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Toy train ride through snow (English Subtitles)

Toy train ride through snow (English Subtitles)

Good Morning friends, how is everyone I am Umesh welcoming you all in Indian Everywhere Today is 5th day in Tbilisi. Let’s get started on today’s trip with you all First, we will go by car Then by a small train which will go between the snow We will enjoy this trip a lot so let’s get started. On the way to Bakuriani We have a halt here there is a restroom small mall If we need to get anything we can get it from here like coffee and snacks. It is very cold here In Bakuriani it is a super cold lot of snow and snow I am sure we will have a lot of fun lets go Now the train which is going to come we need to take a ticket inside the train itself because we can’t see any ticket counter here The ticket cost is 2.5 lari from start to end Wherever you want to go just pay 2.5 Lari only. So we are waiting for the train to come So friends behind me you can see it is a toy train. So let’s go inside and enjoy the trip of the toy train As you can see behind me a lot of snowfall What a lovely view. Look at this side Finally, the journey of the train has been finished When we reached Bakuriani It was really enjoyable as you also saw it in the video Wherever we look it is snow and snow everywhere So finally saying bye-bye to train and let’s get back to our car for the next destination So friend after roaming around I feel hungry now so it is lunchtime now behind me is the restaurant let us see which Georgian food we will try today Just now I have been informed that I cant make videography Where we are going for lunch. So sorry for it cants let you see the view of inside Lunch was great Georgian tradition food but unfortunately, the camera was not allowed inside So I was unable to let you see. So let us go now and play some games SNOW games Finally, we have reached to the Bakuriani ski resorts So let us do so some Ski and see how we feel. This is going to be the first time for me So let us go and I am sure it will be fun let’s try. I tried doing ski after putting the shoes but It was really hard I can’t do it. Never mind I just tried my best I rented the instruments and gave a try Ski was not successful even I tired So let us try something else I tried a lot the snow games Some were successful and some was not But it was a great experience here So at the ski resort after having some fun let’s go back we spend a lot of time here it is good for a time pass If you come here you can rent stuff for ski from this place Whoever is interested in horse riding They can have a horse ride too Presently we have reached Borjomi national park From here will go down by cable car and we will see how is the view from the cable car It is looking beautiful from the cable car, it will look beautiful too So Finally, we are inside the cable car From here after paying 5 Lari you can go down Took the enjoyment of the cable car also Before going to Borjomi national park This is the entrance gate of the Borjomi national park Inside there is spring water Which they say it is very good for health In Russia, they say that this water is sold in the medial stores But here we can get it at normal stores too It is the old Borjomi water factory in front there is a big water factory Here you can taste Borjomi mineral or spring water for free as I said previously that here this water is available in Stores here in Georgia Russia is sold in medical stores it is very good for health Just now I drink the water sulfur content is more in this It is been said that it is good for ulcer You also give a try Hello, friends, it was my 5th day in Tbilisi I am sure you could have loved watching this video with a lot of snow Please like and subscribe to my channel Thanks a lot for watching See you soon guys Thanks

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