100 thoughts on “Trump Doesn’t Know How Cars Work

  1. Did Trump ever claim to be a auto mechanic ? Just wondering .. If not then why is he expected to know about cars ?

  2. I am a mechanic and a automotive performance enthusiast.. I had an idea some years ago that would benefit everyone including myself as a speed demon.. What if we limited the displacement of the engines by law forcing the manufactures to please customers with the wanted HP and acceleration by making more VE effective engines? For example, what if any vehicle labeled Full size sedan or smaller was limited to 2.0L maximum displacement for gasoline and 1.5L for diesel.. A pickup truck limited to 3.5L with a GVW under 8800lb for gas and 6.0L for diesel.. Something like a Smog tax could be used for a super car wanting to use more than 2.0L of displacement were the customer needs to pay extra taxes to own the car.. I mean if you buy a lambo you have money to spare so this part of the law would effect very few people.. Obviously this could not be retroactive but cars go through life cycles so quick that most larger engines would be phased out quickly.. I know this does not solve the issue, but i feel like it could be step one in a multi-step plan to eliminate fuel burning car all together within the next 50-70 years… The only cars that would burn fuel in the end would be classics, show cars, race cars ect.. I understand that we dont currently have the technology to make each and every car electric and usable to the average family now, but i have confidence that in the next 20-30 years we will be able to cross the country in our cars before we need to recharge..

  3. The fossil fuel industry is not going to take this lying down. They will assassinate Bernie if he becomes the candidate. Let's hope, like MLK, he can be even more influential after the assassination.

  4. Why do you keep putting trump's name in the title of your videos? It's hardly about his stupidity, which we are all tired of hearing about at every turn, it's more about the very comprehensive plan from Sanders. The title of this is misleading, much like another recent very informative video you did about endangered species and why we need to protect them. It sucks you do this because lots of people who are sick of everything trump are less likely to click on your videos when we share them if that idiot's name and ugly face continue to be plastered all over everything.

  5. Trump doesn't understand: ____________________________________

    Fill the blanks with literally anything. Anything whatsoever.

  6. He probably wants to reintroduce lead to gasoline, and hey, why not put it back in paint for school rooms and nursery while we're at it.

    Rump's motto is "whatever it is, I can kill it or turn it to shit faster than anyone".

  7. Why is California the only state going against the president and the gop? Though I'm not sure I'm 100% correct on that. But it seems like California is fighting against everything that trumptard and his ridiculous party believes in! Why aren't other states doing this?!?!?!?!

  8. I wager a thousand dollars that trump can't even drive a car. Even better, double or nothing that he couldn't even start a vehicle with a manual transmission, or something with no keys, like a forklift.
    Just look at the video of him playing around the long haul truck, he was so obviously confused and overwhelmed by the dashboard and didn't even know how to honk the horn until someone showed him.

  9. Progressives must do everything possible to immediately counter Republican talking points that a Green New Deal is a waste of our resources and a far-off, radical and farcical fantasy. They’ve marched in lock-step with their so-called “Dear Leader” as they sink deeper and deeper, like the hopelessly reckless and ultimately doomed “survivors” of the Poseidon Adventure that insisted on working their way DOWN to the “top decks” instead of UP to the hull!
    We must provide factually intelligent and a singular cogent response to their mocking, derisive spew. They HATE this planet, and seek to EXTRACT all that they can get away with, leaving future generations to deal with the consequences of their greed and selfishness. We MUST win in all 3 chambers of government in November, 2020 for the sake of our progeny…

  10. 11 years? TWO at best. Climate scientists from every country admit the fact that catastrophic weather events are more and more likely to happen no matter what estimated danger thresholds they can predict in general terms.

  11. I thought the green new deal was something AOC was proposing!? I didn't know Bernie had anything to do with it!! We do need a new green deal!

    The Democrats need to come together and figure this shit out so when we have a presidential candidate everybody is on the same page!!

    We have too many people running for office right now!

    Everybody that's running for office needs to sit down and talk to each other and needs to decide who is the best candidate to destroy trumptard!!

    We can't have this 20 people rally and think we're going to win!!

    Figure out amongst yourselves, who do you think is the best candidate to beat this ignorant, bloated, racist, bigoted, molesting, intellectually challenged horrible POS!!

    We do need 20 people running for the presidency! we need to sit down and talk to each other and figure out what is the best for our country and who is the best for our country!! If we can't do this we're going to lose again!!

  12. I am anything but a Trump fan, but in this case I might and maybe have understood what he meant with suggesting to lower the price per car with $3000 each. In his mind, sales of green cars with such discount could go up tremendously, and hence car manufacturers would raise more profit to invest again into alternative fuel engines. Simultaneously, the environment would slightly benefit from as well. However, Trump's utopia in this regard is lapsided since even higher sales of cars that would produce overall less carbon dioxide won't stop climate change anymore, which is inevitable imho as we are too late for taking appropriate counter measures. Time has run out.

  13. Considering all the issues the US needs to tackle according to Bernie's plans I feel fortunate to live in a country that enjoys 100% renewable energy except for transportation (cars, ships & planes) and emergency power (we do have occasional but temporary rural power outages due to crazy winter weathers in a sparsely populated country).
    We also have affordable health care, education and an acceptable social security net (despite our right-wing politicians pecking away at it all for decades). We spend NOTHING on war-making abilities (we have no military), which might be why we are able to afford it all…
    While I currently feel sorry for US American people given the mess their corrupt politicians have created during the last 40 years, I admire them for many of their achievements.
    Your best hope is one old man (Bernie) and those that will inherit the mess – your youth are voters of the future, and they will hopefully take over in time.

  14. I Don't Care how stupid you are Oil is a limited resource IF we waited until we ran out We'd be incredibly Fucked It's literally the lifeblood of trade and the economy. Everything that moves uses oil-based fuel the time it would take to convert all those machines to something else would take Decades And That includes the military! doesn't matter how many war-winning machines you have if you can't keep the bastards tank full

  15. Well this would go a long way towards making America stop that terrible lack of smog. Trump has, for the 1st time since the "clean air and water act" FINALLY reversed that terrible improvement of less polluted air and less polluted water we've been saddled with under every other presidential administration, of either party. How can we trust air we can't see? Drink water we can't smell? That's just common trump sense right there. Them damn SJW's and their invisible air and odorless water.

    More importantly, it would help shutter more factories for us. US auto makers have a very hard time selling cars to all other countries, this could go along way towards eliminating ALL foreign sales. God knows our trade deficit is way too low. It would be a HUGE boon to all foreign auto makers selling in the USA.

    This is how you MAGA baby- more cancers with less health insurance, fewer jobs, fewer exports, more imports. Get on the "trump bus", and bring the exhaust pipe in with you. USAUSA …. USA….. US a …. usa… u..s … ummm … sua .. yuse … see ahhh… huhhhn huch hat…. freep fru….a…..r……..ssss………

  16. It's all just distraction, guys. Economic news isn't good for him. His racist rhetoric and insults to Jews aren't looking good for him. Look! Squirrel!

  17. We won't be alive by 2050!! Based on the way this planet is going, and the way people are treating this planet, we are all going to be dead within the next 20 years!! And the reason is because of the president of the United States and every other president or dictator of this planet!! Every president or dictator on this planet is absolutely horrible and deplorable, except for a couple of countries! But most of dictators and presidents should be ashamed of themselves and embarrassed for being the horrible people that they are! And the person on the top of the list is trumptard!! He is the worst thing to ever happen to the United States and to the rest of the planet!! He has destroyed agreements and policies with our greatest allies! Now our allies hate us! Because of this ignorant, fucking, asshole piece of shit, ther has never been a time in the history of our country that we were more embarrassed about being the country that we are!

  18. please ,you should die because your brain already did! Its just your mouth flapping! Globalism is climate change! Climate change is imposing worthless regulations while businesses are run off or taxed to death while other countries like India and China pollut the hell out of the world! Reason climate change is so fake, they can't convince them to join! One thing this garentees depression and revolution! With this in mind, don't give up your guns! What jobs, the ones Obama said there was going to be? Or the new taxes from people that aren't working, and the new taxes from bankrupt oil companies! If this I'd the best you can do, iI say we take your estates and royalties to start for all the carbon you spewed lying to us

  19. Carbon Negative should have been the goal a decade ago. I would like to believe that the Green New Deal would someday be a reality, but the corruption is so entrenched and the fact that half of the resistance is coming from the Democrats is severely discouraging. If this plan ever comes close to becoming a reality the massive campaign from the Koch bros and Saudi Arabia and so on will bury us in propaganda, the oligarchs will lose their fucking minds, and at some point people will start to disappear and be outright shot dead in public. After all, the distinction between our govt and a banana republic is practically non-existent anymore…

  20. He won't be happy until all the cars pump out more dirt and poison and rivers are turned into open sewers what's the matter with this stupid man he refuses to accept any real data thinking he knows best bye bye wildlife bye bye aquatic life he obviously doesn't care about you and his children and grandchildren when you leave the presidency what are people going to remember you for the good things or all the bad things trump will go down as the worst president in history.

  21. Open your eyes ! Its not just cars and trucks that are killing our climate. Our solar system is colliding with nibiru's solar system. This is why the sky is reddish in the morning and at night. These comanies that produce goods are to blame also. The smoke that is emitted is killing our air. All these things combined are making the process go faster. Look at antartica ? The ice shelf is melting at a rapid rate ! Nuclear plants are the biggest threat ! Things are going to get worse before they get better !

  22. His lips always looks like a bitch in heat vag, I guess with the pee and sucking off Russians and North Koreans.

  23. He a plan stop electing 18 century politicians who believe we should still be using whale oil in street lamps .

  24. No contest, the POS's plan only contains the word "plan" while Sander's plan may not work 100% but least one can review this preliminary version.

  25. That's just another fn example of how brain dead Trump is. The FN Idiot doesn't care less about the environment our kids or theirs because They'll be the ones that will suffer long after the Orange Turd is dead. UUUUU FN MORON TRUMP.

  26. He is the right man for the job without question, but Democrats with the help of Republicans will see to it that his massage is ridiculed and dismissed because it will hurt their pockets. Sanders should be our next president.

  27. No! Bernie's plan will just cause a runaway global cooling! We're all gonna freeze!
    All kidding aside, I'm actually pleased that car companies are keeping with the Obama rules. If Trump had his way. we'd get 10 mpg or worse, seat belts would be optional, and add more lead to gasoline again. Yeah, MEPA! Make the environment polluted again. Or just make it worse anyway.

  28. Please for the love of fucking God stop covering the pleb he's a deadbeat loser! Stop giving him oxygen fire fighters starve fires of exygen and so should the media only cover his death or assassination

  29. Bernie has to Campaign ,make plans on how to pay for his policy just so the Establisment cant scream how your going pay for it this is impossible

  30. Bernie hasn't got a chance. He's too sensible. Jokes aside, I like Bernie and I hope he does well. He may not have all the answers, but I think he has integrity. I'm also a big fan of politicians who propose things and explain how they're going to pay for it. It's usually a lot of the first bit and none of the second.


  32. Remember it was leftist who promoted diesel fuels over gasoline.

    They pushed the diesel cars to the people, and now it turns out these cars pollute far more and maybe responsible for millions of deaths world wide with their harmful toxins.

    Leftist fail to take any responsibility for this and act like it never happened.

  33. that underground high-voltage direct current power transmission network will create a lot of jobs across the nation because someone's going to have to dig those trenches and maintenance/operational facilities will have to be built and staffed.

  34. He has no idea what it would cost car makers to redesign and retool to go backwards with emission controls ONLY for cars sold in certain parts of the US.

  35. The Green New Scheme is just a plot to turn America into a socialist country and thus destroy America.

    It will bankrupt the country, destroy the economy, create riots, poverty and famine.

    Sanders and the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse are huge threat to America and the World.

  36. waste of time
    Its one thing not to support some one
    But waste time on video about a car.
    Its clear dont support
    This channel
    I dont support trumps crap . whats the point
    This crap.

  37. Maybe they should invite AOC, Sanders & Warren in his place that might get the Chumps panties in a bunch, I'd love to see the Sh*Tweet storm after such an announcement…

  38. Trump always been aware of the repercussions of climate change. Everybody has known for years that this will be necessary. Why the delay? Who`s paying him to drag his feet?

  39. Looks like the rise of right wing parties around the world is not just because of discontent but because fossil fuels are dying. It’s days are numbered. Countries who have been supported by fossil fuels / oil want to get everything they can before time and resources run out. Everyone knows that green industries is the future but I can’t imagine that all the big corporations that make money and have been for along time are just going to sit and take new rules restricting their goal of taking what they can. Right wing gov are the only ones who will help them get there.
    I don’t know much about countries like Saudi Arabia who’s wealth is linked to oil. But with electric cars being the future, they must be shitting themselves. A Trump Gov would be a savior for them.

  40. REALLY?
    Tomorrow’s headlines
    President Trump squeezes the Charmin and Mr Whipple doesn’t not give his consent.
    Or heck get people going.
    President Trump install launch button next to toilet.
    Or why not.
    President Trump buys the Moon and is planning on blowing it up for a space hotel.

  41. This is the dumbest person ever to be in the white house, and i'm counting everyone that has worked there and all visitors.

  42. Trump is the dumbest person to ever be in the white house, including everyone that's ever worked there and all visitors.

  43. Hmm.. I'm in Australia and part of eXtinction Rebellion (XR) & find this an extremely positive possibility. Guess I'm hoping Americans vote for him in 2020, cause a lot of people think another 4yrs of Trump would be a major involvemental catastrophe.

  44. I really do believe Trump is trying to sabotage anything and everything he can get his hands on. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to come up with an idea for a car that runs on coal.

  45. The dumbest US president in history elected by the dumbest amount of Americans in history.
    The fact that nobody wants to take responsibility for the election of Trump when approached is clear proof to the number of cowards in USA.
    They elected him but now, when Trump has turned out to be nothing less that a malignant psychopath, they strangely don't want to own the fact that they elected him.
    USA is left looking like a 3rd world nation of complete and utter morons. The entire world is laughing of USA and Americans on a daily basis and at the same time, Americans think electing a new president will fix all the problems. Well, it will not.
    By electing a person like Trump to be the leader of USA has exposed the American population as irresponsible, uneducated, ignorant and quite frankly incredibly stupid.
    USA will not regain the respect they enjoyed before just by electing a new president. It will take many years before anyone will even consider trusting USA again.
    This may come as a shock for many Americans but that is the reality USA and Americans face today. Americans will be reminded of their irresponsible stupidity for a very long time. No American will be in any position to lecture anyone about anything for a very long time since the person or persons, the American is trying to lecture, can just bring up the fact that Americans elected the worst possible leader in the world since the German population elected Hitler in 1933.

  46. The BIGEST problem we have is the people that believe God has everything under control, and if they really believe that why do they need all those guns. Every country has a plan to go forward except America we had a deal Government stayed out of religious matters and religion out of Government. Laws have been broken with no action taken and no law is safe from change from a Christian Republican Court . We are at war with each other without the Constitution unlike the Bible we know who,when and why that was written. The political parties must stop serving the parties.THERE ONLY DUTY IS TO THE CONSTITUTION AND AMERICANS

  47. Great plan by Bernie, but one area he does not mention is the locomotives spewing their emissions from one end of the country to the other. Could they use biodiesel? Now people don't get your nickers in a knot, only asking.

  48. Every time he opens his mouth the dumber he looks. Just when you think he can't be any dumber there he goes and speaks.

  49. Mind you, 'Repairing your own equipment' shouldn't take a special farmer's exemption. People gotta live out here, stopping us from fixing our cars and lawnmowers etc won't make new cars appear, just make regular people's cars worse. People that can afford new cars don't tend to be the ones fixing them these days, anyway, and keeping an older one in tune is a lot better for the environment than building a newer heavier one with all this modern junk in it …for people to not even be able to afford.

    (Also the car companies fought tooth and nail against CAFE and other standards for decades, but they all spent the R&D money and made the business plan to comply, they have no interest in undoing that now after Trump shut down so much domestic production as it is, with his trade war.)

  50. I'm not so sure Paradise, CA should be linked to climate change (maybe the trees were dry) but PG & E's equipment exploded, creating the engulfing fire. Since the electric companies have been privatized, they are more interested in making money for their investors than upgrading their equipment, or even just keeping it functional. Maybe it's time to re-nationalize the utilities like natural gas and electricity.

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