ceramic turbos to cool down quicker then I changed them to alumninium is that light weight?

  20. These older videos always have an awkward moment and I love it. Great information! I've learned more about my car from this channel than I've learned driving it over the last year. Subbed!

  21. How about 2 air intakes that join before the intercooler, one has a turbocharger which has a sensor that reads how fast the turbine is spinning. And the other has a sort of valve that is open when you first step on the throttle and closed once the turbo is spinning fast enough. So when you press on the throttle, you'll get air directly from outside in the straight pipe and once the exhaust gets the turbine spinning fast enough the first air intake will shut off.. or does that completely ignore the point of a turbo

  22. Mate, when u want to launch manual turbo petrol engine, what u think is it better to floor it and release clutch on 3000rpm , because i notice when i hve gas and keep rpm on 3000 boost drop , but when i pump gas or floorit boost jump high i think when u do that you aceleration is better 🙂 (sry for bad english)

  23. Ted, so where's Bill? Sorry but anyone not from the early 80s won't understand this Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure reference.

  24. Hi, a friend of mine is adamant that superchargers don't have any lag, but I know they do. It's obviously less lag than a turbo but could you explain why superchargers have lag and dispel the myth that they don't? I would be really grateful. Thanks.

  25. I'm not certain but I feel like I experience turbo lag a lot with my Veloster Turbo (it's my first car and first turbocharged car I've ever driven so very little experience). I'm about to go look into it but this video gave me a very good idea of what exactly turbo lag is. Great job EE

  26. Is some specific exhaust gas comes to intercooler or normal exhaust gases came. Means is the gases coming into intercooler have some different density or same as of exhaust gases which go out of turbo in environment. Sir please tell….I m confused about this

  27. Mr Engineer, good day! I'm from philippines and a fan of your videos. It is very interesting and enlighting. Mr, i want to ask you a few question about my truck. It is a 2014 FORD RANGER XL, 2.2L doratorq TDCi engine. Last month i brought my pick up truck to the ford service shop for PMS. They changed the air filter, aircon filter, fuel filter, and oil filter because it is already 1 year of service. After which i drove my truck way back home and after 2 days of it's service when i prepared the truck for our trip i noticed that when i made a high revolution up to 3thousand rpm the powertrain flashed so i turned off the engine and started again. In the same manner doing a high revolution up to 3thousand the powertrain flashed again and i released the gas pedal so that the engine RPM will be back to it's normal idle power….i mean it will stay on 900rpm. That's the resting RPM of the engine. Moreover, i switched the engine off and started again, i did not rev up to 3thousand RPM anymore because surely it will illuminate the powertrain lamp again. So what i did is to rev up to 1500rpm and after which i just heard an unusual sound in the engine. It is like a dynamic sound…. like a choking sound to the engine. Can you please help me? Because the ford service here in my region can't find the possible reasons.

  28. Hello, thank you for your awesome videos. would you be keen on making a video about anti-lag for turbochargers? I haven't found any videos about them on youtube.

  29. Jesus christ you look like you just popped out your momma in these old videos haha. Glad your standard of education has not dropped in your newer videos.

  30. Sup guys, im experiencing problems with my pajero which isnt changing gears properly and isnt getting power . it goes of when i come to stop ( light on a red light or about to make a turn) we changdall the filters and even gas pump.

  31. Good video, but I think you can simplify it further (IIUC): Turbo engines rely on engine movement to help bring in more air, so when the engine is moving very slowly turbo doesn't do much. Turbo lag is the time between when the engine speeds up and when the extra air gets through.

  32. Here's a question.  Can the expression "Turbo lack" be replaced with "Turbo lack"?   I would like to know whether it is recognizable as correct meaning of turbo lag although "Turbo lack" is written instead of turbo lag.   looking forward to your quick answer please~

  33. I bought a Volvo S70 GLT turbo, having the only other vehicle I have ever driven with a turbo being a Cummins truck. And between variable valve timing, and the turbo. . . It seams like in about half of a second, the car goes. . . Oh! You want all of the beans? Okay!

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