Top 3 Electric Cars! – Auto Expo India 2018 | UNITI UPDATE 19

Welcome to Uniti Update Episode 19! So, as you may remember from our last episode, we had just packed up everything and we were ready for our next trip And so, now the car is in its box, and we’re ready to ship it to India Okay, so now the car is finally here at the Auto Show and everything is in full swing However, we want to tell you a little bit about how we got here, and how the event turned out We’re in Delhi!
So we just go right to the hotel. Okay, so in my weather app, we’re in New Delhi – it says smoke And pollution? Yeah, mask. Pollution is really bad. And it is increasing rather than decreasing because vehicles are coming out from everywhere So we are now at the hotel and we’re gonna meet up with Rony, and who’s Rony? So, Rony is our collaborator here in India He works for Bird Mobility, which is part of Bird Group And he helps us interact with the Indian market and see where we go I work for Bird Group in India and have been in the automotive industry for about a decade now And we found the car from Sweden is going to be an absolute good fit for our India markets So we look forward for a successful association in India and getting Uniti on the Indian roads as early as possible And he also arranged for the car to get here So now we’re gonna see if it’s still in one piece and get it to the event Miraculously, our car has now shown up in this parking lot in New Delhi Looks okay.
Looks okay! Okay, so now we need to pack it up again, and then it’s going to be sent to the event hall tomorrow We’re in the Ambience Mall and they’re supposed to have India’s only ice skating rink And this is also where Bird Group is going to be marketing us after the event we have at Auto Expo We’re ice-skating in India, can you believe that? I think about electric cars are the best We are in a Zbee from Clean Motion. It an electric rickshaw from Gothenburg, Sweden and they are our friends at home It’s actually pretty cool compared to the other rickshaws As it accelerates a lot quicker
And it’s very quiet, very smooth We’re gonna move this box to the exhibition hall It’s good! We have the computers and VR headsets in the whole booth and the car is packed We’re on our way to the expo now. It’s an hour’s drive in this truck and the car is on the back So now it’s 11:30, and we’re at the fuel station fueling up. So in order to get rid of the pollution problems, they’ve started using compressed natural gas So they’re actually refueling with the gas here at the station But we want to take it one step further at Uniti – we want to charge with electricity instead of gas Where we going? Auto Expo? Yes, yes Finally, we’re here! So this is the Auto Expo and now we’re going to set it up in the booth And somewhere in here, is Pontus Hey! Hey! We’re building a booth! There’s actually 20 people here building this booth from scratch We’re gonna have to focus on next task –
getting the cars down from the truck So it’s 20 minutes to 5:00 And the booth is on the way, and then here, we are creating the video content For the screen there After an entire night, we’re done. So, the Auto Expo here in New Delhi, India, it’s a huge event with more than 600,000 people visiting. And we’re getting lots of interesting people talk to us, and we got lots of new friends here And it’s been a lot of excitement over our car There’s even a line up to get pre-orders, and as we said earlier in India, we’re actually launching together with Bird Mobility a 5-seater and the reason for that is that we feel that the 5-seater fits the Indian market a lot better, so that’s really exciting for us And we’re not the only ones excited actually. All the pre-orders are going great And I think we should go and talk to some of the people that have ordered the actual car You just pre-ordered the car, congratulations!
What was the main reason that you purchased the car today? So my main intention is to buy this and to save the fuel for the future I feel like I want to reduce pollution and increase the comfort and experience Electric cars are needed It’s not just in India – it’s needed everywhere all over the world. Indian government is also pushing a lot for the electric vehicle it really has a very huge future I’m the 9th one who has made a booking for India.
As I said, it’s awesome, awesome product. Wish you all the best! I think the future is bright Delhi is one of the most polluted cities on the planet. The government needs to do something about it And they are being very aggressive on electric cars, so they are saying 100% electric by 2030, which I think is difficult But I think it’s a good goal to have.
I think it’s a very beautiful car I think that’s what the Indian consumer wants – he’s very picky so if you give something exciting and different Definitely will be accepted very well. Yesterday I think we had about 65 articles in the media and 15 or 20 TV interviews in total. Some even say this is the coolest car of the whole expo There’s around 20 or 30 in total, and they listed us as top 3 there I’m really loving the crowd so far and we got a lot of pre-orders done, so that’s great My god! It’s really really awesome – they like our car.
They really like the five seater We hand out all these flyers – nearly 20,000 So it’s been really exciting here in India We’ve got a great response on the vehicle and it’s been great working with Bird Mobility and see where that can go in the future And now, it’s time for the team to head back home to Lund and continue working at the headquarters until the next adventure

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