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TOP 10 Jet-Powered Cars | The Bestest

TOP 10 Jet-Powered Cars | The Bestest

These fire breathing, majestical, engineering
masterpieces are the gems of the internet. This week I’m counting down the most ridiculous
jet engine swaps that will blow your mind and you ear drums. They’re cars, with plane engines in them! Jet powered cars! 10. I couldn’t think of a better way to start
of my list than with this Jet Powered Outhouse coming in at number 10.. I know what you’re thinking… And no, it doesn’t run off of natural gas
and chipotle burritos. It’s got a 750-lbs boeing jet engine good
for 1,000 hp, and a top speed of an 72 mph, and that’s without any pants on. Two questions, who built this? And why? Well it was built by Paul Stender, Paul Hot Rod Stender from Brownsburg, Indiana. Wait, Brownsburg? Brownsburg High School rules! Go Poops! And a tingle poop poop poop! Anyway, Paul has built a bunch of a completely
insane jet powered vehicles that would make you Brownsburg your pants standing next to them,
let alone piloting one down a drag strip. And given inventions are created to
solve some sort of everyday problem, I’m gonna let you connect the dots. ’cause I think I’m about to throw up. Numero Nueve! Number 9 is this tricked out Minivan built
by Chris Krug. There’s something about a modified minivan
that makes makes me fall in love instantly every time I fu**in’ see one. They’re like the unicorns of the car world. Majestic, rarely seen in the wild, and they
fart rainbows. But instead of rainbows, this one’s farts fu**in’ flames. Big, loud, obnoxious flames. Thanks to a Rolls Royce Nimbus helicopter engine that remotely tucks away inside the cabin
like you’re hallucinating on a desert island. Ask me how I know Do it Number Eight. Shattering ear drums at number 8 is this jet powered go kart built by Colin Furze. You can find a bunch jet powered go karts on
the internet, but Colin made sure that he built the most ridiculous out there. The guy is absolutely mental, and you can
watch him build this thing from the ground up on his channel. It’s legitimately one of my favorites. It’s pretty much a limo go kart with exhaust
pipes that belong on a semi truck. Foreshadow The jet engine can either run on either
gas or diesel, thanks to some fuel system wizardry which I will probably never understand. And you probably won’t either, unless you watch his video. Number seven. Ok, so a jet engine in a tiny go kart is pretty ridiculous. But this jet powered Smart car, coming in at
number 7, is even more mind boggling. Yup, it’s street legal because it has it’s original engine and transmission for easier transport. Sound like the ultimate red light drag race
sleeper? Maybe if it wasn’t for the obnoxiously large jet engine sticking out of the passenger seat And I have to admit, sitting next to
a jet engine doesn’t really seem like the best idea. But I can’t think of a better way
to blast past someone clogging up the fast lane on the highway than kicking on the afterburners. That’s not road rage. That’s a civic duty. Number six. Obviously, Paul Stender is back on my list
with his notorious fire breathing school bus blowing the wings off aircrafts
at number 6. This thing shoots massive 80 foot flames thanks to an F-4 phantom fighter jet engine Which is crazy because t’s one of the only cars on this list to actually uses a fighter jet engine. It makes a mind blowing equivalent of 42,000
hp that can propel the bus up to 367 mph, while drinking 150 gallons of fuel along the way. Since the bus was built to entertain people around air shows and special events around the country, Paul uses the opportunity to teach
kids to stay away from drugs Which is plastered on the side of the bus:
“Jets are hot, drugs are not”. So take notes kids, you don’t need drugs to go full blown mental. Number five. My number 5 pick goes to this sweet little
rocket car called “The Flatmobile”. *in Batman’s voice: “The Flatmobile” Once the world record holder for the lowest
streetcar up until 2006, it measures in at a height of just 19 inches. If that’s not ridiculous enough, according
the the creator, Perry Watkins, he got the idea randomly while thinking
to himself one day when he was walking around Being like “it’d be smart to build a car that looks like the Batmobile,
but it’s called the Flatmobile”. This thing is ridiculously cool,
and it’s street legal. And for the record, I love dad jokes. Especially when they take hundreds of man
hours to explain. Number four. Jokes aside, we’re getting serious at number
4 with the STP Paxton Indy Car. Although this isn’t the first time that a jet engine was used in a race car, the “Silent Sam” (as it was nicknamed) was the first turbine powered race car that actually got close to winning a race. Following the introduction of 4-wheel drive
in Indycar, engineer and businessman Andy Granatelli, “Hi, I’m Andy Granatelli.” saw the potential of combining
that 4 wheel drive system with a turbine engine typically used in helicopters. And check out were the engine sits on this
thing, yup sketchiest place possible. Not gonna lie, that shit don’t look safe. But back in the day, sketchy meant fast. The placement actually creates perfect weight balance. Long story short, “Silent Sam” led the
race for 171 laps. Oh, don’t forget: he spun out in the beginning
of the race. That meant he had to climb his way back
from last to first. That’s a comeback of the century run with a ton of money on the line. With 4 laps to go, sadly, the engine bearing failed and the car was done. “We have to come out and push him into the pits.” Oh, and mind you Granatelli was the only dude that whole race that didn’t rebuild his engine during qualifying So he was running the same engine for qualifying and for the actual race. That dominant display of speed and reliability
lead more teams to adopt turbine technology before being banned outright
a couple years later. Number three. I’m starting off my number 3 with a man who
builds some ridiculously brilliant rides, My an Jay Leno, and his really tight EcoJet. Not only is it environmentally friendly because it can run on biodiesel, it’s got a custom vegan interior to
match. I actually really dig the design. It’s created
by the General Motors design team so you know it’s legit as fu**. It’s a really cool blend of modern vs old school. Equipped with a helicopter engine
that chugs more air in a few seconds than Pumphrey does on an entire weekend. (Breathing) It’s a lot. I’m worried about my friend. And…it’s f***ing loud! (Jet sound) Jay’s put a lot of work into this car and
it’s ever evolving so you can check it out on his channel later on. Number two. Second place is none other than the shockwave, son. Let’s just take a moment to enjoy this insane
clip by the channel NEXT HERO. (Jet-engine noise) Yes! (Jet-engine noise) Yes! (Jet-engine noise) Yeah! (Jet-engine noise) I mean go ahead and shoot that guy a sub/like/comment because… it’s well deserved. Anyway, Case in point. The Shockwave needs very little introduction and explanation. The name, the feels, the way your face starts bleeding when you’re there in real life. “Dang it, bring an ambulant” To extra prove my point, listen to these figures. 12,000 hp. 375 MPH. 0-300 mph in 11 seconds. In a Semi Truck. I had a serious debate with myself regarding whether this one should be at number 1or not. So, without further ado, let’s see what beat it! Ohhh!!!! Number one. (Whispers) Number (Blows) one. And…the first place goes to…. The Thrust SSC, the current land speed record holder since 1997. That’s 20 years that this car has been the
fasted vehicle on land, on earth. And it became the first land vehicle to break the sound barrier. Listen to this. 763.035mph. Fuhhhh… Damn! That’s a fast motherfu**in’ land car! That’s utterly ridiculous, downright dangerous,
and extremely complicated. Just like the current situation with North Korea. Political. And that’s why it’s taking the number
one spot. It is mind blowing. Comes with a cute little baby parachute. And looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. 20 years later, the same team is preparing
to shatter that record once again. At least, that’s the plan. It’s called the Bloodhound SSC and it’s
set to achieve, wait for it, 1,000MPH! I think my nose just started bleeding. Uh … I think my nose is bleeding. That’s my list and I’m sticking to it. So tell us about your favorites in the comments. Tell us what we missed Hit us with a like and subscribe. And a special thanks to all the incredible
people out there that are sharing their experiences and amaing creations with the entire internet. Because without you guys this show would not be possible. So, checkity check the description down below I encourage you to follow those dudes, watch their stuff, you know, keep it cool, keep it happy, keep it chill, keep it real you know… Support them, support the community, we’re all car boys. Some of us are car girls. I love you. Disagree with me? I’ll see you guys in the comments. Donut is a gang, we’ve got a ton of new shows coming out: Every Monday we’ve got WheelHouse with Nolan. Every Tuesday we’ve got Matt Field showing us how he’s building his crazy Corvette Drifter for the next Formula Drift season. Every Wednesday we’ve got Science Garage with my man Bart. He’s like Bill Nye for cars. Thursday: you know what Thursday is. Friday: me. T-T-Tony and the Jets… (Hums song)

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  1. Hey guys! This is my boy Tony. He's awesome and I think he's hilarious. He knows way more about cars than me and he can actually drive. Give the weiner a chance. See you on Thursday. -James Pumphrey

  2. 1. You're trying too hard to be funny.
    2. Boeing doesn't make jet engines.
    3. Jet engine power ratings are usually talked about in terms of Pounds of Thrust, not horsepower.

    This vid has so many flaws after just 1 minute of watching…

  3. Are they real jet engines? I don’t know a jet that belches fire balls like that. Sure a flame but not a fire ball

  4. You forgot the 45,000RPM Chrysler Turbine. It was one of the most iconic turbine powered, road legal cars ever built. Built in 1963 by the Chrysler Corporation, it was built as a test subject. Only a handful were made. They were distributed not to people willing to pay large sums, but to people specifically chosen by Chrysler. It was designed not just for speed, but for the capacity to be a family grocery getter. There are only a few left in existence today. Some are on display, and a couple are privately owned and driven to car shows. That is all, thnx.

  5. Trying way too hard to be pumphrey, aint working bro. Only room for one goofy ass dude on this channel. Just my opinion

  6. The shockwave is really cool but ur face doesn’t bleed I saw it 3 times at the New England dragway it only got up to 300mph once IT DOSENT WORK ALL THE TIME last week I herd my friends from fl complaining cause they traveled all the way up just to see but it failed

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  9. No fuel system wizardry, jets just burn anything. Get it running hot enough & it would run off finches. Also collin made. Pulse jet, basically runs off the same effect that makes your car exhaust crackle on the decel

  10. How much is 763.035 mph?
    1227.986 kmh
    Wow, that shit really is mindblowing. Not even commercial airplanes go that fast flatout

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    Not a huge fan of this host…he does an adequate job, but he’s just not funny/entertaining, esp compared to JimmyP!

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