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Top 5 Tips to Determine Your Trade in Car Value – CARFAX

Top 5 Tips to Determine Your Trade in Car Value – CARFAX

So you’re looking to trade in your current
car for a new ride. You could sell your car yourself, but who
wants to deal with that headache? Most people just trade in their car as a part
of their new car purchase. We’ve got a few tips to help you get the
most for your trade. 5. Clean and Polish Any trade-in offer you get online is going
to subject to the results of an inspection or appraisal at the dealership. Take some time to clean up your car and make
the old ride shine. In addition to the spare coins you find, making
your car look ready to sell may put some extra dollars in your pocket. 4. Check Cars Listed for Sale Before you get to the dealer, jump online
and do some research. The best way to determine how much your car
may be worth is to check out the price of cars for sale. Obviously you’re not going to receive the
retail price, but this is a great way to prepare for negotiating. 3. Timing is Everything Looking to trade in your convertible? The best time may be in March or April. Want to upgrade your SUV? Think about trading it in during the autumn
months. Plan your trade-in at a time of year that
has real appeal for your type of wheels. Cars in demand are worth a lot more. 2. Vehicle History Matters Check your car’s history report to make
sure all your oil changes and maintenance are well documented. You should get credit for having taken care
of your car through the years. Remember though, if you’ve been involved
in any accidents your vehicle may be worth a little less. 1. Get Multiple Offers Don’t hesitate to compare offers on your
vehicle from multiple buyers. As you find cars you might like to buy, ask
the sellers for their initial thought on your trade-in value. You can share these offers with other sellers
to see who can put together the best deal for you. Remember, your ultimate goal is to get the
most value out of your current vehicle to help you get a great new car. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes
to trade-in values, but with a little work you can negotiate top dollar for your trade-in
and get into that new car! If you have any questions or comments, please
jot them down below. And make sure you follow us. We may answer your questions in a future video.

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