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Top Things To Do In The Yucatan Peninsula Of Mexico | Vlog Mexico

Top Things To Do In The Yucatan Peninsula Of Mexico | Vlog Mexico

Hey you guys! Thanks for joining us on another journey. Today we’re in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico And this video is the top things to do in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey! Cancun, we decided to stay on the ocean And this is magnificent! *music* So we’re on our way to Chiquila and we’re gonna catch a ferry there to an island called Holbox. I Hope I’m saying that right It’s an island that they do not allow cars on so you can drive around golf cars or rent a bicycle We’re now officially in Mexico Sweating to death, but you’re not getting eaten by mosquitoes. What are you thinking about Holbox? I like it. I like it better. This soothes my soul. Beach is my happy place. One of them, but probably The top. Top happy place It’s nice. It’s raw. It’s definitely been challenging but I’m glad we came. That’s saying a lot for me to say that! What you think about the Tulum Ruins, April? Pretty cool *music* Tulum Ruins are one of the few ruins that are actually on the ocean, and the views are absolutely magnificent! Unfortunately, the crowds are pretty huge So definitely take that into consideration if you’re looking to go to Tulum We’d love to have you join us every Thursday for a new episode on Go Travel On The Cheap. So please hit that subscribe button All right, so we’re on an adventure We saw a sign As if everything with you isn’t an adventure?! Of course it’s an adventure Check out this road. It’s what we’re on, we’re going to the centoes that we just saw a sign for We don’t know anything about it This is an actual road. I know it doesn’t look like it Of course while using your smarts, don’t be afraid to veer off that beaten path Meeting the friendly locals as we hunted for the cenotes is an experience we will always treasure! We’ve been going down this road Looking for the cenotes for just a little bit Ran into a little village and we’ve got–picked up our friend. What’s your name? My friend? Hola. Hola Your name? Okay We don’t speak any Spanish. He doesn’t speak any English, but he’s gonna take us to the cenotes. How many of you know what a cenote is? For those of you that don’t, it’s basically like a natural sinkhole where the bedrock has collapsed to expose underground water and man…Is that water so clear and blue and refreshing! Oh! So amazing! What do you suggest for food? Well, we got this specialties. What do you have, the ceviche, chili relleno, Carnitas, fish, chicken borracho. This is a chicken breast with a salsa and Sausage inside… Mucho rellenos without ham, with chorizo Oh, looks so beautiful Some Mexican ice cream. Yeah, is it actual ice cream? I think so I don’t know… It tastes like it It was only 20 pesos which is like 75 cents, I think Natural tamarind fruit candy with salt and chilli Coba Ruins is made up of structures from an ancient Mayan city We loved riding bicycles through the thick jungle from ruin to ruin with the monkeys in the canopy overhead and We even got to climb a pyramid in the sweltering sun! We hope you will go check out the detailed content in each of our videos in our Know Before You Go To Yucatan Mexico Series… Link in the description below We are in Izamal Mexico Which is the Golden City and that’s also known as the City of three cultures, combining the Spanish, Mexican and Mayan cultures, that’s cool Izamal is a happy little city where you can visit the street market, take a carriage ride and explore the famous church on the hill *music* Oh man, we gotta go–oh no, for real?–to a damn toll again?! Holy schnikes Gotta pay another– Mexico is not cheap anymore. When I first started coming to Mexico it was a pretty affordable Hola, Hola How much? 319 We gonna be out again? Yeah we’re gonna be out again. spent all my money on tolls It’s more expensive in Florida tolls. Gracias. So that’s a little travel tip for you, driving out in the Yucatan on their Interstates have lots of tolls. they do not take credit cards They do not have ATMs, like it took us a long time to even find an ATM Yeah, I think it delayed us about 45 minutes close to that. We were only off by 30 pesos Pok ta Pak is an ancient Mayan ball game. I described it in last week’s Uxmal video and in fine Wayne form and fashion, I will say card above here Heehee There are varying perspectives on what happened when they played the game back then some say sacrifice was involved other say beheading was performed and still others say that sometimes the winners were killed as It was an honor to meet the gods early some say that opposing Mayan kingdoms may have had their best warriors compete instead of having a full-blown war and Others even say that a game’s result was treated as an omen to a king’s or a priest’s question– Depending on what team one gave them a certain answer The way the game was played varied as well in some regional areas, they might have played with their hands and in other regions they may have used their feet too Want to check out a live version? They play a game every Saturday night in Merida. So if you’re visiting the Yucatan, make sure to plan on attending, you will love it! Uxmal is… expensive. Wayne was pretty upset about it in the beginning However, it is one of the largest cities in ancient Maya and it is definitely impressive! So many ruins in such great condition! *music* So what’d ya think? Oh! Was it worth it? This place is amazing! this is By far my favorite place as far as ruins go in Mexico. This one is way cool. Yeah It doesn’t look just like a pile of rocks It’s impressive It’s expensive And you be trippin’ Always tripping We want to thank you guys for watching our video all the way to the end. If you would, hit that subscribe button, share it with a friend and, like always, thank you for living life!

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  1. The cenote does look amazing. We have still to visit Mexico although there are a number of companies with quite reasonably priced flights direct from the UK. What is it with toll roads, they are such an annoyance for so little money.

  2. Here is our overview of our time in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico… With this Coronavirus situation we are all in, tell us–where do you want to travel to once it is safe??
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  3. Great to see a summary of your trip back again. From eating the fruit at the local place, to history, eating the snacks in the car when you past the tol box. Holbox has some great street art btw. Would you dare throwing the fireball thing around?

  4. Holbox reminds me to Gili Islands, next to Bali. No cars, great beaches. I loved being there. I really like your videos, you guys are so informative and good to see you enjoy these adventures together. 🙂

  5. So that's where Quiditch comes from 🙂 Kidding, that game looks hot… Yucatan looks nice, a lot to see. Always thought of Mexico as beach & party destination, especially beach side.

  6. I enjoyed being apart of your road trip here! That was cool you strayed off the beaten path which helped you find another cool place to swim in. I also enjoyed the ritual dance. I love seeing traditional dances whenever I travel.

  7. Mexico is exactly as I imagined it! Great beaches and ocean views, tasty food and golf cars. But what I really did not expect was not having ATMs? That`s quite disappointing.

  8. As of today, are U.S citizens allowed to FLY to Mexico from the U.S?? And will I be let into Mexico and vice versa?

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