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Top 11 Cars for the Apocalypse! | WheelHouse

Top 11 Cars for the Apocalypse! | WheelHouse

– Hell fire. Armageddon. The Tupac-alypse. ♪ Grab your glocks when you see Tupac ♪ – The world is ending
and all I can think about is what car I would drive. But before we get to that,
big thanks to our sponsor for this episode Morning Brew. Get smarter in just five minutes. Back to the episode. I spent years doing research
using the most reputable source on the subject Hollywood. From Armageddon to 2012. The Day After Tomorrow to San Andreas. Surviving each of these
scenarios is difficult but having the right vehicle
with the right modifications might make the difference
between life and death. A motorcycle would be great if you had to flee a giant tidal wave, but wouldn’t be great
in a crowd of zombies. A speed boat wouldn’t do much for Mad Max, but it would certainly give you a leg up if you’re in a post apocalyptic
world of Waterworld. Waterworld is the best
ride at Universal Studios. Change my mind. Each of these scenarios
has unique considerations. So we’re gonna go through some of them and explain what vehicles
we think would give you the best chance of surviving each unique apocalyptic scenario. Let’s start with a super volcano. Deep below Yellowstone
Mountain lies a dormant volcano that covers roughly 1,300 square miles. Scientists studying
rock samples have found that the Yellowstone eruptions
were of global scale. Some say that we are
millions of years overdue for another massive eruption. That’s comforting. If you’re not in the immediate blast zone, you still have hot ash to worry about, but a lot of you have been doing some worrying about some ash huh? In fact, the entire United
States would be covered in a layer of ash ranging
from a couple centimeters down in Florida to three feet in the states surrounding Yellowstone. Since the roads will be covered in ash, an all terrain vehicle with
lots of torque is preferable. This is the Mercedes Benz
Zetros 2733 six by six. It’s an RV made for the apocalypse. You may have heard of its more utilitarian brother, the Unimog. It’s got a water cooled
7.2 liter diesel inline six that puts out 330 horsepower and produces close to 1000
foot pounds of torque. Pair that with a nine speed transmission and six powered wheels
and you can get almost any type of terrain with ease. The outside is rough and rugged, but the inside is muah oh so nice. Heated marble floors. A fully functional bathroom with a shower. Two TVs and a room to sleep six. Honestly I don’t know
what the TVs would do because actually no the
satellites would still be up. They’ll probably still be
broadcasting something right. Maybe reruns of Jersey Shore. The Zetros can handle a massive
amount of weight as well. 16 tons to be exact. When you run out of food, no problem. Just hop in the ATV that comes standard in its own rear compartment. Who’s buying these things? The Zetro six by six is
great for longer trips in less than ideal conditions. But what if you’re right
next to the volcano? Then you’ll want the Ripsaw EV3. This $250,000 luxury
tank, that’s a real term, can traverse much more rugged terrain. Compared to the Zetros which
pops over a million dollars, the Ripsaw is a steal. Sure, you’re not gonna get
the heated marble floors, but you do get a tank with treads and a 1500 horsepower engine. Assuming access to gas isn’t an issue, the Duramax V8 has enough
power to do a freaking wheelie and jump over a river of lava. This is a tank that can do a wheelie. If gas isn’t readily available, which is pretty likely
in the end of the world, you’ll have about 300
miles to figure it out. If not, you might end
up dying in an acid lake like the grandma in Dante’s Peak. – Ah, ah, ah. – RIP. Lava is pretty damn scary. You know what’s scarier than lava? Gigantic monsters. From King Kong to the Kaiju
to whatever Cloverfield is, escaping these monsters
is nearly impossible. You’re gonna need to outwit them. More than anything a low, dark, and nimble sports car is ideal. This is the Porsche 918 Spyder. The 918 doesn’t have any armor, but it can go to 214 miles an hour. If you can’t outrun a monster, you can confuse and outmaneuver it, and since monsters always destroy cities, your vehicle is gonna have to hip and hop through narrow city streets to get away. Even more nimble than the 918, is the Track T800 CDI motorcycle. This Mercedes design three cylinder, turbo diesel motorcycle can do
over 100 miles to the gallon and runs on almost anything
that burns not just diesel. You can stop by an Arby’s
and fill up on horsey sauce. It’s an enduro bike which means it’s meant for long, off road treks. So once you escape the city, you’ll be fine on just about any terrain. Nowadays technology is
advancing at an alarming rate. The threat of AI becoming self aware and revolting against mankind
was once seen as a joke, but has recently become quite a concern. Actually one of my main
concerns and I’m not joking. In the event of a robotic
uprising, what vehicle do you use? Easy. Firetruck. You blast their motherboards
with your fire hose, then you escape while all the
terminators are drying out in a bowl of rice. Next. Sentient robots killing us all might seem like a distant threat, but one apocalyptic scenario
is already happening right before our eyes. Climate change is throwing earth’s delicate ecosystem into chaos and one big side effect is
our polar ice caps melting. This has a number of catastrophic effects. The main one being that our
oceans are rising rapidly. We could need amphibious
vehicles sooner than later. Why is everyone in Waterworld so dirty? Just wash your hands in the water. The Gibbs Quadski is an ATV
that can easily traverse both land and sea. It’s powered by a BMW
built four cylinder engine that cranks out 175 horsepower. It’s got a 15 gallon fuel tank, which gives it quite a range. The Quadski can do 45 miles
per hour on land and water and once it hits the
water, the wheels fold up into the body in five seconds. If you’re looking for a
more traditional vehicle, maybe one that can transport a post apocalyptic family of four, the Watercar Panther
might be the car for you. This jeep based water
car has a Honda built V6 and it’s considered the
fastest amphibious vehicle in the entire world. It can do 80 on land and 45 in the water. One thing the Panther can’t
protect you from is zombies. They’re definitely one of the slower and more ominous threats
but just as terrifying. Whether they’re on the
slow and lumbering types or the rage virus sprinting types, zombies by themselves are
pretty easily defeated, but their power lies in numbers and a hoard of the undead
is nothing to scoff at. When you have to drive through a crowd of hundreds or thousands of them, you’re gonna need a Burly-Boy
Husky Jeans Edition vehicle or else your car will
get totally overpowered. The Conquest Night 15
is a sight to behold. It’s so fitting for an
end of day scenario. You would’ve thought it was
designed after the apocalypse. Now I’ve actually seen this thing. It comes with a 6.8 liter
V10 flex fuel engine. It needs the massive engine because everything from
the doors to the hood to the chasse are reinforced
steel and aluminum. Making it close to 12,000 pounds. That’s a lot. The interior is luxurious
and full of accessories like three TVs and an
individual climate control. Scalloped leather upholstery emblazoned with a capital K for knight means that you’ll be comfortable no matter what horrors are going
on outside your car. If your daddy owns a mine,
you might wanna consider this truck right here for
surviving the zombie apocalypse. The Caterpillar 797F is 51 feet hight. If you make sure to block zombies from climbing up the ladder, you should be relatively
safe as you escape. The 797 has a 105 liter quad
turbo charged V20 diesel engine that puts out close to 4000 horsepower. 105 liters is a gigantic displacement, but luckily the Cat has
a 2000 gallon fuel tank to feed that thirsty engine. The tires are 31 feet wide. Imagine how many zombies
can be crushed at one time. In a zombie apocalypse the majority of us won’t have access to
the Night 15 or the Cat. One vehicle that is more
common, albeit less armored, is the Tesla Model X. It’s fast, quiet, and
doesn’t rely on gasoline. Plus, it’s got a bio-weapon
defense mode, this is real, which would be immensely useful if what’s turning people into
zombies is spread organically. Mad Max is always been a movie franchise ade for gear heads. It’s full of raucous,
Frankenstein hot rods. They have some of the
best fight chase scenes of any movie to date. Even though civilization has
collapsed and gas is scarce, everyone has gigantic engines. This has never made sense to me. If you’re in a post apocalyptic world with almost no access to gas,
why do you have a big V8? Why is there a whole gang of
merauders that all have V8s? Why is Charlize Theron shaving her head? How does she even do that? They don’t have clippers. In a realistic Mad Max universe, everyone’s gonna be
driving jacked up cars, but they’re not gonna be Chargers. They’re gonna be Prius’s. That’s my hot take. (upbeat music) The bad guy. I mean they all have cod
pieces in these movies. They all were assless chaps. What’s going on? But you know what? If I’m being realistic,
you’re not gonna be able to find any of these vehicles. My pick for apocalypse car Toyota Corolla. They’re easy to find. They’re everywhere okay. Easy to work on. And they last forever. Corollas never die just like Goonies. I’d put wire over all the
windows and windshield. Fuel tank in the trunk. Maybe some dirt tires if I can find them and try to put a big
push bar on the front, but also I’m not really sure I’d wanna survive the apocalypse anyway. Wastelands look like they kinda suck. Morning Brew is a free
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episode of Wheel House. Please like this video if you
wanna survive the apocalypse. That’s the only way you can. Tell me what vehicle you
would want in the apocalypse. I’m actually really curious. I wanna see some clever picks. Don’t just choose– – [Man] The F150 would probably
be better than the Corolla. – Yeah I know an F150 would also be good, but it’s all for the same
reasons as a Corolla. Hit this yellow button right
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100 thoughts on “Top 11 Cars for the Apocalypse! | WheelHouse

  1. "bio-weapon defense mode"

    i'm imagining a bunch of soldiers in reinforced teslas rolling into combat with mounted .50 cal HMGs on the top

  2. Get a round car and cover it in anything that is slippery. Soap, vaseline, etc. Cars you can use: mk4 supra, vw beetle, (A new beetle) generaly any very round car from the 90s/ early 2000s (for zombies)

  3. I would have said a Prius cuz it’s good on gas and there is no engine noise!!!!!! Zombies are supposedly attracted to sound so a car with no engine noise GOOD

  4. guns to get your way in whatever scenario. too much water? use guns to get on a ship. mad max? use guns to kill their leader. zombies? use a mustang to kill crowds of zombies.

  5. Zombie apocalypse I’ll get a peterbilt 539 with a push bar with spike attached to them and a a trailer with al my stuff

  6. In fury road there is a place called Gastown. There is gas in that universe and the faster you are the more likely you to survive no shit they drive v8s

  7. a häglunds bv206, reliable all terain, amphibius, lots of storage, mounts for mg's just put some bars over the windowns and ur golden

  8. I had a 1999 Hyundai accent 5 speed and of all the cars I've had which is many.. man that little car was unstoppable I'm not a Hyundai technician so I don't know exactly why it was so tough but I bought it with only ten thousand miles on it in 2001 and kept it until 2007 used it when I wanted to save gas but I've taken it up a mountain over logging roads through Creeks and ponds no joke I've rock climbed it and rodded the piss out of it and never had one engine problem before I got rid of it I tried to break it holding at redline burnouts and everything, over 125 thousand miles on it never one issue I've had many cars and nice cars I have some Cadillacs and Chevy trucks but that little white egg Hyundai accent was the toughest car I've ever had little tiny I think it was a 1.4L or 1.2L and it would spin the tires through second gear chirp on third. Yes it's ugly as hell but the toughest car I've ever had.

  9. If we are talking apocalypse, a car that has as little electronics as posible, manual transmission is the best bet. Ideally a diesel since gasoline will be scarce and diesels can run on a wider variety of fuel sources.

  10. The car I would have is an Icebreaker ship.

    Away from cities so no Godzilla
    Zombies can't swim
    Nuclear powered so fuel isn't going to be a problem for a while
    Space for food
    Space for a Megacruiser for stops to go on land for supplies
    Robots don't like water either so…

  11. Jeep Wrangler, Ford Ranger/F 150 RAPTOR, Ford Everest, Land Cruiser (or FJ Cruiser) or a Scorpion tank(military equipment)

    Also, better get a fast tank

  12. Classic Mini van. Not minivan, Mini van. As in the car with the front half of a classic Mini Cooper with the back half of a van. Cover that boy in spikes, add grates over the windows and lift up the suspension. Perfect.

  13. In my opinion, I would go for a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban because:
    1. They’re cheap
    2. The engine is quite durable
    3. They’re big so they can hold all your necessities like gasoline, food, weapons, and maybe the one friend you don’t want to sacrifice to the apocalypse
    4. Can be capable off-road

  14. For American viewers, consider the humble mail truck, they're everywhere, dead simple to work on, and have loads of empty interior space to haul apocalypse loot.

  15. I will get a got damm Humwee or a Rizwani Tank or a Got damm Semi Truck and i won't forget those Ford Trucks.

  16. Bro I’m so tired of hearing about that depressing end of the world stuff like thank to your asses I’m up at night thinking about the sad outcomes in my life that could easily happen like damn

  17. I sometimes wonder myself what would be better. An all terrain big and powerfull car that can drive through anything but with low range. Or something plain with small engine that will go 1300km (800miles) without refueling. As much as would like to be in the Big 4×4 SUV with big engine – range is what may save your life in the end.

  18. Does anyone remember that one episode of the gran tour or top gear where Hammond tried to build a car for the apocalypse?

  19. A Cayman Plus MRAP with a CROWS remote weapons station fitted for which I would have M240, M2 & a MK19 stored inside for whatever mood I was in !

  20. My idea for an apocalypse vehicle is a Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee. With some off-road modifications, it could go on any terrain, it's big enough to live in if necessary, and it's common enough that parts would be pretty commonly accessible even in the midst of the apocalypse.

  21. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like the vox guys fat brother? I've seen no comments about it yet 😅

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