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Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channe!l hi how are ya? now in today’s video we are here in beautiful Grand
Rapids, Michigan where we reside part time! now there’s something I must
confess.. I have never been to a Dollar General before!! can you believe that?
listen I’m from Huntington Beach California we’ve had dollar trees our
whole entire lives but we’ve never been to a Dollar General no I’ve seen them
all over Michigan as I’ve been driving around here of course and Nate and Zach
have been going to Dollar General’s forever so we are going to go on a little adventure
today and what I mean by that is baby I found out the Real TEA Dollar General has
their own makeup line now I have been to TJ Maxx I’ve done Dollar Tree
but Dollar General I really didn’t know much about it and earlier I was
snapchatting and I thought it was only a Midwestern thing oh no they’re all over
Northern California even as far as up in Oregon as well and I’m like how have I
never been to one so I hopped online y’all and there are so many in Michigan
there’s like a thousand locations and the Realty is you guys they have their
own beauty line it’s called believe and it launched in March and it hasn’t
really had a lot of momentum until recently I guess youtubers and people
like me I’ve started to review it and I’m like what the hell everything is
literally five dollars or less how what why okay
I’ve been coming for elf what is going on here so we all know target people
like that CVS they all have their own kind of like beauty boutiques and all
that and we all know Amazon is trying to do with Lady Gaga’s makeup line we have
everyone is trying to dive into beauty so we looked up one and Zach and Nate
found one right around the corner from their old house that they actually used
to shop at it has one star I don’t know why but we’re going to find out but
before we go and go on a little adventure and try on all the makeup
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do giveaway so come back for more all right you guys enough about Birkins
let’s talk about Dollar General okay so I drove it into the tea Nathan’s
actually gonna come over here because he is obviously from Michigan and his in
the Dollar General and I’m excited to try other stuff you guys $5 foundation I
have dollar concealer I did like this is crazy
um look at your daughter my sister yes is that your sister still mm-hmm you
guys still at their family dog is underneath here she’s the most gorgeous
eyes so you’ve been at Dollar General a million times
oh yeah definitely yes so what what is your experience what is your first
memory and I mean it’s negative it’s Disneyland I mean there’s no one helping
anyone it’s just messy usually in there like people throw shit wherever you know
if they don’t like one it it usually stays almost an
impermanent like location they always just kind of float around the cashiers
are what do you think Zack well this actual specific location when I was a
kid ever they took over name W I actually had a woman and her man run out
with a bunch of stuff under their coat and I was like oh say oh my god maybe
we’ll try that today I get arrested ha ha ha part two yeah ok so I’m reading
this you guys dolly Jenna was growing to be one of the most profitable stores in
rural United States with revenue reaching 21 billion only two years ago
that is insane okay the jeffree star a dollar store opening soon oh my god okay
enough about this let’s dive into the Yelp review so we typed in Dollar
General Grand Rapids and Nate and Zach and their family are from a small suburb
called Wyoming Michigan and I found the location right here is this exact 36
straight nearly 6000 what my god okay um the first comment male cashier can’t do
simple math well I’ll be paying with a card then that’s good to know
see if my total bill is $13.73 and i give you two dollars and 73 cents
how much would you put on my card oh my god they tried to pay some cash some
card and the person got confused don’t argue to your customer if you
don’t know simple math okay she’s angry all right Marissa says I will not be
returning back to this business for my own personal shopping needs I came to
this location because I wanted to buy an item for my client what do you do though
she’s in from your town Ani I asked the store tenant where they kept the
eyeglasses cleanser and she pointed to a general direction said buy the glasses
it would’ve been more helpful if short of maybe you know told me where they
were okay she walked over with a bad attitude okay customer service is the
most important skill in retail and working with the public very unimpressed
here yeah I don’t think they have the best customer service okay
if I were to tell you before was video like hey Dollar General has makeup what
would be your first thought no I wouldn’t
recommend it okay well I think it’s time to get into the car drive to this
location and let’s see what the hell happens and then of course after that we
will be coming back to the house and trying it all on and seeing if my skin
hates me or not all right this is actually Zach’s old car that he left
here before he moved back to California so Kristin’s gonna come in my car I have
a two-seater and they’re gonna lead the way to their old stomping grounds oh my
god okay we just exited why do I get so giddy when we’re going to like
McDonald’s like the cheapest stores okay believe Beauty let’s please don’t let me
down girl all right we’re exiting we’re actually
named Zach used to live really like their whole lives they were in Wyoming
Michigan you guys like 20 years so this is gonna be really interesting and I
love seeing them drive their old car which doesn’t have a license plate or
any registration so we’ll be selling that as soon as videos over my god we
are here oh look at the yellow sign oh it looks magical it’s like Disneyland
this rills you man there’s only a few people here thank God cuz we got to buy
out the whole store miss thing all right we are here alright guys I don’t know what to expect
so here we go used to be my great grandmother’s house right there what
Zachery serious Nate for real what yeah my my grandpa’s we’re gonna go visit
that house later oh so this is the Dollar General aren’t if they have new James Charles
palette okay la color they have oh it’s right here you guys all my god here it
is believe where you get a card from your favorite basket okay oh it’s kind
of like okay they have foundation color it’s a little bare bones like people ah
the golden disco eyeshadow palette is sold out I don’t even know what there is
here there’s so many different mascaras I’m just gonna grab them all okay
everything as little as four dollars and fifty cents
why oh we got something put a wet and wild here you were right me some people
just throw things up there because I was like this pink no that’s not been
long-lasting lip liners there’s six shades literary pots texture that dries
to a powdery finish oh my god grab them all hi okay I’m sorry I should go
palette there’s lip shine glosses only three colors got it liquid lipstick
Debbie’s better than jeffree star cosmetics I heard there’s a rumor there
might be I’m just kidding haha oh my god I missed getting all the shades oh whoa
what is this one oh my god it’s clear how cute okay
oh my god you guys look okay so there’s Dollar General security tags you are not
stealing in this damn store they have false lashes you pose like God we have
to give them God medium to buildable coverage so a lot of the star family
told me Jeffrey the foundation here is actually pretty bomb and I’m like you
guys come on oh it was heavy let’s go last for five
dollars he’s gonna grab all my shades shade range here I mean for a brand that
just started I’m a mad at it but it could be a lot better oh my god that’s
way too orange I okay a lot of people said the concealers don’t hear you guys
we have to try it there’s barely any shade this could work for me it’s almost
there mmm okay where’s this on the floor by the way what is that it’s like pink on that no one cleaned up
okay anyway oh there’s a translucent here it is got it oh my god okay there’s
a primer or getting all of them well I got the last two of these fish oh my god
look what is this oh my god how do they have everything look at all these
brushes I’m panicking I flick reduce it like the five-second makeup challenge
like I’m dying I’m like sweating it’s a lot of stuff okay well this is quicker
and easier than I thought you guys like what okay so now that I’ve grabbed all
the makeup we’re gonna go home and try it but I’ve never been to a Dollar
General so me run down the aisles and see what else they have
oh wow that’s cute by the way why is everything in here yellow definitely
you’re on brand why did I use this same blank like five years ago for a t-shirt
I’m not kidding we’re gonna find it insert it right here oh my god instead
of oh no it’s not like good okay anyone else at home we are obsessed with you
know we love all different editions of it so there’s only one left to roll all
right so let’s go check out and then we should maybe walk across the street to
that house chewing up oh yeah I’m gonna see her
great grandma’s um yeah that’d be so cool okay yeah all right so typical with
any store there’s one cashier yes they do
she says they just got their floors clean so it’s not the mess that it
usually is I love that no cash back oh it’s okay oh can we welcome alright y’all so let’s go walk
across the street really quickly Nate will you take me to the your grandma’s
old house going to someone’s yeah look sleep ah
pretty so but we get a little circle yeah my cousin used to live here too
with my grandma for a little while really oh yeah Wow for privacy reasons
we were not gonna obviously pick a dress anywhere or really show much I’m
bothering these people but it’s so cool to see a piece of history with the cold
Wow okay so I’m starving anyone else yeah finished my craving like a
cheeseburger okay hello everyone okay I’m just waking up from a nap oh my god
I really needed that okay so we are here I put a robe on we’re getting
comfortable and now it’s time to dive into a full day’s sub Dollar General I
got a lot of stuff I couldn’t believe the receipt by the way the cash register
was broken she said I’m so sorry you won’t be able to see any of the item
names so everything is basically four or five dollars for seventy-five five
dollars five dollars I mean this is crazy so you guys get the gist
everything is about the same price all right we spent almost 300 dollars there
it was an adventure having the cashier tell me that the
stores usually gross was hilarious and I’m not shocked there’s so much here and
I’m gonna pull out and form everything to get a almost complete full face so
let’s see what they mean yeah okay I’m just gonna start pulling and grabbing we
got some brushes I’m not sure this is this looks kind of like it quality but
hey let’s feel them to really judge them so we got the foundation so many of you
said that this actually could be really good and I’m like alright now everything
that has never been swatched or used before obviously has this really nice
sticker it says Dollar General it is a security
tag so I think if you try to steal it beeps I don’t know so everything on here
is like sealed so I’m going to now take off all the seals of everything I want
to try and work in see what happens right I’ve unwrapped
all the products there sitting in front of me and there’s a lot here now there’s
three primers what the hell I got my mirror right here I pushed my hair back
I definitely need some foundation on my face so we have the stay-put makeup
primer apply a small amount with your fingers our brush to forehead nose chin
and cheeks how about the whole face allow to set to one to two minutes okay
so it says that I’m going to help the smoothness of my skin and extend aware
of my makeup okay let’s see what happens here you guys oh you know I’m gonna
smell everything your doesn’t have a smell oh my god it’s like lotion I mean
let’s see what it looks like on my face cuz right now it’s odorless which I
don’t mind whoa it feels very like it’s like a water gel cream all right primer is applied and now it
does say to wait 1 to 2 minutes before applying the foundation so be right back
it feels a little tacky but nothing crazy um I definitely see a little bit
of shininess to my skin so let’s see how this foundation applies now $5
foundation come on believe Beauty I will say this when I took off the security
stickers it did leave this weird film here for $5.00 I’m not mad at it is what
it is we all know you can get that off with goo gone or rubbing alcohol
now the shade range we know we all know the shade range was not that impressive
miss thing it was a little underwhelming they all kind of look the same y’all so
I might go in with porcelain and soft beige and let’s see what that happens
now packaging they’re five dollars like it’s heavy it feels good there’s
actually like expensive foundations that I’ve seen that are less heavy and I’m
like okay now this is the skin finish foundation it’s medium to full coverage
there is 0.85 fluid ounces I’m not mad at that usually one fluid ounce is to
standard but baby it’s five bucks so let’s just get over it okay so I grabbed
my morphe beauty sponge my pink one is floating around here somewhere we’re
gonna go back to the classic red today oh it does look thick I love that okay
I’m gonna mix these shades right here and see what happens you can’t try them
in the store so you just gotta pray that one works when you get home all right
let’s take our sponge let’s mix it around oh this looks thick I love it now
how does it apply on the skin obviously we will see right now here goes nothing all right the foundation is applied to
half my face Christian what do you think Terrell from over there how she doesn’t
look that bad absol nun versus believe beauty remember
you guys we are not here in california obviously we’re here in Michigan so I
have a different Beauty set up the audio and lighting may be a little different
than normal but um it doesn’t change my opinion I’m looking close up and it is
pretty but I definitely think we could add a tiny bit more up here so let’s
take some excess off the back of my hand and let’s blend and once again it just
kind of like smells like makeup there’s no like fat will smell it isn’t crazy or
weird sometimes foundations are like girl Oh little chemically up in here all
right so here’s the foundation of course on this side and this side has nothing
what do we think there is a brush here which I totally forgot about hi
Christian were flopping here there is this believed which almost looks like
it’s open but it’s not it’s ripped on the side a foundation brush designed
with the ideal shape density and texture to achieve the most airbrushed finish
look we all know the brush is going to apply the foundation a little
differently let’s do what happens all right the brush definitely put it on
a little thicker than the sponge which I actually don’t mind at all I don’t need
to add any to my forehead because it already looks good the sponge I think
soaked up a little bit of the product but um so far so good and of course I
always like to take my Beauty sponge and hit all the little crevices that maybe
my brush had missed all right now let’s dive into the concealer it’s five
dollars as well it is called your covered liquid concealer with 4.5
milliliters in here now this was the lightest shade that I could find for
myself it’s called ivory and I think we just go directly and applicator looks
like this it’s a little thin almost like a lip gloss applicator now let’s go in
and see if we can cover up my dark circles and anxiety okay I can already
tell it’s a little peachy for me this looks lighter in the bottle doesn’t it
so much lighter than the whole oh my looks almost right God this is a weird
shade you mentioned this one would be so much darker okay I mean hopefully it
blends and looks cool but usually I am into a little more brightening let’s do
it happens it’s blended out what was like really
luminous not crazy it definitely feels kind of thick which I like I love a
thick concealer but it’s not bright enough for me yeah I don’t know if it’s
brightening obviously it added another layer I think of concealing but it
didn’t do me wonders I still think that it’s cute
but let’s try the other side okay guys everything is blended into the skin what
do we think I definitely think that it gave me a little extra coverage but to
me the color looks too close to the foundation and it’s so pretty though it
isn’t drying it wasn’t cakey it looks a very like luminous and skin like and
pretty four or five dollars bitch I’m a little shocked there is setting powder
thank you Jesus Matt blurring loose powder you guys know I’m just gonna pour
some right here this is translucent looks a little
yellow okay check I’ve used one tool so far just fine drilling okay and let’s
try one side it kind of like really said it but can I
tell you something do you see like the overcast of the yellow a little bit or
no like look to the other side I think I’ve seen in real life more than the
camera yeah like the powder says translucent but
it’s not like you see my house color to it obviously it’s not translucent like
it just made my eyes even darker I’m like look at my under eye it looks
darker I’m gonna go grab but literally I translucent be right back okay I grab
the Laura Mercier and I’m gonna grab my own I’m not biased I just will II got to
make sure I’m not going crazy here I was so weird I really thought it was
translucent you guys I’m sad the concealer and foundation are actually
pretty good for the price it’s just a little bull shook all right here’s a
Laura Mercier all right oh yeah I can there’s total difference easy now you
know what’s crazy is the formula whoa okay I’m just tripping out because this
isn’t a bad formula it just created a weird cast and I’m just a little like
what the hell the other side looks really pretty
okay we have to get move on okay do you mind christian taking the camera off the
tripod let’s just go outside really quickly and see if you can tell the
color difference okay I can’t tell if you can really see it out here but I
just see kind of like a color where the concealer was and then this side is more
like definitely translucent it’s so shadowy out here and it’s a little you
man I’m not burning my mouth you guys let’s get back to the review
urgh all right guys it’s definitely time to really contour there’s three shades
here this is what we got everyone it is the get glowing highlight and contour
palette in light to medium bronze blush and a highlight with the perfect
contouring trio alright cool we all know what this is you guys let’s
grab a few brushes and let’s see what the hell is about to happen all right
now let’s do the contour with of course the J s21 plastic-surgery contour brush
from of course morphe x jeffree star and we’re just going to take a little bit
and see how much pigment is in here oh my god fall out that
how’s this thing oh let’s the other formula works and then we’ll really
judge her I like to take this just kind of start in circular motions and really
work it into the skin and let’s see how we’re feeling about miss formula over
here now what I’m pretty easy to be honest well that’s kind of making it a
little mmm I’m just gonna go into my forehead and hairline hi what do you
think Christian is like mighty or nice looks pretty good right am i huh I’m not
mad at all I’m a little shy Mike shook all right actually now that I’m
sculpting the full face like this product that’s good
not gonna lie on the formula is really good someone’s gonna do a little bit on
my nose now there is a blush in the palate ah not my favorite color I’m down
to try it but they also have a single blushes look at this little pink
definitely matches this robe this is a shade wink long wearing a sheer powder
blush that provides a pop of buildable natural-looking cheek color for all skin
tones I mean we have to try it right okay not a lot of fall out there really
oh definitely intense someone take a little brush and just kind of diffuse it
okay there we go okay miss wink this was actually a
really pretty color formula is cute it went on really nice I shared it out with
a powder brush and now I’m really loving how it’s looking now there is a
highlight tour in this what do you what does it even look like oh wow that is
way too dark for me look at that that is like soft topaz eye shadow on me so I am
NOT going to use that shade on me or it might look like mud or is that what you
guys want to see okay let’s go for it let’s see what happens
oh look at that brush hair right here ooh it look darker on my hand and then
now that it’s on this brush it’s kind of pretty alright I’m not mad at all
actually oh pretty whoa Dollar General highlighter you better slow it down okay
now there’s also other highlighters that this brand has now this one look at it
it’s like oh let’s just watch this right now okay what does it look like oh it’s
kind of okay it’s kind of beaming pop of pink a radiance enhancing highlighter
with a silky texture and a barely-there feel okay well I’m gonna give it a whirl
oh is that showing up on camera yeah a little bit okay it’s subtle huh it’s
kind of showing the texture on my skin which I don’t like at all like see right
there it’s like hmm not the best this site I think looks a little better it is
still showing a little bit of texture but this side is a little bit more maybe
because it has like that white base to it I’m not mad at it but it’s definitely
not my favorite highlighter all right the face now finally has some structure
it’s time to see if this eyeshadow palette is good alright so here is what
it looks like it is a six pan moment right here of course you see it is very
little smoky and nice brown tones now this is called nearly nude it says six
highly pigmented mattes striking shimmers and metallics all with a smooth
and blendable texture the versatile collection allows you to create both
classic and playful looks that go from day to night all right you guys let’s
just dive right in here let’s go in with this bottom middle one it’s like a deep
chocolate brown and I’m just gonna Pat that around my eye and blend and let’s
see what the hell happens now I do have primer from my foundation and concealer
that’s my primer I didn’t see a primer from this brand but oh hi shadow it’s
sticking all right that went on actually really cute I didn’t know what to expect
and I’m like oh good morning now remember how I said mattes and shimmers
there’s literally two mats I wish there was more so I’m gonna take this color or
we can actually even take this one that would be prettier let’s take the bottom
left with a brush so I’m gonna take that and I’m just gonna go on the edge of
where the color is and it’s either gonna flop or not and let’s see it’s darker
than I thought y’all mm-hmm that is not gonna work oh wow so whenever this
happens I like to clean the brush and then we’ll go in with this shade it’s
more like an ivory bone color all I want to do is really blur and soften the
brown color so it looks really airbrushed
alright so we diffuse that copper color it was really pretty that way too dark
to put above that this show must go on so we’re gonna grab another brush and we
are going to actually I want to put that on my lid this copper color so let’s
just grab that yeah here we go oh there we go that looks so pretty on the lid it
definitely did not want to be on the brow bone I’m so sorry okay that color
lay down really pretty and I love it down here and definitely not up there so
let me go put this look on this eye and I’ll be right back alright smoky eyes I
definitely want to use this shade right in here it looks kind of shown painting
really pretty is it going to be cute I’m scared after that last one let’s put it
right here on the rhone oh this could be a pretty highlighter color for the
cheeks too all right now for under the eye girl
we’re gonna keep it really minimal so I’m gonna take that same color and just
kind of tuck it right in here Oh before we do mascara I forgot I have this
eyeliner um it’s called caviar that’s the shade name long-lasting eyeliner for
dollars and I want to see actually what it looks like so here it is ooh okay
kinda looks like color pop now I’m gonna put this in my waterline and we’re gonna
see what the hell happens you may need to hold this for real or is that alright
so let me just take this and let’s see what mr. caviar looks like oh wow what’s
that going in my waterline immediately okay whoa that worked really easy
perfect whoa this might be one of the best drugstore eyeliners I’ve actually
ever tried in my life Kamath I’m saying that come on Dollar General it went on
so like easy I’m a little shook I’m like oh okay great I know I want to dip into
that chocolate brown for one more time and just kind of run it down here and
I’m like wait a minute we want a little bit more of a smoky eye here okay this
may be the hardest part of the video there is four different mascaras you
guys I’m like whoa okay so let’s go down the line the volume and eyes mascara
that is going to really give me an amplified look high definition skinny
long wear and then we have this is brown as tiny fibers high drama fiber fiber
mascara remember the last time I reviewed on my channel no and then we
have the extended lash lengthening instant length in one coat and it’s gold
let’s go with this one first oh is this color brown – what the hell
it is I hate Brown mascara are you guys okay but let’s just look at it
that is crazy hmm okay try this really quick hi skinny oh my
god it’s tiny I love that sometimes they’re really easy to just get for that
get to the bottom so let’s try this first at the top okay
first impressions it’s subtle it isn’t the most volumizing I think it’s
definitely cute if you’re just like on the go and want a quick mascara look
this could definitely work for you but I’m like working the product in here and
I’m kind of bored I’ll tell you that you know what’s crazy you guys there was
really no black mascara no because you’re all brown okay
I don’t mind it will try the volumizing one at least I need some fucking volume
just bright eyes not it okay let’s give us a whirl
oh I forgot pre brown mascara is wow yeah didn’t really do much it’s cute
it’s just like mmm it looks like either side of a brown right I mean alright
let’s try the bottom mascara excuse me with the lighting over here okay it definitely gets the job done not
my favorite but it’s all right okay you guys I really am dying to try their
liquid lipstick as the queen of liquid lips bitch I gotta see what this formula
is all about so we have a few colors this one looks really pretty it is
called honey blush there’s also a lip liner the long-lasting lip liner and
shade barely there let’s give this combo a whirl all right formula is definitely smooth
and creamy and when I’m really nice now let’s see
how this liquid lip goes over it and very curious vinge like oh this is
darker than the liner mm-hmm kind of covering it up I don’t mind it though alright I definitely thought that
lipliner was gonna give it like a more ombre effect but the liquid that
basically covered it but um this formula let’s let it dry for a second and while
it’s drying you guys I see over here a makeup perfecting setting spray okay
let’s give this a whirl you guys alright so this is supposed to hydrate prep the
skin it’s supposed to give me a healthy-looking finish it’s supposed to
really set the makeup so it just stays where all day what’s a geyser mmm smells
very skin carrying fresh let’s give it a whirl ah smells a little alcohol like Oh overlord okay I’m gonna take my Beauty
sponge and it’s had in the skin oh well it’s a really pretty lip color okay let
me let my hair down and give you guys my final thoughts
alright everybody what an adventure today has been I had no idea what to
expect it just like always but I’m gonna say this this some of these products may
be some of the best drugstore ones I’ve ever tried Oh whew so let’s reel it in
and let’s talk about it I think the first thing that jumps to mind was what
I recently just used was the eye liner like this black liner caviar it’s good I
was shocked at how creamy it is it looks so pretty in the waterline and it isn’t
really moving it’s just staying put another thing that really stuck out to
me was the foundation for five dollars I’m like y’all give an elf a run for
their money with this one it’s been on the skin for hours we’ve been outside in
the humidity we’ve been upstairs relaxing and I must
say that it looks pretty good like I’m gonna go under the camera here looking
far away the skin looks nice now the concealer we all know the color for the
lightest shade baby we’re gonna need a little lighter I didn’t really do much
right like it looked kind of pretty it was just too dark for me now the powder
the formula of the powder is good if they actually made a real translucent
powder that would be appreciated but it did what it said it was blurring I just
thought it was a little too dark for my skin tone but mascara not bad kind of
basic if you already have a mascara that you live for
you’re gonna stick to that same with me the bottom actually looks pretty but
overall it didn’t Wow me I was not that impressed the blush was cute the contour
palette was actually really cute for the price point I would definitely grab
these the foundation the primer I don’t know if it actually did anything I wish
I would have maybe tried one of my favorite primers maybe would have liked
it but it didn’t make my skin look weird I think the primer was just kind of
irrelevant I shot a palette girl it’s not it it’s cute though I saw I’m
not gonna say it’s the worst thing ever it looks pretty I think it’s definitely
if you’re like someone on the go or more of like on the basic side and I don’t
mean that in a negative way but if you’re more like a simple and you just
want a cute little neutral palette this could be it for you it just did not wow
me but hey it kind of worked and lastly let’s talk about the liquid lip I
thought the lip liner was actually really pretty I would love to go get
more colors the liquid lipstick it feels alright it’s not like tacky some of the
color of course did come off is it my favorite um no but it definitely got the
job done and it’s cute for an affordable lipstick okay they’re products that
really wowed me the bullied Beauty foundation the believe Beauty eyeliner
the belief Beauty blush and the believe of beauty contour blush kit these
products are all jeffree star approved now everything else they did not mean it
it was horrible it just wasn’t my favorite or it was just kind of like
yeah and you guys really just don’t really need it so if you are near a
Dollar General go try it out I would love to hear your guys’s thoughts and
what you think of course is sound off below and of course do not forget to
enter the giveaway all right you guys I will see you on the next one mwah bye

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63 thoughts on “Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

  1. Hello my names Avyn and I literally LOVE u and I’ve been watching u for a long time and I would die if I could meet u

  2. Thank you JEFFREE for saving shane. He was spending so much time and effort into saving others. Shane deserves everything this world has to offer. That's real ✨👑🏆

  3. Hey Jeffree! I actually work at dollar general in fox lake wi! Love some of the believe beauty products too, I love the color correcting primer and their tinted moisturizer! Totally going to try the eyeliner I have and get some liquid lipstick ! Thanks for reviewing our products , much love from Wisconsin!

  4. The other day I passed by the SAME exact dollar general you went to probably cuz I live like ten minutes away lol 😂 love ya Jeffree

  5. Wow thats a pretty high class Dollar General compared to one by me..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Come to Eastside cleveland ohio…lol.. Def not same type of selection..

  6. I love this so much Jeffree! Next time you're in Michigan you should definitely check out Five Below, idk if you guys have one in California but if you do check it out! Everything there is $5 or less and is one of my favorite places to shop. They have so many different ON brand makeup labels as well as off, but all-around good quality. If you haven't been there already I think you'd really enjoy checking out their makeup and reviewing it!

  7. If you ever want to do another dollar tree video. And are in Florida area. Around middleburg. Yes its the boonies. But our store is top in our district. We are the best . With the best staff. Are rainbow hair colored, tattooed lovely ladys will be happy to help. Plus its actually where i but my drag king make up. Omg it turned out amazing doll. We will take good care of you and hook you up hun t. From the operations manager miss ashlee Taylor. Aka glitter sparkles

  8. These reviews help bc im gonna be doing makeup for the first time and i def dont wanna flop with expensive ass makeup;;

  9. stop calling it shade, it’s not shade chile ✨ Wet n wild came out with a palette that looks like james that’s all it was so shut the fuck up ✨

  10. Dollar generals were I live are considered like a CVS or Walmart cause there actually pretty big and clean here. Iv actually never known they were shady in some places.

    Love u Jeffrey!! ❤🦋

  11. if you tried pimarks to new beauty line you’d be so shook it’s SOOOO bad. the highlighter is super streaky and doesn’t blend (especially the stick one), the lip gloss makes your lips sticky afterwards and super dry, the eyeshadow literally has NO pigment- and you don’t even wanna TRY putting the foundation anywhere near your face

  12. "Omg Wet n Wild, wonder if they have the new jc palette" xdddddd
    why ppl think he was shading james for that?? he was shading wet n wild for copying jc palette

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