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Transforming SUV – Renault MORPHOZ Growing Car

Transforming SUV – Renault MORPHOZ Growing Car

Have you ever seen a car transform at the touch of a button? Renault has designed an all-electric concept car that can be physically expanded at the touch of a button and have its range extended. Called Morphoz, the electric car has an extendable body that can be switched between a shorter, city-car form and a longer version for travel. Meanwhile the rear of the car can also extend, opening out the interior and providing more boot space as a result. It can suit your needs for city driving, range-extended long-distance with the family. An steering wheel with an embedded 10.2-inch screen displays the main driving and safety information. However, when in manual driving mode or autonomous mode, a multimedia screen on the dashboard can display this information. The driver can “wave” to the car to activate the welcome sequence which unlocks and opens the doors-its opposite-facing doors with no B pillars. Also, automatically positions the seat and adjusts the interior lighting to the driver’s preference. Once you are inside the cabin, you can configure the car’s seat layout to better adapt to the needs of your next journey. Everything in the car would be accessed and controlled via smartphone, which functions as a digital key. In addition to a fully electric powertrain with a battery-sharing system, the car has level three driving autonomy and a smart system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that enables the vehicle to recognise its driver on approach. A raised central, wooden console runs along the middle of the cabin would acts as the “brain” of the vehicle. This includes a smartphone holder that serves as the main data source. Charging will be done automated loading/unloading concept. The car would be extended to travel mode at a predetermined connected to a wider network, where they can provide battery station, where the shared batteries would be stored. Here the car’s undertray opens and the extra 50 kWh battery would be installed. Depending on the version, different battery packages provide between 248 mile/400 km and 435 mile/700 km miles between two charges. The station would recharge the batteries until they are needed by another vehicle. In the meantime, it would use the batteries to store electricity from renewable energy sources or to power bike-sharing stations. When the driver has reached their destination, they can stop at a station to return the extra batteries, reverting the car to its original 40kWh capacity and smaller city configuration. The city version of the car is 4.40 meters/173.2 inch long with a wheelbase length of 2.73 meters/107.5 inch. It is powered by a 40 KW/HR battery that has a range of up to 248 miles/400 km to suit day-to-day journeys

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