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Top 5 best Chinese Car Companies

Top 5 best Chinese Car Companies

Today we are talking about the top 5 biggest
Chinese car companies. Globally, China is the largest automotive
market, both in terms of demand and supply. In 2017, China produced almost 25 million
passenger cars and around four million commercial vehicles. China is expected to also drive demand in
the automotive market, with close to 35 million expected vehicle sales in 2020. That is a lot of vehicles, so let’s talk
about the biggest car companies in China. Starting off our list is the FAW Group. On July 13, 1956, under the guidance of the
China’s Central Government and with assistance from the former Soviet Union, construction
of China’s first automotive production base was completed. Known at that time as First Automotive Works
(FAW) and now as First Automotive Group Corporation, this sprawling car and truck manufacturer
headquartered in Changchun, China, firmly launched the country into the automotive age. After fifty years of development and refinement,
tremendous changes have taken place within FAW. In stark contrast to the early days of producing
a single model of medium truck, FAW now produces hundreds of models of light, medium, and heavy
trucks for every vocation. In the late 1950’s, FAW quickly responded
to market demand and commenced automotive and bus production, soon making itself the
leading producer of buses and luxury tourist coaches in China. After surpassing the one-million-unit annual
sales figure in 2005, FAW Group Corporation has set exciting new goals as the company
makes use of the latest information technologies to keep their people and customers connected
worldwide, thus ensuring an important competitive edge in the marketplace. This company has been a major player for many
years! Moving on to number 4 on our list. Dongfeng Motor Corporation (its predecessor,
the Second Automotive Works) was established in 1969 and it is one of the largest state-owned
enterprises in China. Its headquarter is now located in Wuhan, with
its major production facilities distributed in Shiyan, Xiangyang, Wuhan and Guangzhou. Dongfeng Motor has a wide business scope;
they are engaged in the manufacturing, sales and R&D of commercial vehicles, passenger
vehicles, auto parts and components, vehicle manufacturing equipment and other auto related
businesses. In 2011, Dongfeng’s own vehicle brand sales
passed the one-million-unit threshold representing a growth rate 10 points higher than the industry
average. In 2012, Dongfeng’s own vehicle brands achieved
an aggregate sale of 1,121,000 units ranking among the top three that year. Speeding on to number 3 on our list is the
Great Wall Motor Company Limited. As China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer,
Great Wall Motors owns two brands–Haval and Great Wall which cover three categories: SUV,
passenger cars, and pickups. With over 30 holding subsidiaries, more than
60,000 employees, and four vehicle manufacturing bases, Great Wall is one of the largest automotive
companies in China. Great Wall started selling in Europe in 2006,
offering small vans and SUVs. Great Wall products were first available in
the Australian market in 2009. European sales continued with the 2011 opening
of a factory in Bulgaria that assembles three different models from knock-down kits. And in 2016, Great Wall set a historic sales
record of 1,074,471 cars worldwide, an increase of 26% compared to 2015. In 2018, it plans to sell even more vehicles
making it one of the top Chinese car companies. Our next company is relatively new to the
market, but that hasn’t stopped them from accelerating to number 2 on our list. Geely Auto Group is a leading automobile manufacturer
based in Hangzhou, China and was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding
Group. The company employs more than 50,000 people,
operates 12 vehicle manufacturing plants, 9 powertrain plants, 6 knockdown kit plants,
and manufactures vehicles under the Geely Auto brand. Geely vehicles are sold through a network
of over 850 dealerships in China and some 350 sales and service outlets in overseas
markets. The company, listed on the Hong Kong stock
exchange, saw its sales volume increase to 765,000 units in 2016. In 2017, Geely Auto Group sold over 1,247,000
units, a major increase from 2016. The success has prompted Geely to set its
2018 sales target to 1.58 million units. Finally, on our list is a company that has
dominated the Chinese car industry for many years. SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor)
is the largest auto company on China’s A-share market. SAIC Motor’s business covers research, production
and sales of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company is actively promoting new energy
vehicles, the commercialization of Internet-connected cars, and it is exploring intelligent driving
technology. SAIC Motor’s car sales hit 6.93 million units
in 2017, up 6.8 percent on the previous year and allowing it to keep its leading market
share in China. In 2016, the company climbed 5 places to rank
41st on the annual Fortune Global 500 list, thanks to its $113.86 billion in revenues. It marked the 13th time that the company had
made it onto the list of Fortune magazine’s Global 500. This company is sitting at the top and they
continue to produce quality vehicles for both the domestic and overseas markets. So, there you have it, the top Chinese car
companies. What do you think of Chinese cars? Would you buy from one of these Chinese brands? Leave a comment below and be sure to subscribe
for more interesting China content in the future.

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  2. i see the real issue is not that some car resembling others, the real issue is that these cars by their price might crash the crappy german carindustry

    german like the free market when they can sell their crap for triple price, and hate the free market when oithers appear on same market..

  3. This is why the Chinese are getting richer because of their population and their cheap low cost vehicles which available for anyone with low income, who can get a driver's license

  4. They are in serious competition with their more expensive American ,Asian and European vehicle manufacturing counterparts.They are in a hurry putting out more wheels than everyone else just to feed the low income consumer countries of the world and they have beautiful looking cars too 👍👌🖤

  5. Success in The United States ! ! ! !
    Governors of states in The United States recruit, employ economists of Nio to advise them ! ! ! !

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  7. China will eventually buy all the European, Russian, American car brand or partner with them eventually in the future.
    None can deny the crazy phase at which China is developing in every field and all will love to taste of the ice.

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  9. If someone can't cope with how well Huwawei are doing, then how can they cope with any work that China produces. Come on China.

  10. I would consider buying Chinese cars only if they can prove that their vehicles have passed international safety standards and not LEMON CARS.

  11. The Philippines is full of them though only Foton and BYD are known here with Maxus and GAC are starting to get attention with the former just about to enter the market. Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen also have China made models namely the Reina, the Pegas/Soluto and the whole Volkswagen lineup is from China with the Santana and it's hatchback brother the Gran Santana or Santana GTS, the Lavida, the Lamando and the previous gen Tiguan. Sadly, Filipinos are on them fence witg Chinese made cars. Even the aforementioned Volkswagens are receiving both bad and good reactions since they replaced the more well-known nameplates.

  12. Of course I would buy a Chinese car, why not and I had never heard of Huawei but went and bought one right after the sanction.

  13. They can keep the price affordable because of goverment subsidize for tax, R&D, and so on. That why US and China have trade war for.

  14. NO i wont buy any chinese cars 'coz they're all disposable . . . very nice lookin' pieces but very very LOW quality . . .

  15. actually I have one chinese car called changan , it is made very well but there is a major issue which if it remains the cinese cars will not be good outside china , the major issue is spare parts they are so expensive and rare
    so just buy a car when it broke through it out to the junk yard

  16. Not a chance for at least 20 years, see how it fares against the KIA – Hyundai during that time. Let's not forget these 2 Sth Korean brands were the worst of the worst around 20 years ago as well. See how much China is willing to expand.

  17. Europe &usa are now afraid of china+india…thats why they are banning some products of these 2countries..

  18. I work in flexible packag8ng and some time ago we decided to buy Chinese machinery.
    Turned out to be the wrong decision
    I lived the consequences of that decision
    No I wouldn’t buy a Chinese car, sorry.

  19. I am going to buy a chinese copy of a Unimog: 60000 euro in place of 140000 euro, not the same but largely good enough. To add living container ad a 60000 Euro and I will have a perfect expedition truck for 120000 versus a from 300000 unimog.

  20. Anybody can tell us Which Autmotive Engine has been DEVELOPED by China itself,,, i.mean development of its OWN CREATION,DESIGNED,FABRICATED ENGINE . I Think China so Far has not developed any kind of Autmotive engine ,still collaborating with German,Japanese manufacturers.

  21. Just wait till Chinese cars outsell the US cars when they come to the US and whichever republican government in charge will ban them

  22. Goo informative video about the top brands of Chinese cars. In April 2018 I purchased an Executive model of SAIC LDV G10. We have done a tour around NSW & VIC (11,000Kms) and it never missed a beat. I am very happy with the G10 7seat people mover. It has all the luxury options you would expect in a $75K car from other established imported people movers yet costs just $37K. If any of your You Tube Viewers would like to know more please use the link here for the full cover story of SAIC motors in Shanghai.

  23. These cars are garbage it's available here in UAE won't last for more than 5 years, have sensor problems and built quality issues can't resale the car since no one buys them used but who knows 10 years from now they might become great like how Kia and hyundai is

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  25. I purchased a new Greatwall (pick-up) Deer (4 door) back in 2007, it had a Toyota 4 Cylinder gasoline engine commonly used in the 1992 Toyota Hilux. To make a long story short the engine outlasted the car. It rusted out, the interior plastic cracked on the dash, doors within 4 years and the seats frayed like you wouldn't believe. The electric windows and locks gave me problems in year 3 and the paint did not hold up. The A/C gave me problems after 2 years. I learned my a lesson if the engine is Japanese then go Hilux.

  26. crappy cars only sold in any numbers 3rd world countries and china, and almost all blatant copys and based on old britisch or japanese cars
    when they are not copies, its 100% european or US tech

  27. If you describe about WHICH INTERNATIONAL AUTMAKER CHINA has collaborating fir assembling these brands of vehicles as we all know China has NO ITS OWN ENGINE SO FAR, They are manufacturing gallons these vehicles under technical collaboration of western aut makers.

  28. I support SAIC Hybrid and EV versions, Not the 1st generation technology. Regardless of its origin. Envirionment is priority over economy. Other wise its stupid Mind set. How can you live without breathing? How can you live without eating healthy food? How can you live with fear, stress and anger? How can you enjoy the life without swimming in open water? Which one of your beloved family has accidently swum in polluted lake or sea with radio active waste? All it take? only 10 minutes swimming in a open water like that. That person will suffer to death. Before agreeing with neclear energy source, put yourself in alive speciese around that area shoes.


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