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Top 5 Uses of WD40 in Your Car (Life Hacks)

Top 5 Uses of WD40 in Your Car (Life Hacks)

rev up your engines,
welcome to mechanic Monday, today I’m going to show you the top five uses of
wd-40, I’ve been using wd-40 since I was a kid and the only thing I had against
it was, they use to have those plastic straws that are always flying off, couldn’t
get them in the right place, this is a metal articulated one, so when you bend
it, it stays in whatever position you want so you can spray it in, it’s a great
advance in spray lubricants, now from what I’ve read over the years they’ve
changed their formula to make it even better, because now it’s not just a
penetrating oil, it’s also a cleaner and a lubricant, so it does all three things
at the same time and the number one use is, door locks, you can use it to clean
lubricate and protect, you do it so your locks don’t have any problems and
do it on your ignition switch too, and I know some guys are going to say, oh don’t
use it on locks it clogs them up, no it doesn’t, it actually cleans them and
lubricates them, so you won’t have any problems,
now it also dissipates water, so if you went through a lot of water, it rained a
lot and your electronics act-up, you can spray it and that will help dissipate
water, so your car will start missing, say if you went through a puddle and got the
electronics wet, over the years guys have brought me cars that were flooded
out or went through a giant puddle and then stalled out, I’d spray the
electronic parts with it hey then it would start running fine
again, let’s say your wheels are stuck on and won’t come off, well spray wd-40 all
inside, now we give it a little kick and off it comes, then before you put it back
together, spray it on the inside so the mating surface won’t get all stuck
together and if your brake drums won’t come off, spray the middle here where it
sticks on the hub, then a couple of wacks, and guess what, now you can get it
off, then coat the inside part here to keep it from sticking next time, now the
last thing that it’s commonly used for it’s kind of a sleazy one, it can make your
paint really shiny for a short period of time, here’s faded paint, spray it on then wipe it off, get it nice and buffy, and now look how it shines, I’ve had a few
customers in the past buy used cars they’re all shiny, then they came to me a
couple of months later and say, what’s happened to my car, the paint’s all flat
it looks blotchy and I explained the guys that sold it to you probably
polished it with wd-40 to make it look good and shiny, because it resists water and
so when it rains it looks nice, but of course when it wears off, the
paint underneath is bad and it’s still going to look horrible a little while after
you put it on, but say you’re low on money and you got a hot date, polish
up your car to look really good for a little while and since this is mechanic
Monday, I’m giving it away to one of my fans, to win it just post a clean non
offensive comment on the YouTube comments below and a computer will
randomly pick a winner, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Spray it on those squeaky brake pads to make them extra quiet, but give yourself plenty of extra distance to stop.

  3. Hi sir, just a question about a use audi cars , just need your expertises , is audi is a good and reliable cars????

  4. If you have an rc car that looks sad and tired, spray wd40 all over the chassis, maybe work it a bit with a toothbrush and wipe it off.. it will look brand new 🙂

  5. Use Spry coconut oil, instead. It lasts a year not weeks. No Scotty, Cancer. And you can eat any mistakes!

  6. This WD40 helped fixed my brakes on my 91 civic which were always stuck after pushing on it cuz of the rust which left my brake lights on. It lubricated the brakes and they were working normal again

  7. Scotty Scotty just send me your address I'm going to move down close to you so I you can have my car running tip top shape:) yeah WD-40 is great stuff you can actually use it even more things… that actually removes petroleum products off your hands I used to use it to remove Roofing tar off my hands…

  8. Scotty, because you're originally from the north, I'd like to hear your opinion on products / vehicle option recommendations for harsh winter living 😀

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  10. If you ever have to spray your rims make sure you do not hit your disc brakes with WD-40. You want to use brake cleaner for that.

  11. Wd40 will clean but after it sets it will gather dust. Good example is spraying it on some bearings. After awhile it will cause stuff to lock up and not move like it should

  12. 3:00 I've done that in my younger years 😂 WD40 made my old $1000 car windows, stereo, antenna and rear wiper switch work lol the stuff is legit fresh squeezed mechanic juice

  13. Deus te abençoe ! Muito obrigado pelas dicas de mecânica porque são poucos mecânicos honestos no mundo! Júlio Novo Hamburgo RS Brasil,!

  14. Scotty, I had a boss that toll me about WD-40. How WD-40 came to be was during World War II. The Navy and the Marine Corps was having problems with there equipment freezing up in the jungle. They have asked the industrial companies to resolve the problem of moisture problems in high humidity areas that freezes by moister and rust in the south pacific. The company who brought out WD-40 where the first to test this product out. To my understanding they did over 100 chemical blends of oil. When they had submitted there of chemical oil blends, to the Navy and Marine Corps picked the right oil and it was the WD-40 oil out of over 100 chemical blends of oil. The WD-40 oil, the two letters in WD is call Water Displacement formula and the 40 was the number that the military has picked out of over 100 oil formulas and pick formula #40. Hence WD-40.

  15. WD40. IT Is a petroleum base produce. Sea foam hase on. Its really good. It call Creepy. Something. WD40. IS bobs your uncep. Gess what…

  16. Truly don't let WD40 on your car paint. You will have blotches of discoloration that will not rub out.

  17. I use it 40 years to kill the body odor of strange women after a night out with women of the night just spray same on your hands . I m 72 year now. Young guys best 101 eye WD 40

  18. In all honesty. I thought this guy was a know it all prick and never gave his videos a chance. Now I've realized. He's just a know it all. Keep up the good work Scotty. It's easier for me to show my friends your videos that don't understand mechanics.

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