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Travel Insider Reveals Secrets To Save Money On Car Rentals

Travel Insider Reveals Secrets To Save Money On Car Rentals

The one place we all need shortcuts the most is when we’re out there traveling. So we called in our friend, the travel detective. Peter Greenberg is back. (audience applauding) Peter I’m excited. You gonna knock my socks off today? Well we’re gonna start with something really simple but something really effective. Simple and effective. Over here?
We’re gonna go rental cars. I’m gonna come over here and show you. What’s the best day of the week to rent a car? Anyone wanna guess? Who said Tuesday? Absolutely wrong. Anybody else? (crowd chattering) No, not Sunday. You only have five more guesses. I’m gonna tell you. It’s a day you’ll never guess. It’s Saturday. Saturday. Why? Because it’s the highest day for no shows at rental car companies. No way. People make weekend reservations and then don’t show up. So here’s what you do. You rent the cheapest car you can find for a Saturday rental, right? Then show up, they have nothing but big cars left, who gets the upgrade? You do! Yeah, you do! I do, thank you!
(audience applauding) You love that? I don’t wanna stay home this weekend now. Now I wanna go somewhere. Now how do you rent the car? Well you wanna spend the least amount of money. I’ll show you. Look at this. In different parts of the country rental car companies look at their fleets as flocks of migrating birds. They don’t want a lot of cars in Florida in the summer. And they don’t want a lot of cars out here in the summer. They want it in the winter. So if you rent a car in Florida in the summer you ask the rental car company, and by the way they’re not advertised, you just gotta ask them on the phone, for a drive away deal. It’s like nine dollars a day. Shut up. Because they want you to drive the car out of Florida to any one of these states. And the same thing happens here when you go east. So plan your vacation accordingly and basically it’s almost free. Nine dollars a day. You know in New York, no joke, a friend of mine got into a car accident. She needed to literally rent a car for like a month, several weeks. They charged over 100 dollars a day in big cities to rent a car. Oh yeah, and that doesn’t count all the other extras they’re gonna lay on you that you don’t need. That’s incredible, nine bucks a day you could get it as cheap as that. What do you do before you get to the airport? If you have an early morning flight airports have upstairs and downstairs, upstairs is departures, downstairs is arrivals. Be a contrarian traveler. Don’t go to departures. You’ll be stuck in traffic for hours. Go downstairs to arrivals, take the escalator up, beat everybody, you save 10 to 15 minutes. That’s just for starters, but wait, it gets better. What did I tell you about Peter? Well no, it’s simple right? It’s better because when you land have your friends pick you up at departures. Departures, there’s no one there. (audience applauding) Right now don’t you wanna go fly somewhere right now? You’re like, oh I’m gonna go try that tomorrow. Because remember when you get back there everybody else is down in the arrival section. You’re the coolest of the coolest. (audience applauding)

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