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Trade to Trade Car Buying – Day In The Life Flipping Cars #3

Trade to Trade Car Buying – Day In The Life Flipping Cars #3

Hey Guys, Chris here from Welcome to another in the series, A Day in the Life… Flipping Cars I was contacted by email from a customer who wanted a car from BCA Car Auctions & he wanted a 520 Diesel M Sport Yep a very popular car 3 series, 5 series M Sports always go for about a £1000 over Cap Clean at auction If you watch this video, you’ll see that I bought one for a student recently and again they always go for about a £1000 over CAP Clean He had a decent budget but obviously he wanted a bargain so as well as sourcing from auction I can source from other traders as well & in this instance this is what Ive done I found online another trader. He had a 520 diesel m sport up for sale A full MOT although just after the MOT it got a stone chip in the window and it cracked all the way across the bottom Thats a little bit frustrating & also the car is absolutely filthy but he did tell me this he said look it needs a valet a good valet and it needs a new windscreen but he was prepared to sell it to me at below trade money, bottom trade money So i sent the details over to my customer So what I’ve done is bought it on his behalf for him Ive just driving down to the car wash to get it done on the outside and the inside Get it nice and clean for him & I’ve booked a windscreen replacement for him at 9:30 this morning Its Saturday, Its a cold day so when you get in to Flipping Cars, if you watch this video you’ll see I’m cleaning snow off a car Thats a Sunday morning and now its a Saturday morning again its a freezing cold morning Im up early, Im off to the car wash Ive gotta do a windscreen replacement & im picking him up from the train station which i do for a lot of my customers and trade buyers but its just part and parcel of the business Ive made me good money off it I haven’t had to go and sit in an office all day doing a job I don’t particularly like I love what i do So here we go, off to the car wash, get it cleaned, get the windscreen done & I’m going to pick him up from the train station a little bit later Show him the car, he’s going to drive home and he’s going to save himself probably around £3500 to £4000 pounds on dealership prices from using my service Thats a lot of cash isn’t it! £4000 extra in your back pocket he can drive this car for 6 to 12 months, yep 6 months and sell the car and get your cash back! so going to be driving a 520 diesel m sport & get your money back free motoring isn’t it Its as simple as that Ill give you a bit of an update once the windscreen is done So I’ve got the new windscreen fitted Just in time as its chucked it down in rain, you can’t fit a windscreen when its raining No more crack down it looks good Just off to Birmingham International Train Station Going to go and pick up my customer Jay He’s coming up from London to pick up his Beemer The windscreen is done Its been valeted Its all ready for him He’s already sent me a text I know he’s really excited He’s really looking forward to it He’s saved himself a few grand & got himself a stunning car I can’t wait to show him the BMW 520 Give you an update shortly Ive just picked Jay and his mrs up from the train station We’ve all gone back to my place and jumped in the car We’re giving it a quick spin before Jay takes it away back to London So when you get to the traffic lights if you turn right Theres a petrol station just up by the train station Quite handy isn’t it, I can pick people up from Birmingham International Everything kinda local What do you think? Its nice isn’t it I love it man! I love it So you’re going to have a nice drive back down to London Definitely man, going to get some Starbucks! Mrs in the passenger seat, riding shotgun

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6 thoughts on “Trade to Trade Car Buying – Day In The Life Flipping Cars #3

  1. Hello m8 could you train me please how to get into flipping cars got a massive passion for cars

    I'm from West Yorkshire

  2. Such a great video. Thanks for the effort you put into it! Looking forward to seeing more 😀 😀

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