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Travel: Vlog Day 0 – Beginning my road trip with rental car worries about the Corvette Stingray

Travel: Vlog Day 0 – Beginning my road trip with rental car worries about the Corvette Stingray

So today I am going on a vacation and what
I usually do when I on a vacation is that I record a lot of videos. And so that when I get home, I have a lot
of footage I can spend my free time editing. Well on this vacation I am going to do a bit
more video, I am going to this exactly so I should be interesting what happens with
this, what I can do with this. The first piece of excitement today is that
I ordered a specific car model with Hertz in their Gold, reward something something
program. And I really like that program because you
go on their website and you book the car or you use the app and when you arrive at the
airport, you get an sms or an email saying you car is ready, go pick it up at this parking
sport. And then you drive it out and and show your
drivers license, very easy to use. But I haven’t had a lot of luck renting one
specific model, one out of three actually. Let’s see if this time it actually works. A month after I had booked it, the booking
went blank and there was just a silhouette of a car and so I call them up and even talked
to them on Twitter and it still looked like a silhouette of a car. So I called them up yesterday again and now
they could tell me what car I had booked so that is progress. I am not going to rant too much about it,
heh. And so today I am flying Norwegian and I really
like their premium seats because there’s plenty of room, even for me. And the seats recline so back and with foot
test, you can actually get a few hours of quality sleep. I am looking forward to that, so I am not
totally wasted when I arrive. I don’t think it gets to be any more budget
than this. At the other parking lots, there is at least
a place you can get some heat while waiting for the bus, not so much here. So I have arrived but I am still missing the
information about the car that should be interesting, I haven’t got any emails yet. I succeeded, after all, let’s go. So let me share this moment with you. Right so I finally arrived, and I want to
sleep now. So it worked out for the best anyway. At Hertz, they clearly had some problem with
my reservation, so when I arrived, I wasn’t on the “scoreboard”. They didn’t seem to be prepared for me arriving,
so they managed to find me in the system and they said “so you booked a full size car”? And I said, no I booked a Corvette Stingray
and luckily they had one and a red one even. So as you saw, I did get that one. And then when I was about to exit, he had
some problems finishing my booking or whatever, letting me through the gate and,, yeah, yeah yeah, it has been a very long day
and I am tired, so shut up and go to bed okay. They were friendly and nice people and very
helpful and everything turned out like should be so I should be smiling from ear to ear. But I guess I am too tired to do that so. Now go to sleep, there’s a lot of fun stuff
to do tomorrow ok? Bye!

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2 thoughts on “Travel: Vlog Day 0 – Beginning my road trip with rental car worries about the Corvette Stingray

  1. Please don't forget to subscibe, comment and like. It helps me a lot more than you think.

    The beginning of a long trips starts with a very long and exciting day. Unsure if it will be totally awesome or a complete failure. For half a year I have been wondering if it will all turn out as planned and now it is time. Wheeee. 😀 😀

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