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Top 4 Mistakes Car Owners Make (DIY Fails)

Top 4 Mistakes Car Owners Make (DIY Fails)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
in the 42 years and I’ve been working on cars I’ve had to fix a lot of
mistakes that other people have made, so today I’m going to show you how to avoid
common auto repair mistakes, now it’s great if you change your own oil and
filter, but here’s a mistake I’ve seen destroy engines, when you remove the old
oil filter make sure that this rubber gasket is still on the old filter,
because sometimes the old gasket comes off when you take the filter off, and
sticks onto the engine, and you won’t see it sticking on the engine because the
oil filters usually in a hidden location, like this Toyota, it’s hidden down here,
you can screw it in but you can’t see what you’re doing, so if there’s a gas
gets stuck on there you might miss it, so be sure to check your old one to make
sure that the old gasket is still on when you take it off, because if the old
gasket is stuck on the engine and you put another one on top of it, you’ll
double gasket it and the oil will leak, I’ve seen engines blow up because of
this, and of course remember before you put the new filter on, put a little oil
on your finger and put oil all around the gasket, so it seals and doesn’t leak,
then when you put the new filter on, not only will it not leak, but it’ll be
easier to take off the next time, now another common mistake I’ve seen cost
people a lot of money is, leaving the battery connected when electrical work
is done, so whenever you’re doing electrical work on a car, disconnect one of the
cables and take it off the battery, that way you won’t short any electrical parts
out, like this, let’s say you’re working on the alternator, well if it’s got live
power and this wire touches anything, it can short the alternator and the wiring
of the car out, but if you’re taking off one of the battery cables, there’s no
more power flowing through the system, and you can’t hurt anything, now you
might think, oh I’m careful this isn’t going to happen to me, but hey, one little
mistake you can ruin a fifteen hundred dollar computer, it’s a lot easier just
taking one of the battery cables off, and putting it back on when you’re done
working, now the next common mistake I see concerns changing out spark plugs,
never change out spark plugs on engine that’s hot, wait until the engine
has cooled down, modern cars have aluminum heads which is very soft, over
the years I’ve had to rethread many of these heads and sometimes had to replace
them, so if you’re planning on changing your spark plugs, do it first thing
in the morning or wait a couple hours until the engine is cooled down, so you
don’t do any damage, and if you want to do the job right, put some anti-seize
lubrication on the threads of the spark plug before you put it back in the
engine, now the last common mistake I’m going to talk about is motor oil, some
people think that a heavier weight oil is better for their engine, like a 20
weight 50 instead of a 10 weight 40, well guess what, that’s not true, always look
at your car and see what they suggest to use, in this Toyota it says use 10 weight
thirty oil, so that’s what you should use because the lighter oil will flow better
which is really important for overhead cam engines, in overhead cam engines the
cam is in the top of the engine, and if you use a heavier oil, it can take longer
for that heavy oil to get to the cam, so the cam will wear out faster, so in this
case using a heavier 20 weight 50 oil can actually make the engine wear out
faster, and the last thing anybody wants is an engine that wears out faster, you
want them to last as long as possible, so just stick with the oil that suggested
on the engine, in this case it’s 10w30, so now you know how to save yourself a lot
of grief and avoid these common auto repair mistakes, and remember if you have
any car questions just visit and I’ll answer them

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  2. The w in oil means winter not weight. It's the viscosity when cold, has nothing to do with oil "weight"

  3. I'm 45
    didn't have a dad to show me these things that seems like every guy already knows where I'm from. its embarrassing to show your lack of knowledge around these guys. watching your stuff has really helped me understand and be able to ask the questions that need asking. thanks

  4. Hi i have a 04 grand marquis and i have some question
    1. I have a knocking in the engine bay not sure what it is
    2. Ive hust changed the oil and the filter and its still knocking

  5. When vehicle manufacturers put “energy conserving” on the oil grade to use,which is usually a lower oil number for both numbers than they previously used before fuel efficiency was a requirement,I disregard and use the right oil for the climate!

  6. It's a good idea to fill the filter with oil to saturate the filter media. you can dump out the excess when filling the crankcase. This lessens the time it takes to build up oil pressure to the bearings and hence less engine wear.

  7. 40 plus years and Scotty doesn’t know what the W in 20w-50 or any grade of oil stands for because it’s not weight

  8. Well, this is what happens when u got dumbasses who dont pay attention to simple things. It's like duh. But I get it.

  9. Scotty, i saw a Ford bullentin recommending changing the plugs while hot on 2008 explorer 4.0. People were having trouuble removing plugs. They responded with a bullentin advising spraying lubricant around plug first on warm engine, after 1 rotation respray wait a few minutes finish unscrewing and removing plug gradually.

  10. Yep we had a New Guy do a Double Gasket on a oil filter let say he made a big mess lucky for him didn't seem to do damage because he turned it off pretty fast.

  11. Sir I have Honda city2004 ,but on my engine cap nothing is written for which oil to use,so can you tell me which oil shall I use

  12. Thanks for all of the helpful tips. Some of the things I thought that I was doing right is corrected by your videos. In the end, you might of saved me an engine or at least a lot of extra work and cost. I sure appreciate you passing on the knowledge.

  13. My friend just overheated an 2005 4 cyl Camry. Now it won’t start. The head gasket is blown and possibly has engine. Damage. Should he rebuild or buy a new engine. He wants to keep the car. So what is the best option for a new engine?

  14. The W in oil numbers does not refer to "weight or wait" it means the oil is approved for "WINTER" use

  15. I thought a person who's been a Mechanic for 50yrs would know the "W" in the oil spec. stands for Winter not weight??

  16. Scotty. You have been doing these a long time man. And always good stuff. My other DIY buddies all watch you. It's 2019 now.

  17. Привет! Из России!) да да! Именно так у меня и было… Старая резинка фильтра осталась там… И я накрутил сверху новый фильтр… И да… Был фонтан масла! 😩

  18. FYI the "W" on oil grade stands for winter NOT weight. It's based on cold temp viscosity/flow. Example 5W is thinner and has less viscosity than 10W so 5W will flow better in colder temps than 10W

  19. This happened to my buddy's car n we didnt know it happened. We replaced his oil and filter, he started it and it sprayed all on the ground.

  20. Most youtube videos i watch to see how to do things myself on cars instantly get the mute button….Scotty, you are never muted…bravo for being the only non annoying, totally efficient you tube automotive mechanics educator for free. thanks for your time in making them!

  21. That is a good video for novice mechanics. I think the best advise that mentioned was the motor oil weight. I wish he would have mentioned how much damage cheap oil filters will cost you in time!!!

  22. I have a question I have a 2017 Corolla I changed cabin filter 2 a years but my problem is every time I turned my ac on it just blowed a bunch of dust from the vent any suggestion thanks

  23. Not any cable always take the ground off first and put it back on last or you could make it spark switch could ignite gasses coming from the battery

  24. Scotty Kilmer, I had a leaking manifold gasket, I replaced it but I just want to know the safest way to clean the sludge from the engine, its a V6 3.8 GM motor.

  25. Scotty not sure if you know this but the W in oil designation doesn't mean "weight" it means "winter." So it's not 10 weight 30 it's 10-30 oil with a winter additive to keep it from getting too thick when it gets cold.

  26. Happened with my brand new atv at the dealership, went in for the first oil change, went out pissing oil bike started on fire and started ticking, blew it up a year later just after the warranty expired.

  27. Hi Scotty, big fan just a question anti seize on the spark plugs will that interfere with the earthing of the spark plug? Appreciate your advice on subject?

  28. I'm changing my trucks oil tomorrow , I'm hoping for a miracle…going to try NOT making a mess for once!
    Mobil1 full synthetic 15000 mile oil. Nothing but the best.

  29. Hey scotty i have a 2005 subaru outback… timing belt broke and i guess valves and engine got hurt… is it best to buy another engine or get the engine redone?

  30. Why does the Camry, the Legacy and Melabu get better gas mileage than the Corolla, Impreza and Cruze? Why are we ok with this?

  31. Lol. I know most of my car. I always enjoy learning more about it too though. When a mechanic is working on it I would rather watch for 1-4 hours remembering what to do next time. I don’t leave my car with anyone. I have a 97 Honda CRV, and I will say that there’s not a car expensive or newer enough that would made me sell or trade my car. When you buy something, you take care of it. of course I’ll know my limit one day.. not yet!

  32. Scotty, we can do without the hypervolume intro– by the time we have turned down our speakers, your voice sounds very tiny. Better to match opening audio with the rest of the video.

  33. Common sense… take off the battery terminal before anything! No shock, no damaged electronics and no towing to a shop and the cost of repairs since YOU failed to use common sense !

  34. We live in desert weather with summers over 100F for months. I always use 10W40 oil despite car manufacturer recommend 5W20. I just do not trust at 100F temperature the oil is thick enough to provide metal to metal protection. For over 30 years no engine problem with heavier weight oil.

  35. 1:04 I would hope everyone is cleaning the gasket area anyway. If you don't know to check then you shouldn't be doing this yourself.

  36. I made the oil filter mistake, started my car and 3 quarts of oil shot out. Didn't hurt anything, still had my car on jacks because I was checking it for leaks, but I had a huge mess. It sprayed all over the engine bay.

  37. I have a question about a 2007 GT Mustang. Is there a way to bypass the forward and reverse button on the driver's seat? I've had it fixed three times at the dealership under warranty now it will not go forward or back. They say the switch is bad it cost too much money to keep fixing I'm wondering if there is a wire I could touch on one of the pens to make it move forward when I unplug it?

  38. The moremule srhe engine has thr thicker the oil needed 🤦‍♂️ things get loose and they need a lubricant to stop the slapping

  39. "disconnect the batter, else it will ruin your computers" 8 years later "don't disconnect the battery, it will ruin your computer"

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