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Top 5 Tips to Ensure a Fair Car Price – CARFAX

Top 5 Tips to Ensure a Fair Car Price – CARFAX

So you’re in the market for a new car (or
maybe it’s a used car). Selling your old one is probably a top priority
and you’re going to want to make sure you get top dollar. Here are some quick tips you can use to check
whether you’re getting a fair price. #5: Take a Look at the Competition Whether selling a minivan or a pick up truck
there are probably lots of similar cars for sale near you. Take a look at the sale prices, it’s an
easy way to see if you’re in the right range. Do some research online and check at local
dealerships to get price comparisons. #4: Looks Do Matter If your car looks like it has been banged
up and knocked around it can have a big impact on your sale price. Take your car to the car wash, clean out the
old Cheerios, and make any quick repairs to any cosmetic damage. #3: Find out What Banks Will Lend Another great resource for information is
a bank or credit union. Give them a call to find out how much they
would lend a buyer to purchase your car. Their perspective of fair market value is
a solid way to figure out a fair price for your car. #2: The X Factor of Upgrades If your car has sought-after features or aftermarket
upgrades, ensure you are getting credit for them. Things like sunroofs, navigation, upgraded
sound and video systems all add value to your car. Use the price of other cars without these
upgrades to justify a higher price. #1: Check Your Car’s Vehicle History Cosmetic things like scratches, dings, and
dents have some effect on price but accidents, flood damage, ownership and maintenance all
have a far greater influence on car price. The vehicle history report you use should
have a price adjustment based on your car’s history. This will help you to calculate a final price
that you can feel confident about. At the end of the day you’re going to want
to make sure you did everything you can to get top dollar.

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