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Try It Before You Buy It: Auto Fire Off (AFO)

Try It Before You Buy It: Auto Fire Off (AFO)

DASH: THE FOURTH OF JULY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER AND THAT MEANS BARBEQUES AND MICHELLE MORTENSEN FROM OUR SISTER STATION IN LAS VEGAS what do you get when you put me, this little orange ball and the henderson fire department together? because this little ball makes some big promises. use it. but sadly, here at the henderson fire department training center…they won’t let me start a fire or put it out. honest nobody trusts me with open flames on a windy day. the pros set a blaze in this dumpster, really get it going we got a lot of reaction, a lot of smoke…but what we didn’t we dropped the little ball in there, it went off, it did extinguish some of it, but didn’t put it all the way out. so not a good fire extinguisher? no, that’s a confined space, it should have put it out. fire, i don’t know if you’d be able to get that close in regular street clothes. michelle: you’d need good aim. ff: good jump shot! DASH: THE FIREBALL RETAILS FOR ABOUT 50 BUCKS, BUT AS YOU HEARD, YOU’RE BETTER OFF INVESTING IN A FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSTEAD. MARISA: IF YOU HAVE A LOCAL PRODUCT OR

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