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– I’m about to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long freaking time. It’s gonna happen right here. Oh my gosh, I want one of everything. – The only thing Carl
wants is to buy me one. – [Carl] Everything, oh, oh, that’s it. We’re gonna put Tag on there and she’s gonna drive it around. (laughing) I seriously wanna buy all
this stuff so bad right now. – You should buy it. – I should. – For me, I want that boat right there. – Let’s get a boat too, that
one shoots nerf bullets. Dude, it’s like a Mad Max
truck, check that out. That’s way cool, I’m
way too big of a chicken to get one of those airplanes. Maybe someday, but I guarantee
you I would wreck that thing. I’m already paranoid enough
trying to fly the drone. A jet, they have a jet,
alright so I can’t decide. I can’t decide between two different ones Jinger might kill me, but I
might end up getting both. I really wanna get the X MaxxTraxxas. And then but I’ve heard
that these actually break a lot cause
they’re so big and heavy. And then there’s also the Slash which actually goes faster, it
goes 60 miles per hour. And because it’s lighter
weight, it’s more durable so it can take more of a beating. Jinger is into the speed,
she wants the faster. – This is the one I’m having. – [Carl] You’re gonna get that one? – Yep. – [Carl] I’ll get the big truck then and we can do tug of war. – No, I’ll race you. – I don’t know how long it takes for the initial batteries to charge. But we should definitely go to the park like right now and race these things. Okay so change of plans again. So he informed us that the Big Xmax, they’re coming out with a new model within like the next two weeks that has like locking differentials for rock crawling and all kinds of cool stuff. So we’re gonna wait
and get that one later. But we are going to get this right now. – I’m going to get my own. – [Carl] What one are
you getting, show me. – I’m getting this one. – [Carl] You’re gonna get
the two wheel drive Slash. – Yeah. – [Carl] Oh man, we’re gonna
have a fun day aren’t we? Oh my gosh, we are walking out. – What did we just do? – [Carl] We just purchased a
load of fun, that’s what we’re. – You know what, these
are gonna be awesome. – [Carl] They’re gonna be way awesome. – A little bit of luggage. – [Carl] How long are we
staying at this place? – I don’t know, like four weeks. – [Carl] As long as it takes (laughing). We’ve got so much crap we can’t even get in the door of the hotel. – There we go. – Alright, let’s go, we
actually don’t have any plans or any idea how long we’re
gonna be staying down here. Whatever, okay, you gotta
jump when it stops, jump. – [Jinger] You missed it. – [Carl] I think you’re supposed to jump when it starts to go not
at the very end right? – Yeah. – [Carl] Let’s go get the RC cars charged up, ooh, we’re in a hotel. – This is our room. – [Carl] Guess what
we’re gonna do something different this time that
we’ve never done before. – What? – [Carl] Look, why hello. (laughing) We got two separate rooms
that are hooked together. – Why don’t you just
come in here to help us? – [Jinger] What have you done sir? Is it working, oh my gosh (laughing) Not in the hotel room, Carl (laughing). – Where else are we gonna do it? It’s dead already, the batteries are dead. – [Jinger] That was so anti climatic. – That was freaking amazing
for like five seconds. – [Jinger] You almost
rammed it into the wall. – I’m charging it, we
gotta have like 30 more minutes and then we’re
going outside somewhere. Alright guys, we have to
charge all of the batteries up. So that we can go and race the RC cars and go jump ’em and stuff
like at a park nearby. And we’re gonna do that tomorrow. I know baby, I know you wanna go fast and you wanna jump high, but you’re gonna have to wait until the
morning, okay, okay. We should’ve got an RC boat, just like a little boat so we
could take it in the pool because right now we’re going swimming. – We’re going swimming. – [Carl] Jinger, your
socks are super cute. They’re so cute, I love you you’re so cute with your hair all up
in a bun and everything. – Thanks. – [Carl] We’re gonna go swimming. I’m actually really excited
to go swimming and get in the water, this is the first time
I’ll have been able to get in the water and go swim since I had my sleep gastrectomy and my hernia surgery. This is gonna feel so good
to get in the hot tub. By the way, that appointment
went really good. He said that I’m cleared to go ahead and lift weights or work out
or anything if I want to. So it’s time to put on
the big guns, oh yeah. Does it feel good in there, oh my gosh I’m so excited to get in the water. – If I could swim in my tub I’d love it. – Oh totally, that would feel so awesome. Some of you guys might
remember that I was worried that I might have a
problem with my hernia, like the surgery wasn’t done properly. But it was actually just a pocket of fluid that filled up after the surgery. In between my skin and the stitches and stuff and it’s all gone away. And everything is good
to go so I’m cleared to start working out at the gym. And just drop all this
weight, I’m so excited. (kids yelling) (water bubbling) – [Carl] Did I kill you? – You were close to. – [Carl] Did you die? – Almost. – Shut up. – [Carl] Wow, how’d that go, did it hurt? – Yes. (laughing) (kids yelling) – I do front flips. (water splashing) (laughing) – Ouch, that really hurt, oh. – [Carl] You landed right on your back. – I know. – I think we need what they need to work on for their Par Four
class and maybe me too. Oh yeah, oh so good, you got it figured out, look at you. – Gage is scrubbing my feet too. – [Carl] You’ve got a, you’re like in a med spa right now with the towel. – I mean like totally, look
at Gage is rubbing my feet. – [Carl] Get out of here, that’s my job, get out of here. – Don’t fight about rubbing my feet now, don’t fight, Oh here we go. – This is dads. – [Jinger] Yeah, we got it going. – I have the ironing board. – [Jinger] Oh boy, (laughing). – I made myself a jump. – Full speed. – Hang on, I don’t even know. Oh yeah, it can go, this thing can definitely go, should I do this? – [Family] Yes you should. – You’re gonna get hit in the face. (laughing) – Oh, almost, try again. – [Jinger] We’re such nubes,
come on Carl you can do it – It’s not even a real jump, it like narrows towards the top
so I’ve got excuses here. Maybe if I get it started on the ramp. Oh see it’s just like. – [Jinger] I think that’s a bad jump. I mean I know nothing about this but. (cheering) – Oh, it got caught in the sheets. – [Jinger] Oh crap, oh no, what did you do, just put it in
reverse, came right out. I think the bedding is a bad idea. (laughing) – Okay, we can, we need to go outside I think that’s it for today,
but we need to go race. – Kyle’s got one too so we’re gonna go to like a park and
legit race them outside. And then we should have some
sort of a wreck involved. – [Jinger] Well of course we should. – Let’s do that then. – Thanks for watching you guys. Don’t forget that every day’s a new day so make it awesome see you guys tomorrow. – Bye. – [Family] Bye.

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