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TOP 6 BEST LOOT SPOTS! (+ Where To Find Them) Fortnite: Battle Royale

TOP 6 BEST LOOT SPOTS! (+ Where To Find Them) Fortnite: Battle Royale

The best spots to land in when you very first start your game that a Fortnite Battle Royale. Welcome everyone my name’s ali-a and I am a self-confessed Fortnite battle royale addict I am addicted to this game as millions of you guys are as well and having recently got many wins under my belt in both Duo’s and solos and having checked out the comment section where some of you guys are still yet to get the umbrella, the victory umbrella for getting your very first win I wanted to compile this video for you guys to help all of you out to find the best Spots to land in when you very first start your game or fortnite battle So one of the big keys to success that I found within the game is gearing up really early and avoiding action early, If possible, to survive into at least the last 30 or 40 players And then that’s when the action gets a little bit more chaotic if you broke down battle royale game modes in to segments It would be the start when you land the middle segment which is surviving and then the final battles. And if you don’t get the start of the game right, you’re never even gonna make it to the mid or finale point So this video is here to help all of you guys out This list will show you exactly where to land, what to look for when you land And how much loot you should expect which in all cases will be at least two chests and sometimes even three chess closely compact together And I’ve also made a rule for this list that would is that any point on the map that has a name to it? So any big town or any big area that people may shout out to their friends. They’re playing duo’s or shout to their friends They’re playing squads to land in I have ruled out I’m not allowing any of those spots into this top list a it’s just a cop-out because obviously it’s gonna be good stuff there But it’s always gonna be chaotic, and it is always busy So we’re not gonna keep you guys any of those please spots These are often secret hidden Amazing spots that you have probably never seen before so guys have you excited for this video give it a big? Fat thumbs up and if this video helps you out get your very first battle royale win in for tonight Do let me know and I sure hope it will so I hope you’re as excited as I am without further ado guys Let’s jump into these juicy spots to start all of your games off in fortnight battery out so guys Tip before you even take a look at these sports is deciding Which one you should be going for? The rule of thumb that I use is that as the bus enters a map it’ll enter at a random Direction and it’ll always come in at a slight size to really becoming the sights of a left slight to the right and The way that I choose which point I’m going to choose alibies six points wherever I decide to land is I would always go on the side of the bus that has more space of the map and I will try and never directly fall underneath The bus the further away from the bus path I can get to land at one of you spots the better chance that there won’t Be anyone else there and a better chance that I’ll be the first person to land there so with that in mind Let’s jump into spot number one this spot is Absolutely amazing it’s very very hidden on the mini-map It is almost dead center and doesn’t really sits near any of the main towns at all the best way of describing This is that it is west of retail row north of fatal fields, and it is a very very cool looking structure I like to call this structure with a crazy Mountain because as soon as you see it You’ll recognize it straight away and though it may Be hard to spot the first few times you try and go for it once. You know where it is You can land there almost every single time now I made a slow descent to this point just to show you it for the video So you nut guys could work out where it was and actually someone had already landed on the piece before me your tip to make This working as good as possible Is to land right at the top of the mountain and open up that top check now that top chest had actually already been opened And already been looted by someone else, but it did not matter because there was a chest literally little level down I could loot get my own equipment and The guy that jumped there before me didn’t even realize I was there so I could get a headshot Kill him take all of his loot, but there aren’t just two chests here. Oh, no, there’s a sneaky third chef There’s so many tears twas tiny little Mountain make sure to check every single one of them so run around the corner Built up a little bit and ended up reducing the reach s and what I like to call with a crazy Mountain though It’s worth noting that these aren’t in any particular order that all just agree with each other This is one of my favorite spots and once you’ve looted all of these chests You are set to go on your adventure and work your way throughout the map the great thing about this point is that you’re nowhere Near any of them named buildings or anything named towns So you can gradually work your way from some of the smaller buildings Onto the rest of the map and hopefully stay within that circle and ultimately win the game an amazing amazing spot guys make sure you Using it and in at number two you guys may have seen me using this in a few of my videos It’s a spot that I found very very early on in fortnight battery out and I’ve been using ever Since I like to call it the caravan drop-off point This is literatures south or the loot lake But it’s not actually landing in the main building of loot lake or even in the island on the lake So as you fall down you see a broken-down house and also three Caravans together you want to land either on top of the caravan and pick up the chests Which is there or land on top of the broken building on the top floor and pick up those? Crates what you don’t want to be doing is landing on the ground and then having to break Materials and build your way back up again. It’s a waste of time, so if there’s anything There’s a little bit higher always land on top of it cause it’s gonna make your looting even easier Now once you’ve grabbed either the loot crate’s make sure you go and check the other Location so even if you land at the caravan or land at the building Check the other one in this case islands are broken building But the loot crate already at the caravan had already been taken however There’s actually a third one nearby and if you’re confident with loot these picked up from these points You can work your way towards the bigger buildings nearly like we’re on your weight is your paged area Inside that caged area. There’s also another chest another brilliant triple loot opportunity to start off your game It’s worth noting that all these crates won’t always be there But at least one or two of them will be in one of these spots that I’m showing you guys if you get as lucky As I am where all three of them are there You are absolutely set and you’re gonna smash it for sure so moving on to number three This is another spot that I really like to go to I say it’s a little bit more popular but again No name to it I like to call it the old car lot where you’ll find a load of broken-down cars And it’s actually a spot that I went to was playing Giroud’s my girlfriend Claire And I flew off and landed there having had the bus like drop me off a mile away So he just managed to make it when I did make it I was very very happy was also found so in the little barn which leads into the car lot where you’ll find loads of loot There’s always a crate up top And if you don’t find a crate up top there will always be a crate in the car lot itself However when I landed this time Not only was there one loot crate up top there were two loot crate’s Now be careful because these little crates are bouncing in the middle of two wooden planks If you break any of your wooden planks underneath the loot crate they will disappear, and you will have ruined it You won’t be able to pick them up So I went around the outside I built up from the outside and broke my way in well I could go ahead and loop both of the crate you get yourself to crazy very very close to each other As soon as this is done circle through out the car lot just like I did and you’ll find loads of different ammo Deposits those different weapon deposits all the way around there as well It’s a great place to jump in of Cure’s you want to share all the loot as well And it’s obviously also a great place for solos just to get really really geared up This is a highly highly awesome place guys Make sure using it as well and those have been three awesome spots so far so guys jumping into Spot number four I’m not really sure what I’m going to type this video because it was gonna be top five spots But the next the really spots that I’m gonna show you are almost identical Building structures except in three different corners of the map this is great when it comes to deciding Working out where the path that the bus is gonna be so you can choose one of these three Spots is obviously far away from it, so you don’t get involved in too much action the first We’re going to show you is between north of the wailing woods and is a double building spawn and actually since the recent update They’ve added in another building very close to it as well But when I land in this building’s gonna be like a broken-down barn and the main building itself And I went ahead and looted both a loot crate from both a barn outside and also the main Building and I have all of the three final spots I’m going to show you I’d say this one is my Favorite because as soon as you land and as soon as you’ve looted up You’ve got loads of small buildings near it to go and check out as well soon after looting this building I went on to a tree which is just south of the building You can see the tree really obviously because it’s surrounded by lots of smaller trees underneath it Underneath that giant tree so this spot is really really useful again it’s out the way gives you a little bit of your own time to gear up get all of the weaponry that you need and you can percieve really nicely throughout there the small buildings on your wait some of the bigger areas obviously staying within the Area, so you don’t die so this is the really nice spot and bearing in mind the building structure Just seen with the main building event also a little barn area next to it We take a look at a very similar spot so in at number five We have the exact same building Structure except on the far south area of the map now if you’re wondering why I’m showing you these points so far at the edges I actually really like the edges of the map if the end ring for a game of fortnight Battle royale is finishing on the coastline of the islands I Always like to put like back towards the ocean so that I had no no one’s gonna shoot me in the back and it would Have to do is watch in front of me so starting off here and looting here if the ring stays on you is a great Place to stay and lock down so again We’re looking at the same building structure here guys, and it’ll always be a chest in one of the two buildings So once you land it off obviously great to land on the roof Break your way into the roof and then pick up those crates and grab as much gear You can now nearly all building on the south side dave was a another broken down structure slightly north east of that building So that’s the great spot to go to next after looting And I went there here and ended up getting really geared up got loads of crates It’s all in just two sweeps of two different areas I was geared up had loads of weaponry and was looking so So strong for taking on the rest of the map and actually whilst recording a lot of these spots for you guys I carried on playing to get like to try and get a full game try and get a victory Someone who led him to victories and almost always led onto like top five finishers this so so good That’s been five which means the final one at number six is going to be again the same building structure but it’s going to be the far far north west side of the island so you’ve got spots which spread out all over the Main fortnight battle royale, Ida, which is really cool So you can land here and again Same building structure land on the roof break your way in one thing you should always keep your eye out for is as you are Landing can you see the glow of a chest you can sleep see if it go over chest just slightly broken down barn land on The barn and get it open straight away You can’t see it there Definitely land on the roof of the proper structure the normal building and then break your way in on the roof because you’ll probably find The crate there instead and again you’re going to be all looted up ready to go work your way into the inside of the map wherever the ring takes you and Said hopefully get yourself that victory royale spot you’re looking for within fortnight batter way out Oh, I feel like I’ve shared a load of Secrets now I feel like you’re gonna be seeing a lot more people taking this box that hopefully you’ve really enjoyed there’s video And hope you’re gonna find. These are the spots really really useful Hey If you’ve got any more spots crews obviously there are loads and loads of different positions across the whole world map you can land in Why not send me a picture? Tweet me a spot that you know is we’re to be good or just leave a comment down below And you’ve enjoyed and found this for your useful. It does lead on to you getting a big fool Smash that thumbs up button and share it with all of your mates You’re playing this game with this well fake see all these fantastic spots, so guys. I’m gonna leave it there I’ve had a load of fun put this video together for you guys It was awesome getting footage, and she’s just trying out all the spots to see how successful They were on just first attempts every single time, so hopefully you find just as much success as I did Thank you so much for watching obviously look out for more Fortnight, battle royale victory videos here on the channel And I’ll see you guys very soon for another one. Bye bye

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  2. Ali-A there is a place unnamed by wailing woods and nobody never goes there unless it is right by the bus start and it has 8 spawn locations

  3. Ali-A the place with boxes by wailing woods has 8 chest spawn locations it has been in the game ever since battle royale went live

  4. In the tunnel near tomato town between to walls behind a radish orange car you need to break the wall and you will find 2 chest

  5. Even though I’m a complete newb I find it really helps to land lucky landing because literally I’ve never met anyone there

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